Cut-out tank + leggings

Hey it’s two-for-one-Tuesday! And I’m sorry but I got no special deals on pizza for you, just two fresh additions to the handmade closet. Presenting my new favourite-ist leggings in the whole wide world and the new Megan Nielsen Crescent blouse. Both pieces were completed before the epic month of May and are conveniently slotting in while I muster the courage to start this Bombshell swimsuit business.
Fabric: A semi sheer Silk cotton with a slightly bigger weave. I doubled the layers for the front and left the back sheer (didn’t get photo oops, just visualize yeah?).
Bits to love: Another beautifully put together pattern. I especially appreciated the finishes around the cut outs and button closures. There’s the option of a collar / collarless version and two variations for the hem length and shape, one is round (I’m assuming like a ‘crescent’?) and the other squared off and tunic length. I kind of surprised myself here by going for a solid color, especially given the scope for mixing prints or color-blocking in this pattern! But sometimes I can be a very Zen sewer and I was thinking along the lines of choosing a fabric that wouldn’t detract from the lines in the blouse. And I also used two self cover buttons in the same fabric to keep everything at one. Namaste.
Urks: The strapless bra situation. It seems it is my quest to unearth a strapless bra that does it’s freakin job! Holds things in place, stays put all day and comfy enough you forget its there. Not much to ask right? Back in the day, when I used to have a decent pair (it’s all relative), I was sure the issue was just that a strapless bra was never going to have the lift of a normal bra, end of story. HowEVER, after retiring from their post as milk factory last year, the boobs just went ‘right that’s us done, we’re out of here’ and shrunk down three whole cups sizes. No complaints, at least now I thought I’d be all over the strapless bra thing. Only, just like it’s predecessors, this one was great in the shop but crept south, was uncomfortable and made weird bra lines through the top. I couldn’t wait to fling it off after these pics (and replace it with a regular bra…straight away in case you were wondering), so a little sadly, until this get sorted, my crescent is not getting much of an airing.
Fabric: Rayon and lycra jersey from here
So, guys, I went back for more leggings. And this pattern is ten times better than the last. Everything that was slightly off about this pair is now lovingly accommodated here. Where the McCalls pattern was a little short in the legs, too shallow from crotch to waist and so on, this one is longer, higher, faster, stronger! The leg length is really spot on. I have longish legs and I like a little bunching at the ankles. They also come up to my ribs and keep my organs warm. So, I love them and  really recommend the Burdastyle pattern. But each body to their own. They also feel so much cosier in a soft fabric, as opposed to swim lycra. I was utterly gobsmacked to find  this fabric, only the juiciest knit fabric I’ve ever laid eyes on, randomly on Etsy.
Initially I wasn’t going to try and match up the pattern but decided to give it a crack and the effect of the symmetry is kind of cool. I feel like a walking anatomical illustration. Lining up the print was not so hard, there is only one pattern piece for each leg so after I doubled my fabric over before cutting, I used pins to mark little land-marks on the print, making sure the points corresponded on top and bottom layer. Not sure if this is common practice but it worked so well! Right now, I’m wearing these, hmm maybe three times a week and they are starting to fade a little so I’m considering buying more of the fabric (if there even is some) to make a back-up pair. Is that weird? I just never want them to end.

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  • Masustak eguzkitanwrote:

    Wow!!! Love the whole outfit! Leggings fabric is awesome and the simmetry effect is sooooo cool!

  • Taniawrote:

    I love your leggings they look amazing. You have inspired me to make my own pair because I can never get the look I am after with out spending a fortune, like you I prefer them bunched at the bottom.

  • Ms Quezwrote:

    Great outfit! I had the same problem with the McCall’s pattern, so I’m happy to know there is a better one out there.. and that I’m not freakishly disproportioned!

  • Heather Louwrote:

    Courage?! Come on Sophie, it’s not a war! It’s a swimsuit!

    That aside, love this look. The symmetrical print on the leggings makes me very happy. I hear you on the strapless bra situation (and your boob story made me laugh really hard. Reminded me of driving around with my mom when I was 14 or so and asking her if my boobs would ever be the same size as hers and she said “Probably not. These aren’t real. When I was done breastfeeding you I had literally nothing left”. Gobsmacked is an understatement.) Strapless bras suck. On my list of “I can make it better”.

    • gingermakeswrote:

      Oh my gah, that’s an amazing story. And I’m glad you’re encouraging Sophie because I CANNOT WAIT to see her swimsuit!

  • Kimwrote:

    I absolutely love your leggings! And the shirt too 🙂
    I still have the Papercut Patterns leggings that I have to find some fabric for..

  • Jessicawrote:

    Your Crescent blouse is lovely! The blue is beautiful on you. And, I hear ya on the post-nursing boobs. It’s an evil trick, really.

  • Kessemwrote:

    OMG! I love the outfit! Th crescent blouse is adorable, I’m so envious of your courage to sew with silk! I’m sure I’ll get there at some point, but all my silk fabric is lying in my stash because I’m too afraid to sew with it.

  • Carolynwrote:

    The pattern on those leggings has to be one of the greatest things that I’ve ever seen! And you lined them up perfectly! Well worth all the effort that that took!
    And I hear you on the bra issue. The girls just aren’t what they used to be 🙂

  • mokoshawrote:

    just fabulous.. love your take on crescent blouse.. and those are the most awesome looking leggings i laid my eyes on in ages

  • dandeliondriftwrote:

    Your pattern matching skills is A-MA-ZING! And I love this top…I really want to purchase Megan’s pattern!

  • Mikhaela Reidwrote:

    Aw, I totally feel you on the strapless bra thing. I kept wondering about that when I saw Crescent Blouse finished object posts. I also shrank gradually over the course of nursing (started out a 36I and now that the little one is down just a 32E again) and yet still struggle with strapless bras to this day.

    • Mikhaela Reidwrote:

      Meant to say your outfit is awesome even if you were a bit uncomfortable… fantastic leggings!

  • gingermakeswrote:

    I love this outfit! It’s super cute!

    I’m with you on strapless bras. I don’t have big boobs, but I feel flat as a board with a strapless and they’re just so uncomfortable! I’m hoping to find some sort of x-back or something that I can actually wear with this top.

  • lisa g.wrote:

    great outfit! i really think the crescent blouse is adorable (and i love your version here!) but the strapless bra issue makes it a no go for me. :/ i can deal with strapless if necessary for a dress, but a floaty top? eh… just doesn’t feel right. maybe someone out there will come up with a super creative solution! and nursing my four babies left me with nuthin’ on top. here’s to hoping that someday they’ll rebound… haha yeah right.

    and thanks for the leggings pattern recommendation! i have the mccalls pattern but hadn’t tried it yet. a higher waist is definitely something i need!

  • SaraJwrote:

    The bra issue is why I don’t think I will be ordering the crescent blouse pattern. I love it, but I can’t not wear a bra. Love this outfit, as usualy you have outdone yourself!

  • Leah Clarkwrote:

    You always amaze me! I can’t believe you make all of these amazing clothes! So inspired.
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  • rachelinred.comwrote:

    Love the outfit! I think you choose well by making the blouse in a solid color. It really makes the pattern shine (tadaaa) ;)!
    And I also love the leggings, the patternmatching really gives it something extra. The fabric is gorgeous and you look smashing!

  • poppykettlewrote:

    Gorjuss. But like everyone else, the strapless bra thing is an issue. It’s a dream of mine to make a corsolette WITH a bra built in (I’ve got an awesome vintge Burda pattern just waiting for the day) because I reckon the whole issue with strapless bras is there is nothing to support the strapless bra in order for it to be able to provide support to the girls. Rant over, you look amazing. Love the colours and the over all look. And what a fabulous find on that Etsy fabric!!!

  • Julia Bobbinwrote:

    NAILED IT! This is a fabulous outfit with awesome fabric choices. I’ve heard that boobs shrink to even smaller the than the pre-baby size after breastfeeding; I guess I’ll find out in six months!

    Looking gorgeous as always 🙂

  • Iliska Dreamswrote:

    Love the leggings! The reason I don’t tend to wear leggings is because of the nylon swimsuit fabric, but these are amazing. Oh and I hear you on the deflation. Up to an E while pregnant now down to a small B, I avoid anything that requires a strapless bra. I you find a solution let me know

  • Jessicawrote:

    Nice symmetry on the leggings!

  • milenasewswrote:

    I love the entire outfit. Even though I’m firmly in the leggings-are-not-pants camp, those are crazy cool and the symmetry does work very well.

  • thewallinnawrote:

    Very beautiful outfit! You inspire me to make myself a pair of leggins! 🙂

  • sewplaysewwrote:

    This shirt is soooo cute! Now, I want to make one. Great job.

  • Crab and Beewrote:

    I heart your print placement on those leggings. I’ve often imagined my dream capsule wardrobe as exclusively plain tunics and wild leggings, these would be perfect.

  • Mirzawrote:

    I love your outfit, and I wish I could find such amazing knit fabric! I discovered your blog thanks to project sewn, and I have to admit that it has become one of my favorites… 🙂
    For strapless bras, I’d recommend trying on some “princesse tam tam” ones, they’re not like any other ones and I find them pretty comfy!

  • KellyLeaSewswrote:

    I didn’t get this pattern for that reason, I have never met a strapless bra that worked for me. And I also shrank three cup sizes after nursing which left me with…pretty much nothing 🙁 So sad, and I keep asking them to come back, but so far no luck! This outfit is awesome, I love the top in a solid color and your leggings make me happy, I am so glad you took the time to line up the print because it gives a very cool effect. If I wasn’t on a fabric buying ban I would be obsessively searching for something similar but as it stands I can just move on and get back to sewing 🙂

  • kristinwrote:

    How did you even find that fabric…? It’s incredible! This look is fantastic. Only I think it’s time to start making your own bras next…heh.

  • loopyluluwrote:

    I like this entire outfit, a lot. You have such a modern take on sewing. I really admire your ability to match a pattern with fabric to get a very current look.

    And, have you ever heard of nubra? Target makes a pretty good copy that is much cheaper. They are these sticky things that stick to your skin and they do such a good job of holding you up and they don’t move and they look natural under clothing. They work sooooo much better than a strapless.

  • thequirkypeachwrote:

    Love this outfit! I was just thinking that I need to make myself some leggings and I am excited to try the Burdastyle pattern – longer, higher, faster, stronger, here I come!

  • honigdesignwrote:

    Great outfit, love that blue colour and that top with the leggings is a perfect match. With you on the strapless bra thing…….

  • Merche Martinezwrote:

    Fabulous! Love it! Specially the leggings. The matching is amazing. You always create the most easy to wear and pretty things, that I´d love to have! 😉

  • Debwrote:

    Love the leggings so much. The fabric + the symmetry is pretty much perfect!

    Any chance a strappy bra might work with some lingerie guards to hold the straps in place? Coletterie has a good tute on how to make them.

  • Sarah Watsonwrote:

    Ah, I love these leggings! And the top, so beautiful. Looks classic. Oh wait. I like all your outfits. Keep it up. Makes me want to sew clothes!

  • Katwrote:

    This is awesome! The fabric you used for the leggings is just amazing. I love printed leggings but my legs aren’t small enough to wear them as pants. Have you tried a bra with convertible straps! If you wore the straps criss cross would they be pulled in enough not to show in the gaps?

  • Erinwrote:

    you are too darn cute! love love love the top and the leggings- awesome fabric.

  • eskimo*rosewrote:

    OMG – I loooove this outfit – It’s so good I actually didn’t believe it was handmade at first and had to read through to be convinced!! I have never thought of making leggings, I will now, the fabric you have used is awesome, and I love it with the wee peterpan top
    Em x

  • Nettiewrote:

    This is an amazing outfit!!!! You look SO good in blues!! That print is gorgeous! What a lucky etsy stumble that was!

  • grainlinewrote:

    Oh dude, totally not weird to make a backup. If you ever need encouragement in that department, you know who to talk to. I currently have two of the exact same travel mugs in case the one I use breaks. The leggings look awesome and as for the bra situation, can you just get a bright colored bra and roll with it?

  • Tarawrote:

    beautiful outfit! I really love the top, but can’t bring myself to deal with the hassle of a strapless bra. It never works. But the shoulder holes on the top are definitely gorgeous. Maybe a bra with clear straps would work? I like the design element going on at the bottom of it too. You always make people’s patterns look good! Legging fabric is amazing.

  • Laurawrote:

    Such an amazing outfit! You really pulled off the pattern matching on the leggings and the top looks gorgeous. Love the photos too.

  • Ashleywrote:

    I heart your style! Those leggings are amazing and i love that fabric. It looks much better in your pictures than on the etsy listing. I too have terrible luck with strapless bras. They aren’t comfortable and don’t do the job. I have several items of clothing that require them, as I won’t go bra-less. Not sure what to do about the situation.

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    Awesome awesome outfit!! You are just the coolest. End of story. Love these leggings – you inspired me to make some crazy print leggings this past spring – mostly for doing yoga. Fun prints just make downward facing dog so much more entertaining!!

  • crystalpleatswrote:

    I just love your rendition of the crescent blouse. It pairs great with your leggings.

  • Olga (Kid Approved)wrote:

    Love the blouse and the leggings! The whole outfit fits you perfectly! Cannot agree more regarding the strapless bra. What’s up with that? Can’t they make a good fitting strapless bra that would make my girls used as milk production factory four times look good. Seriously. 🙂

  • Joan Pricewrote:

    Thanks for the share! I seriously love that look! From the tank to the leggings the outfit looks amazing on you! I’m normally a big fan of floral patterns on leggings but I am really liking the pattern you are wearing. What would you call that?

  • Beckywrote:

    Ummm that fabric is everything. I can’t take my eyes off of it. No question or debate on making a backup pair. Do. It. 🙂

  • Megan Tripaldiwrote:

    I know this is an old post on your blog but I was just browsing and I saw your complaints about strapless bras. I totally hear you on this! Have you ever tried Ambrielle (JCPenney’s carries it). I wear a size 34DD so I have the hardest time finding good bras but this is definitely one of the best I have ever owned. It comes with removable straps so it can be worn multiple ways. I love wearing it strapless, everything stays right in place, no slipping and it’s very comfy. I feel like I could run a marathon in it and nothing would fall out! My only complaint is that they run a bit small so you may want to go a number size up if you try it. Good luck!

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