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U7397_500px_72dpiThe second last stop on the Sewtionary tour is here today! Which means another chance to win your very own hardcopy of this beautiful new sewing book on the block. For nearly the whole month, Tasia from Sewaholic, has been celebrating the release of the Sewtionary. The name of the book gives it all away really: inside you will find an A-Z  ‘from “Applique” to “Zippers” and everything in between!’.

1I have a very modest collection, more a huddle, of sewing books that I refer to from time to time to refresh on basic techniques. But in between, I’m still always ‘google-ing’ for things like ‘welt pockets’, ‘zipper fly tutorials’ ‘how to sew spaghetti straps’ etc. So I’m a little bit excited that the Sewtionary includes all of these plus many more skills I’ve been wanting to try or at least know the proper way to do something. This book has all the answers to basic sewing questions like ‘how to make your own piping’ to the more obscure like ‘what is horse hair, and why the heeeeeel would I be sewing it into a garment?!’.

2So yes, I am super impressed with the Sewtionary and a little jealous that this copy is leaving my hands but happy it’s going to one of you lucky ladies! If you’d like a chance to win the Sewtionary, leave a comment, maybe sharing your most feared sewing technique (you’ve been avoiding button holes for years, right?!) and the winner will be drawn on Sunday. You can find the rest of the tour details here.

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  • nicolewrote:

    zips! they petrify me!

  • Raspberry Bluewrote:

    How awesome! I haven’t gotten a chance to look at the Sewtionary book yet but it looks really neat. I think I am most scared of linings. For some reason, I haven’t gotten over the fear of sewing a lining in a dress, which is probably very silly.

  • Emilywrote:

    Ooh I so need a copy! And you so got it right – buttonholes strike fear into my heart every time, I’d love some help from this book!

  • Amy Robertsonwrote:

    I have always feared the zipper. Would love some more instruction on that!

  • sandrawrote:

    That looks like a fabulous book. I’m terrified of trying a zipper fly and a yoked shirt. Both on my to-do list when I’m feeling brave enough!

  • Trudy Callanwrote:

    You’ve pegged it. Button holes are most definitely my most dreaded task in sewing. I am also not very comfortable with cuffs.

  • Alison Pricewrote:

    I love your style – fabric and pattern choices and your blogging style
    Personal hang ups- HEMS- all those decisions!!

  • jasmin alfarowrote:

    Well I for one am very excited for this giveaway. It would be my first sewing book (fingers crossed). My most feared sewing technique is installing an invisible zipper to a lined garment. I’m a beginner :/

  • Bec Hemwrote:

    Facings. Not sure why they scare me, but I just can’t get away from the comfort zone that is bias binding to face a neckline! Problem is that doesn’t always come up to snuff… Love the look of this book!

  • Natwrote:

    Ooh – I’d love to win a copy of the book. My most feared technique is sewing in a zipper! I’m not sure why, I’ve done it plenty of times in classes but I can never quite get up the courage to do it on my own! :o)

    And also pockets, collars, waistbands, cuffs, you name it….

  • Amywrote:

    I’m about to finish uni, and I’ll FINALLY have the time to get stuck into some sewing again, and I can’t wait! Zippers have always caused me much grinding of teeth, swearing and inevitably, having to rip them out and do them again. I would love a great manual to be able to refer to in moments of sewing frustration!

  • kayceewrote:

    i’ve definitely been avoiding welt pockets (pictured in your post, oddly enough!).

  • Jaiawrote:

    What a fabulous reference book!

    I’m terrified of zipper flys. When I was studying tailoring in college, the zip fly was my worst enemy and to this day I still avoid them whenever possible. They are fiddly, persnickety, and just plain confusing!

  • Johannahwrote:

    I am terrified of button holes. My machine is older and I’m sure it works just fine like plenty of other 1970s machines that do button holes but I have decided to skip buttons or projects that include buttons because of this irrational fear. There are other things I used to be afraid of but with amazing guidance have conquered. Most recently I made my own bias tape. Every irrational sewing fear I have had has been so much easier with the right teacher/book/tutorial. I have made a very serious goal that next year I will overcome this fear and make a button down shirt for my husband. Thanks for the chance at this amazing looking book. Also, happy to have this book tour so I could discover your blog!

  • teresawrote:

    Feared might be an overstatement, but I never look forward to zipper time, no matter how simple the application .

  • Nancy O.wrote:

    Plaid is my biggest fear and I’m avoiding it at all cost! I’m still new to sewing and can’t think ahead as to how the pattern pieces will come together in order for me to cut the pattern just right!

  • Naomiwrote:

    I’m with lots of other peeps – zips. I insert them all the time but it always feels like I’m not doing something quite right. sigh…

  • Laurawrote:

    Hmmm… I guess I would say hems in t-shirts… I do them cuz my boys love mommy made shirts, but I have left them raw rather than see the warpy stretchy look!

  • Salliewrote:

    Welt pockets, maybe, or buttonholes. I’ve got button down shirts lined up for me and my hubby, and it just dawned on me that that is a LOT of buttonholes…

  • Roxwrote:

    How did you know about my fear of buttonholes?! The scary thing is I just bought some cotton fabric and some buttons in the hopes of trying my first button down shirt!

  • Mietwrote:

    Hems! I have such a hard time keeping them even.

  • Jordiwrote:

    I pretty much avoid hand-stitching like the plague..

  • Nadinewrote:

    Yep, you got it. Terrified of button holes. I’m daring myself to make an Archer shirt…soon.

  • Chriswrote:

    thanks for the giveaway. Looks like an awesome book! Maybe it could get me over my fear of buttonholes.

  • Reneewrote:

    Zipper fly! I want to make pants, but have yet to tackle making a fly…

  • Annie Bwrote:

    I’m afraid of bound buttonholes! And welt pockets…. Soon I will make a fabulous blazer with both.

  • Marywrote:

    I don’t think there’s anything that particularly scares me but there’s lots I’d love to learn! My next challenge is to try a machine blind hem, I guess I’m a little apprehensive about that one 😉

  • Tammywrote:

    I avoid bound buttonholes, welt pockets, and fly zippers. I seriously need to work on skill building, you can only do so much with elastic. Would love to win this book, thank you for offering this giveaway.

  • Juliawrote:

    This looks like a super useful book! My biggest sewing thing I avoid is using bias binding, which is a shame since I think it would really help make some clean insides and nice looking stretch garments.

  • KBwrote:

    Ahhh, beautiful twin needle hems without the material bridging would be nice!

  • Juliewrote:

    Hmmm there is a list of things that freak me out but my top two are zips and stretch. I think of all of the things I want to make then back out of it because of damm button holes and stretch fabric

  • Alisonwrote:

    Zipper flies are scary to me. I usually try and avoid zippers in general.

  • Elizabethwrote:

    I’m new to garment sewing and zippers are still a problem for me.

  • Jillwrote:

    My worst fear (I have many) would have to be buttonholes !!! That dread of them not landing in the right place and completely ruining a whole outfit !!

    The book looks like a useful tool. xx

  • Joannewrote:

    Ooh collars are quit anxiety inducing – my first attempt ended up being so lop-sided I haven’t attempted one since.

  • Helenawrote:

    Right now I’m working a lot on in-seam pockets and pockets in general. They’re a good thing to have! Oh, and I want to make that perfect sleeve placket one day…

  • Anneliwrote:

    Thank you for this giveaway!!! And of many hurdles I stumble over more than I would like the one I fear the most is making a lining to a garment.

  • Christawrote:

    eek! Buttonholes!

  • Ashleywrote:

    Buttons. Love em and hate em and petrified of em. I don’t really know why but to this date, I hold my breath while sewing button(hole)s.

  • Janetwrote:

    I so need a copy of this book – I am a beginner and scared of almost everything!

  • Mary-Ellenwrote:

    About to start a lined jacket. Delighted and petrified. Bagged lining, what’s that?

  • Andrea Belshawwrote:

    Having just read the review of this book by “Did You Make That” I’d put it on my Xmas pressie list but December is ages away!

  • Siobhan Andrewswrote:

    Welt pockets are my nemesis!

  • Elodayewrote:

    Well, where to start? I’m scared of button holes, of course! But also nervous when putting in a zipper or attaching a lining, gathering fabric, setting-in sleeves … I know I know how to do it, but I like to have some reassurance always, so the sewtionary would be a great present!

  • Lilianawrote:

    Oh how I fear zipper flies! I have to confess that I never tried them, but I simply don’t understand the instructions for it. Welt pockets aren’t really my friends either!

  • Amanda Blackwrote:

    For me lapped zips.. not yet tried as way too scary ! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Stephaniewrote:

    My fear is not an actual technique, but I am terrified of sewing with knits. I have never knit fabric and I so want to got on the band wagon..

    One day…

  • Ingridwrote:

    I hate doing snaps on clothes, I recently nearly ruined a fabulous witch costume I made for my daughter. The final step and I ended with with some huge holes instead of neat bound snaps. Waaaa!!! I wish I knew how to do them properly. At least the costume is still well loved and worn on several occasions (and nearly for her birthday party but I managed to talk her out of that…!)

  • Katywrote:

    I am terrified of sewing a fly front zipper! Which means I’ve never tried a pair of trousers- silly right? So I’m now trying my first pair of trousers at the minute, with a fly front, fingers crossed it works!

  • Ruthwrote:

    I’m fine with normal buttonholes, but I’ve been avoiding bound buttonholes so far! And I’m not exactly scared of it, but I’d love to learn about using horsehair braid some day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sarawrote:

    I’m always afraid of making buttonholes because my sewing machine tends to botch them and if they’re messed up, they can ruin a garment when I’ve already put so much work into it.

  • Blogless Annawrote:

    Not so much fear… but there are still numerous techniques I haven’t tried… Fly front, exposed zip, shoulder pads, collars to name a few. A copy of Tasia’s book would be invaluable when trying new-to-me techniques.

  • Amywrote:

    Buttonholes are my nemesis!!

  • Helenwrote:

    I would love this book!! I so want to make a shirt, but the whole thing feels a bit intimidating – button plackets, collars, cuffs!!

  • kootwrote:

    Invisible zippers, i’m afraid mine won’t be very invisible. Also because my buttonholes are always a mess.

  • Sarah Elizabeth Lynchwrote:

    mmm… find flys quite scary… have read this book is amazing and would love to win it! x

  • ingewrote:

    you said it. button holes…

  • Amanda Reneawrote:

    Probably anything that has to do with really intricate details like sleeve plackets or collars!

  • Sarawrote:

    Oh dear… You got me… Buttonholes are my worst nightmare! I also dread setting a sleeve in the armhole, pretty dresses are very often sleveless – phew!

  • Kimwrote:

    I’m fine with buttonholes (thanks to my Janome) and zips don’t faze me. But fitting does. I need to attempt an fba and possibly a sway back adjustment. But I just don’t know where to start!

  • Amywrote:

    Everything related to making trousers especially flys! I keep seeing amazing patterns I want to try but haven’t taken the trouser plunge yet

  • Katewrote:

    I haven’t ventured far enough into the wild world of sewing to fear techniques yet, but I’d love to have a Sewtionary to guide me on my way…

  • Jennywrote:

    Well, this blog tour has certainly done a good job of selling the Sewtionary to me… yep, I’m pretty sure I NEEDS one now :p I’m not sure if you’d classify it as a technique, but bias sewing sure does give me the heebie jeebies. I’d love to be able to do that with confidence. Thanks for the giveaway, Sophie!

  • Rachelle - Warming Craftswrote:

    Invisible zippers are my bane; I’ve done 2 which turned out perfectly and then the next one was a complete bust.

  • Christianne McCallwrote:

    Invisible zippers give me heartburn!

  • Alysonwrote:

    I’m a newish sewer and while i’ve got lots of patterns, fabric and ideas and very short on time, my bookshelf is embarrassingly free of sewing technique books – a hole that definitely needs plugging! I’ve recently started to try using zippers and had to do a fair bit of unpicking… but there’s a limit to how many elastic waistbanded garments I can own.

  • Caro92wrote:

    Buttonholes, and also lining clothes !

  • Justinewrote:

    Welt pockets. Hey, it’s almost impossible to make them being straight and neat!

  • sarahwrote:

    my biggest sewing fear has to lingerie. being big busted there is little in the rtw market other than a lot of scaffolding, however would love to learn the techniques required to sew such a delicate item – lace and elastic scary!!!

  • Bellawrote:

    My most feared sewing technique is definitely the thought of sewing with slippery silks and silk-like fabrics! I’m ok with a tough silk, but a chiffon? I’m not sure that I could handle the jandal. Gotta woman up!!!

  • Nessiewrote:

    Using the rolled hem foot with silk is always a bit fiddly! Thanks for a chance.

  • Lisawrote:

    Hmmm, Lets see …. blind hem, hand stitching, yokes, to name a few. I would say I’m adventurous/ambitious beginner. This book would be a great addition to my library! 🙂

  • Emmawrote:

    Welt pockets! I’m such a wimp. Thanks for the give away.

  • Roxannewrote:

    This book sounds awesome! As far as what strikes fear in me — it’s a tie between pattern matching for prints and attaching sleeves.

  • Canal Couturewrote:

    I’m a fearless sewer! Or is that the bravery of someone who hasn’t been around long enough to get scared?! Regardless, I would love to win a copy of Tasia’s book, to increase my range of techniques. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • annikawrote:

    I’m a bit afraid of zipppers, but yesterday i managed to finally get a nice invisible one, so I guess the fear is going to get smaller 😉

  • Jo Jensonwrote:

    I’n really bad at setting in sleeves and curves in general. Takes forever to get them right.

  • Dagbjørtwrote:

    Invisible zippers terrify me!

  • Karen Uwrote:

    I would really like to become a fearless zipper installer. Thanks!

  • Cathiwrote:

    I would have to say invisible zippers and welt pockets. They both scare me to death.

  • Nicole Martinezwrote:

    I am still so bad with any closures. Zipper and buttons scare me!! I haven’t tried too many different techniques and the sewtionary will def help with that

  • Deborahwrote:

    I always have to look up zipper installation methods and if you search the internet there are so many different ones that you can just get lost. Having a good sewing reference book provides the needed information right away.

  • Laurawrote:

    I probably avoid buttonholes more than anything. Although, from the looks of it, it seems that what I avoid is sewing on the buttons.

  • Kaywrote:

    Buttonholes are indeed terrifying.. How did you know it’s been 8 yrs since I bought my own sewing machine and a few buttons and even though I’ve sewed and loved sewing , I haven’t attempted buttonholes at all. 😮

  • Mandywrote:

    Invisible zippers and well pockets. I’ve done neither yet, just a little afraid.

  • Amber Arnoldwrote:

    I’ve been sewing for a few years and I still haven’t attempted a zipper. I think I’ve ready too much about people being afraid of it. I just need to do it already!

  • Carlywrote:

    Welt pockets are vaguely terrifying. What if you cut a hole in your practically finished garment? You have to scrap the whole thing.

  • Natalie @ Threads & Bobbinswrote:

    I am terrified of bias tape…and hate it too 🙁

  • Lettetia Elsasserwrote:

    Scariest for Me? Buttonholes and Welt Pockets. I avoid patterns with these features.

  • jo featherwrote:

    The book sounds great! There is lots I haven’t yet mastered in the world of dressmaking but… sleeves! I can’t get sleeves to look right.

  • Lauderwrote:

    im so scared of button holes and zippers, which really limits my sewing.

  • laurawrote:

    Funny you mentioned a welt pocket because I’ve got a coat cut out that requires them and I’m dreading it…

  • Elizabethwrote:

    Line an unlined dress, eerrr, now how exactly does that work? Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Natalia Smithwrote:

    Piping! I just cannot get it right – fuddly, diddly and annoying. It seems so simple yet manages to elude me every time. I love the sound of this new book. In an ideal world I would have a whole room full of sewing books, magazines and paraphernalia! Who wouldn’t 😉

  • Sabinewrote:

    I’m terrified of bound button holes and belt loops. I’m sureTasia’s book could help me with these! thanks for hosting that giveaway!

  • Helenewrote:

    Zippers. I just seem to blow every single one I try!

  • Susanwrote:

    What I fear most are patterns with lots of pieces that need to line up just so. Throw in a fabric with a print that needs to be matched across seams and I run the other direction!

  • Lune bleuewrote:

    Oh, how nice! Count me in!
    I am a bit afraid to work with all that delicate and sheer fabrics… so beautiful, but…

  • Kerri-Annwrote:

    I have a half made leopard print cape that has been waiting over 12 months for me to get over my fear of welted pockets in order to keep going on the project…

  • summerwrote:

    Welt pockets.

  • Sueann Walterwrote:

    Plaid for a coat, so much work and what if it doesn’t line up right! I hear great things about the book and would love to have a copy.

  • Dorlenewrote:

    Welt pockets. I’m terrified of them!

  • staceywrote:

    Hidden zippers are definitely my foe, not friend! Thanks for this opportunity to win a copy!

  • Carriewrote:

    Eep. Lapped zippers scare the bejeezus out of me!!

  • Brigidwrote:

    My guilty secret is that I do avoid button holes… like the plague! But I love buttons, so I’m going to have to get there eventually. Maybe by using my mum’s modern machine with auto button hole settings : )

  • Emiliewrote:

    I don’t fear, but kind of try to avoid any kind of hand sewing on a garment. It never seems to work out so great for me and it takes so long!

  • Teriwrote:

    Zippers and buttonholes are 2 things I always get nervous about when I’m sewing!

  • Leannewrote:

    I’d love to win a copy so I can learn how to do buttonholes!

  • jacintawrote:

    I’d love to get piping done right!

  • Alliwrote:

    I’m nervous about reducing sleeve cap ease and adjusting set I sleeves in general!

  • Aura Orianowrote:

    Thanks for the giveaway and I’m so sorry that you don’t get a hard copy of your own for hosting! My dreaded technique is the FBA. I need to do it in Sewaholic patterns but I cheat by cutting a smaller size shoulder in addition to taking 2″ off the bodice length. I’ve rediscovered my love of knits so I’ve skipped sewing wovens. No darts to trace or move about. Looks like I’m dreading quite a few things!

  • Lynnwrote:

    What a nice giveaway! I suppose zippers are still the big challenge for me to do well. And there is so much more I’d like to master.

  • Lisa penricewrote:

    I am really scared of Welt pockets they are definitely my Nemesis.

  • Alisonwrote:

    I’m totally new to sewing, and everything scares me! I guess cutting fabric incorrectly would be up there.

  • Madywrote:

    This book looks amazing for learning sewing techniques. I really fear making bias binding! I don’t know what it is, but I really dread it!

  • Annewrote:

    I am so afraid of sewing with light and slippery fabrics! I now have a big stash of chiffon and silk because I plan to sew tops, yet I can’t make myself proceed for fear of ruining them.

  • Birgitwrote:

    How do you know I’ve been avoiding button holes for like ever?? I really should give them a try sometime, but, well, maybe I would be a little less afraid with the sewtionary in my hand!

  • Catdoesitwrote:

    Pintucks! Plackets! Lots of techniques make me sweat…

  • Catarinawrote:

    Zippers and button holes. They scare me. Hope some day, I can master it 🙂

  • Kimberlywrote:

    My greatest fear is starting a new pattern and being afraid it’s not going to fit! But it’s so satisfying when it usually turns out alright. haha!

  • Rose in SVwrote:

    My most feared task are sewing woven fabrics. Knits are so forgiving , wovens require more precision, especially when fitting them. Every UFO I have are made from woven fabrics. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Rose in SV

  • Suewrote:

    how to sew a welt pocket. ok! i want this book. if i have a luck….

  • hannah frostwrote:

    I’m scared of making anything too fitted, even though I like wearing fitted clothes. I always think I need to make it two sizes bigger, or it needs more seam allowance, and then when it inevitably turns out too big I don’t want to take it in in case I can never get it back on!!

  • Charlotte Nielsenwrote:

    This would be a wonderful book to have now that I am sewing again for a winter wardrobe.

  • Diyawrote:

    Attaching sleeves :D. Well Getting perfectly matched zippers. There are many which I am not yet so confident about ! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  • Shirley Tullochwrote:

    Buttonholes for sure!!

  • Laurawrote:

    Welt pockets and lapped zippers…I avoid these like the plague!

  • Sarah - Fabric Tragicwrote:

    Ay caramba! Welt pockets!

  • Debwrote:

    Buttonholes – simple terror! Hope I’m not too late to enter, it is Sunday after all

  • Eleanor (undeadgoat)wrote:

    I have to say I am just TERRIFIED of buttonholes! Not sure how much the book will help me on those as I have a vintage machine that needs a separate buttonholer attachment but . . . still. TERRIFYING.

  • Jacquelinewrote:

    What a wonderful giveaway! The technique that I fear (and, at the same time, SO want to learn) is making bound buttonholes. They provide such a wonderful level of finish on outerwear…. sigh…

  • amberwrote:

    a zipper fly, definitely.

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