‘Call me’ party frock

IMG_0377 (Large)This might be my proudest sewing moment to date! It’s the Macaron Dress by Colette patterns and it’s intermeeeeeeediate, which loosely translates to ( maddening )pockets, pleats and an invisible zip. I went in blind. I had to un-pick and re-adjust and un-pick and re-adjust. I didn’t merge the bust, waist and hip measurements. I spent $26 on an invisible zipper foot that I had no idea how to use. I wanted capped puffed sleeves and no contrasting waistband. And for the last two weeks from measuring to sewing the final hem I was prepared for ‘sack dress with dodgy zip job’.
IMG_0437 (Large)
  I’d seen from other versions of the Macaron that it could look a little boxy so took measurements with no room to spare. But when I came to fit the dress, the ends of the waist wouldn’t meet! Luckily the pattern’s generous 5/8″ seams allowed a little room for those of us who forget to merge waist and bust measurements. Re-stitching a 3/8 ” seam saved the day and gave the small waist I was after. Phew!
Now, if I was really clever I would have thought to create some sort of ‘lift the flap’ option for breastfeeding. There’s no physical way to wrestle a boob out any opening without freaking out the other guests so its a short stint only frock. There was a lot riding on this dress. If it didn’t work out I would have happily resigned myself to a future of kiddie clothes sewing…
IMG_0423 (Large)
… but the love I have for this dress, with its minty, retro telephones, silky cream fabric, little puffed sleeves, small waist and pockets, runs deep. So deep that I’d pay good money for it in a shop. Plus it goes with my new fringe. So, with anticipation and a little more confidence I’m venturing forth into the world of adult patterns.
IMG_0420 (Large)
Could you do with some sewing ‘pin-spiration?

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  • Kitschy Coowrote:

    That came out beautifully, I love it. The fabric is amazing.

  • spiegel aan de wandwrote:

    Sooo gorgeous! I like that you chose for a waistband in the same fabric.

  • meeganwrote:

    Love it!!! I think I love yours more than the pale blue number! xo

  • Lozwrote:

    Well done Soph, turned out great! I hope you wear your ‘party frock’ to my Mum’s birthday party!

  • Emilywrote:

    Look at you! That dress is FANTASTIC!

  • Jessicawrote:

    wow! I can’t believe this is your first dress for you, it looks mega-hot. I really want to try a colette pattern. Where did you get that amazing fabric?

  • Tarawrote:

    Bravo! The dress is fitted gorgeously. The print is fabulous. And I totally hear you about the impracticality of breastfeeding in dresses. I have passed over quite a few dresses that I thought were cute just because I knew it was going to be hell to feed the baby in.

  • ::little projects in style::wrote:

    oooo its gorgeous! the print is just darling! 🙂

  • oversewn (Raven)wrote:

    Oh my goodness!!! You did such an amazing job!! It looks so great on you (bummer no boob access though). And great pics too!

  • probablyactuallywrote:

    what a fabulous dress!! you should be totally proud!

  • Crystal - crafty avewrote:

    Wow, amazing, I just love it. Gives me a bit of hope for sewing for myself someday 🙂

  • skirtastopwrote:

    yay, way to go!! it looks great – and i totally know what you mean having to tinker and re-tinker with adult patterns to get the right fit. i’m so impressed with the tackling of a zipper, too! congrats!

  • Saschawrote:

    Wow! Awesome dress. Now I’m re-motivated to get back to my Collette Eclair Dress. I have it traced and ready to make a muslin of the bodice, but then I faded and got bored.

    Sewing for adults is just so much more…
    t i m e c o n s u m i n g. I don’t have time!

  • small + friendlywrote:

    I love this so much! And you are quite the rockin model! I love how you were able to get it nice and fitted, this is definitely on my wish list. I need one to go with my fringe 🙂

  • Reana Louisewrote:

    Just found your dress on burdastyle, and I have to say: You are not allowed to sew for children! I ban it! When your dresses look this amazing you must carry on and sew for yourself!

    Also, these pictures are wonderful. Great work! 😀

  • mjbwrote:

    I’m super impressed! I have this pattern in my “after breastfeeding if I’m not pregnant again right away” pile – I’m too intimidated to make it and then have my figure change so it won’t fit. And a nursing panel would just make too much sense 🙂

  • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

    You guys make my day/week/month! Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, so happy to inspire some of you into dress sewing action. Also, the fabric, was from etsy. Esty has a massive ‘supplies’ section and the biggest variety and cheapest designer / japanese fabric. I searched for ‘telephone’ fabric and last time I checked it was no longer in print(devastating) but there was some pink telephone fabric there…

  • Jo @ a life in listswrote:

    Wow, it looks amazing! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was, “I’m making one of those. Just as soon as I’m not breastfeeding”. Definitely not an easy access dress! Love the fabrics.

  • Mrs Biddlewrote:

    Wow. That is an adorable creation. I’d definitely want to buy that in a shop. Well done you. I love Collette Patterns – so nicely laid out. I’ve got the Violet blouse ready and waiting to be made. And love your pea pod carrier too – fab work. Mrs B x

  • Kimberlywrote:

    This dress just knocked me over. It is so incredibly stunning – the fit the color the style the shoes – everything about it. And I bet once you’re done breastfeeding, you’ll be so stoked to have a sexy little dress waiting for longer stints. I know I have piles of clothes just waiting to be worn!

  • Katrinawrote:

    Wow I love this! I can’t believe you are a self taught new sewer..your work is fantastic!

  • Sophiewrote:

    very lovely!

  • Carolynwrote:

    This dress looks amazing on you! Perfect fit! Perfect fabric choice! Perfect!

  • Adrianawrote:

    I love love love love your dress. Is the creme fabric pure silk? What is it called? I’m looking to use the same creme fabric you used.

  • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

    Thankyou, Adriana its up-cycled polyester from a dress but it feels so much like silk, and nothing like what poly usually feels like to me. Maybe silk charmeuse feels similar…hope you find what you’re looking for.

  • Maxwrote:

    Super cute! I’ve seen dresses [and made a shirt similar] with that sweetheart neck but they were out of stretch fabric, wayyyyy less fiddly!

    I LOVE the pleats though!

  • lili ashwrote:

    So cool! I love this dress!

  • Annawrote:

    love this, you look totally amazing. and way to go, this pattern does look tough!

  • Sarawrote:

    I’m researching before I make my first Macaron and your dress was in the flickr goup. I haven’t been sewing garments for myself thaaaat long, so I still remember the thrill of “I really CAN sew for myself and not just kids clothes!” Good for you! Keep being brave. Your note about the large seam allowances is helpful. Now i don’t have to worry as much. I want mine snug too. You’re going on my blogroll!

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