The Original Satsuki

Aloha! Can’t quite believe this dress was made by yours truly a year and a half ago, and its only just made it to the blog now. This was my first go at Satsuki by Victory patterns, the same pattern behind this dress for Project Sewn. I made it up for a special occasion. The special occasion being that I was leaving the house, sans kids, for an occasion. Some sort of partay or gathering (?) at a swanky (cringe) underground 1940’s style bar. Which was obviously deserving of a new dress. Anyway, the event was on a Saturday night and on Wednesday I realised the over-priced pants that I’d bought for said occasion, just wouldn’t do. So it a seemed a perfectly do-able, even sensible idea to just whip up a Satsuki. Like an omelette!
_MG_7307The fabric is a silk crepe de chine from here. I know it’s all silk this, silk that these days but the ratio of silks to cottons (and other perfectly practical fibres) that we get in is pretty high. Anyway, I really loved this pattern, I mentioned here how it nips you in at the right bits and I think it’s a style that flatters a huge variety of figures. It’s put together really nicely too and I appreciated the lessons learned in hemming curved sections of seams by pulling a thread. My only gripe is that being a bit round shouldered, my shoulders never seem to poke through the little cutouts, which creep to the back. Hence, the dress is heavily ‘arranged’ in these pics._MG_7215
_MG_7361In the end it wasn’t exactly ‘whipped up’. I finished it on the night pretty much on the way out the door and did hasty a double fold hem, where a hand-stitched one might have honoured this fabric. But what’s a girl to do, I was already running late! If you are contemplating making a Satsuki of your own, I highly recommend this pattern. A relatively quick make with good instructions and a new technique or two to learn makes it a winner. It also sews up into a top,  Crab and Bee’s made a beautiful shibori dyed version.
I had a moderate to good time, topped off by being in bed before midnight. Lets be honest, there were more than a few times when I thought about being home in bed. Or sewing. Cough antisewcial Cough.

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  • lisa g.wrote:

    ooooohhhh loooove! the purple is a great color on you, and i love how this pattern is both voluminous and fitted. glad you shared it, the pics are lovely!

  • gingermakeswrote:

    This is beauuuuuutiful! I love love love love love it! Fabulous dress, and the photos are killer– I’m glad you posted them!

  • Nettiewrote:

    It’s beautiful!!! I agree with Lisa G., I’m glad that you shared it!!

    Also. Dude, I remember those trapped in the house days!! It gets better!

  • Kellywrote:

    I’m so glad you shared! The fabric is gorgeous, and the color is so good on you. I wouldn’t have even noticed the photo editing if you hadn’t mentioned it, I was too busy thinking about what a great dress you made!

  • F. K.wrote:

    Very pretty, thanks for sharing! I totally understand what you mean about getting out of the house for a change! I’m a total shut in, my home is my fortress. An escape from all there is to escape from. But I could probably use getting out a *little* more, haha. Anyways, I love your dress

  • Annikawrote:

    i just checked out the pattern site and they definetely should take your pics and put on their site. their pics are (sorry) ugly. i never would have considered buying that pattern. but now that i’ve seen your stunning dress, i might reconsider it. thanks for sharing. the dress and your pics are really beautiful

  • Merche Martinezwrote:

    Lovely dress and really lovely photos. You look beautiful!

  • Michellewrote:

    With people my age, it’s called a “kick back.” I guess party just sounds too formal!
    Love the dress, so casual and stylish.

  • Rosabella Rwrote:

    This is so lovely, and I adore the styling, good job!

  • Amandawrote:

    This is super spiffy! Satsuki is such a fab pattern and it looks lovely in this lovely purple. Epic work, Sophie!

  • Rosiwrote:

    Like an omelette. Too funny. You look beautiful.

  • Helenewrote:

    Ditto to everything! It’s such a pretty colour, and you do look gorgeous in the dress. Love your scarf too!

  • becstitcheswrote:

    Gorgeous as always 🙂 Love the colour, but I am Bias when it comes to purple 😉

    • becstitcheswrote:

      Also holy crap, check those shoes… reooww

  • busylizzieinbrizzy.comwrote:

    I feel pretty spesh that I got to see this in person and really see the fabric drape in all it’s glory! Just lovely and if you didn’t tell us about the shoulders, we would never know 🙂

  • tidytipsywrote:

    It’s absolutely beautiful!! I love your version! Purple isn’t my color at all but even so the first thing I thought was how great it looks on you. The silk must be heavenly to wear. I actually have the Satsuki dress pattern but haven’t made it yet. Now I see I definitely have to!

  • Olga Becker @ Kid Approvedwrote:

    You look gorgeous! Great job!

  • Laurenwrote:

    Beautiful! The photos look just fine. Not pretentious at all. Love the backdrop, too.

  • Masustak eguzkitanwrote:

    OOOhhh cute!!!!!!! Love the whole outfit! And the surroundings are fabolous.

  • mokoshawrote:

    lovely dress.. so light and airy, and that color is great.. and photos are great as well 🙂

  • Katiewrote:

    What a beautiful, breezy ensemble!

  • Crab and Beewrote:

    I love the purple silk! It’s glorious. Now you’ve got me overestimating my abilities to sew silk so I can make a silk Satsuki too! As far as the shoulder cut-outs, they’re placed too wide even for my broad/square shoulders, so I can imagine how they’d be on normal/narrow one. Also, thanks for the shout-out 🙂

  • sanae (sanaeishida.com)wrote:

    Stunning! I love the deep purple color on you, and I think the photos are amazing. I haven’t been a fan of the cut out trend but you’re changing my mind with these fabulous dresses!

  • Mela R.wrote:

    Man this is gorgeous. What an absolute breath-taking color and drape. Glad you shared this beauty with us!

  • kristinwrote:

    Pretty pretty bird! Love this on you and I’m glad you posted it too! Always fun to play a bit with the photography/styling, eh?

  • Katwrote:

    I am so in love with this dress! I bought this pattern when I was in Melbourne for frocktails. I can’t wait to make it up. I lov this colour on you. It’s perfect for your colouring. Gorgeous!

  • honigdesignwrote:

    Ooh this is divine. Lovely colour and drape.

  • Kimwrote:

    Ooh gorgeous dress! I really like the colour on you and how great is crepe de chine to work with right?
    I really need to go and print my Satsuki pattern, as I really like both of your versions!

  • onlylolawrote:

    Lovely dress! I love this colour!! great job!!

  • crystalpleatswrote:

    I am loving this as much as everyone else! The satsuki is such a fabulous pattern. Great styling, too.

  • Amywrote:

    This is really lovely, and I’m so glad you posted it. The colors together are gorgeous!

  • aysha latiefwrote:

    can we also have a moment of silence for those fabulous shoes…..

  • May – Simple Year | Semi Hipsterwrote:

    […] to make the Satsuki Dress, also by Victory Patterns. This one above is made by Sophie from the blog Ada Spragg. I literally want to sew everything she makes! I might use silk or rayon, depending on what fun […]

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