Violet’s market debut

Since this post was very nearly titled ‘Violet’s Violent End’, I thought I’d take her to the market for some sunshine and dumplings to celebrate our sewing triumph. We had a lovely time, V and I, while my bro crept behind the stalls, stalker-style and papped us…

… fondling vegetables….
…playing dress-ups…
…and demolishing dumplings (that’s my do not disturb face)

I almost gave up on Colette pattern Violet. Let me see… this was meant to be a muslin for something a bit more exciting, but I hoped it might be a wearable one. I found this great 90’s dress at the thrift store with something like New Woman on the tag, and paired it with chambray for a contrasting collar. It all came together beautifully, as you can expect of a Colette pattern. I even combatted the high-ish neckline by taking it in at the waist and sides so it’s a slim fit instead of a relaxed (boxy) style. Everything was looking pretty peachy from the front. But when I turned to the side…

…there were giant ripples pooling at the lower back. There’s no doubt I have a sway back but so far I’ve never come face to face with it sewing. Of course I did what any rookie sewer would do and tried to gather the problem area in with elastic. Not only did it do nothing for said ripples, it created more of them, now at the sides. Gah! I turned to my trusty Colette Sewing Handbook for guidance and committed the unmentionable post-finished-garment-sway-back-adjustment! Basically, I pinched two inches of fabric out, sewed a curved line across and by some miracle my crime against sewing is camouflaged by the pink stripe in the center back. YES!! Another lucky sewing break.

The pattern is now fitted with a proper sway back adjustment ready for V no.2. It was just so fun and cutesy to wear that I think I wouldn’t mind a few of these gals in my hand-made wardrobe.

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  • Johannawrote:

    Nice! you make me yearn for summer so much! And I love your hair! Gah, sway back adjustments, I’ve heard of these, but never really understood what it was, but now I think I definitely will need to read up on it for future projects!

  • rachaelwrote:

    looks great!!

  • Carolynwrote:

    It looks fantastic! So glad to hear that you and violet are now friends 🙂

  • littlebettywrote:

    Great work. I also just muslined this pattern, but I couldn’t get my collar to sit as flat as I’d like. I might look at it again. Great fabric too.

  • poppykettlewrote:

    Impressive remake, lovely violet and beautiful photos to boot. Lookin’ grand!

  • small + friendlywrote:

    Wow! That was one heck of a makeover. You look adorable, as usual.

  • Rachael Honnerwrote:

    Gorgeous Girl! Love, love, love the top sooooo sweet. Great job!

  • Rachael Honnerwrote:

    Oops forgot to say… I have total photo envy, your pics look fantastic (so do you)!

  • Kimberlywrote:

    Oh it’s fantastic and I love the photos. I have to say pairing those two fabrics together wouldn’t have occurred to me – they are awesome together. Nicely done and I’m so learning along with you. I also have a sway back and have no doubt I’ll run into similar issues when Violet and I finally meet.

  • jenwrote:

    It’s hard to believe that top was once that dress! The top is adorable and the photo shoot is making me long for warmer temps and a farmers market. It might have been a pain to do that adjustment but at least it was on a fabric that will hide it well…so cute!

  • Natasha Janewrote:

    What a fun top! I love your hair too.

  • kristinwrote:

    It looks so great! Glad you showed Violet who’s boss.

  • ooobop.comwrote:

    Love the pairing of the two fabrics. And always love a peter pan collar! Gorgeous photos too.

  • Stephaniewrote:

    violet is such a sweet top. it looks darling on you. i also love the photos.

  • Sew on Trendwrote:

    These are great pictures ! Love them and also the unexpected pairing of the coloured fabric and the chambray.

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