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To be honest I’m happy to see the back of 2013. It was a year of epic proportions, the highlights of which were Project Sewn, teaching sewing for the first time at The Craft Sessions and ushering Archie through his first year of school. Lowlights included getting re-stitched from Archie’s birth and having wisdom teeth out. Too graphic? Sorry. Suffice to say I’m feeling the need to drink lots of tea and generally self nourish in 2014. And sew! Here’s the list of loose ‘goals’ for the year ahead…

To sew 
  • A coat. I’m looking at you, Gerard. You gorgeous French thing for which I have no translation, you.  
  • Another swimsuit (or two)
  • Less of the fancy, more of the wearable. Simple. Practical. Fiercely attractive, mum friendly clothes.
  • The perfect pair of shorts
To knit
  • Something! Anything! After being surrounded by so many beautiful hand-made knits last year at The Craft Sessions I’ve been all inspired to knit something to wear to the next one. I’d like to make a hat, this hat, to go with Gerard. I’ve already bought the wool. That’s half way there right? Not sure if there is room for two super crafts in my life but we’ll see…
To learn
  • How to boss around my newly acquired, lightly pre-loved DSLR. And how to use a self timer. Steps have been taken…booked into a short course next week.
  • How to do my hair. Don’t laugh. I’m looking for a hair mentor.
To re-learn
  • Invisible zips. After more than enough to know what I’m doing, I’d just like to feel like I know what I’m doing.
  • Welt pockets. The outside construction is good, it’s adding a pocket bag that’s a bloody mess.
To gain
  • NEW SKILLZ. The time has come. Photoshop, Lightroom. Illustrator. There are so many simple things which I’d like to be able to tweak or adjust with my blog. Funnily enough I got part way through a graphic design course when pregnant with Archie Must have been the part right before all the really important stuff I need to know now. Which brings me to my next point:
To revamp 
  • This space. 
To cultivate
  • Community around sewing. A regular, local sewing get-together.
  • Some medium for sharing what I’m going to sew next on the blog.  Be it sketches / watercolor / computerized.
I think that will do for 2014. How about you…any dreams and schemes?

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  • What Miss Amy Didwrote:

    Great list! Definitely have wearable basics and knitting on my list for this year. Maybe we need a ‘really slow sewists trying to knit’ group.
    Looking forward to seeing the shorts you’ve sketched up there – that fabric looks amazing.

  • Laura Sinclairwrote:

    I really love this list! And I feel exactly the same way about my hair – I have no idea what to do with it. I know how you feel. 🙂

  • Lemlinawrote:

    This sounds perfect, and is very similar to what I’d like to achieve this year. I’m desperate to use my maternity leave wisely (although I’m pretty aware that that could go either way!). I have so many dreams about trying to change my life(well, mainly my job!) and I really want to make the most of the break!

    That coat is a beauty – I can’t wait to see what you do with it! <3

  • Fabric Tragicwrote:

    I’m on the perfect shorts quest too. I’m trying to make do with the patterns I have but I’m being drawn to Grainlines maritime shorts like a magnet! And do try to make room for knitting – I’ve been amazed the last 12 months how I’ve grown to adore it – portable, mindful, relaxing and beautiful (except when I drop stitches!)

  • Iliska Dreamswrote:

    Your list is inspiring me to make a list of my own

  • Katwrote:

    These are great goals! I’m looking to revamp redesign my blog this year too. I’m contemplating a switch to WordPress. I think a sewing meet up is an awesome idea. I’d love to come! And we need to get onto that knitting session. You’ll be whipping up that hat in no time 🙂

  • Alicewrote:

    Ditto on learning to knit. I bought some wool to knit my girls a beanie each, problem is I can’t cast on, or read a pattern.
    It would be great to get the Bris sewing community together, I’m sure it would be a lot of fun. Maybe someone could show us how to knit

  • Trollemorwrote:

    It is almost comical to read your “wanting-to-do-list” for 2014! It is almost identical to mine! (exept from the coat. I didnt put it up only because I am scared…. haha). Check it my wishes here: http://trollemors-hverdag.blogspot.no/2014/01/thoughts-dreams-ideas-of-perfect.html
    I allso want more of the wearable (even if I didnt mention it, but I secretly do… And I allready put up the bombshell bading suit, and I am in the look out for the perfect shorts, since I live by the sea and all:)
    Cincearly, Tone

  • Rebecca Burnettwrote:

    Great list and wonderful goals! I’m hoping to have my sister, a professional photographer, teach me some photo skills this year, my photos are sadly lacking. Very inspiring!

  • Haloopa Joopwrote:

    Wonderful to see my hat design as one of your goals! Let me know if you need any help with it. Think one of my goals should be to address my neglected blog – yours is wonderful and inspirational!

  • lisa g.wrote:

    great goals! i look forward to following along 🙂

  • gingermakeswrote:

    These are all great goals! I’m so excited for you! A blog revamp is high on my list of priorities this year (my job ends in two weeks, so hopefully will be able to quickly get a re-do together before I start another gig). I don’t have any experience with any kind of graphic design or programming, so it will probably be a huge adventure/debacle, but it’s really needed. Also, re: knitting. I’ve recently gotten back into knitting, and it’s a nice change of pace from sewing. It’s portable, and it’s great for evenings when you’re exhausted but still feel like a bit of productivity. You can sit with a project in your lap, a mug of tea beside you, and trash TV in front of you! That looks like a great first project!

  • Kellywrote:

    Why is Gerard not translated yet?? I just know as soon as I labor through translating it via Google translate she will release it in English…but I want to make it so bad!! Just recently started knitting again, and am really enjoying it- your hat looks like a perfect beginner project. Alway love seeing what you make!

  • Annawrote:

    looks like a great list! I’m excited to see all that you accomplish!

  • The Wardrobe Projectwrote:

    Love your list!Very inspiring!The Gerard is on top of my list too!I just love this pattern!After contacting Geraldine about future thinking of translating the pattern in English she told me that she is in the process of doing so and must be ready in the new year, so I’ll just have to bring myself to wait patiently and not buy the pattern in French, a language I literally know anything about!! Also I encourage you to start knitting! These two crafts can definitely coordinate in your life! Knitting is for the chill afternoons or lay back evenings that you don’t have the energy to sew, but you still want to do something crafty!

  • Amy.wrote:

    Here’s to a grand 2014. I’m looking forward to reading all about your progress on these goals as the year continues. And, hair mentor – if you figure out how to find a good one do let me know! I’d love to figure out the whole beautiful hair game, too!

  • Kelli Wardwrote:

    what a great list. i agree with you on the coat thing. it seems like such a big project though so it never seems to happen. your sketches are awesome by the way. so glad i get to watch you accomplish your goals. heres to a better 2014.

  • Pienkelwrote:

    Great list, sounds like you’re all ready to make this a wonderful and energetic year!

  • Trine (groovybaby)wrote:

    What a great list, Sophie – and that Gerard…wow!!!!

  • Kimwrote:

    I’m already excited to see what gorgeous things you’ve planned for 2014! I think knitting is quite similar but also very different from sewing at the same time! It’s much more portable, but does take longer to complete (for me at least, I’ve been working on a sweater for 2 months now, that would never happen with sewing!). Have an awesome 2014!

  • kristinwrote:

    awesome goals! i love that you’re inspired by knitting (if you can, take a class to get you rolling – totally worth it for me). can’t wait to see what you make in 2014! also, i feel like 2013 had a lot of crappy bits for a lot of people. glad to be on the other side of it, too. 😛

  • Mariewrote:

    Wow missus, you’ve set yourself some kickass goals!!! Can’t wait to follow your journey this year, I always love your posts and photography and you inspire me with your stunning makes!

  • busylizzieinbrizzy.comwrote:

    Ok, let’s do this, let’s get the Brissie sewing community together! We can be just as good as those Melbourne girls with their meetups 🙂
    I’d love to trade you some knitting advice for some photography tips!

  • tidytipsywrote:

    Wonderful goals! I had to smile at learning to do your hair because I completely sympathise. I never know what to do with mine and whenever I try something it doesn’t look like it should 😉 Yes to knitting something to wear!!
    I’m swooning over your pictures…so very beautiful! Have a wonderful 2014 without any stitches involved 🙂

  • Minnietheminkswrote:

    Wish I still lived in Brissie for crafty meet up ups… anyone in Newcastle up for this? Great goals, love that coat too… sew along?

  • Skyewrote:

    Tangled Yarns in Brisbane is great for knitting technical classes. Love seeing all your projects.

  • I will work for Fabricwrote:

    Count me in for a Brissy craft session! I am considering Pattern Runway shorts but without the waistband.

  • Nancywrote:

    Here’s to 2014, I think it’s going to be a good year for you!!

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    Great list of goals!! I too really want to revamp my blog, but just the thought of it is making me break out in hives! And if you find that hair mentor… please do share! Haha! Cheers on being bit by the knitting bug – I mean… why not? Surely I don’t have enough crafty hobbies yet! Happy New Year!

  • sanae (sanaeishida.com)wrote:

    Love love your list! I’ve been working on mine too. Excited to see everything that you sew and knit for 2014, you crazy talented woman, you!

  • poppykettlewrote:

    2014? Bring it. I’ll be hiding in the halls waiting with baited breath to see what lovely creations you come up with this year! I hope it’s much nicer to you – you sound like you deserve it 😉

  • foxmakesfourwrote:

    Welt pockets are on my list too-nasty buggers. Keen to join a sewing group, seriously!

  • eleynagomezwrote:

    The Gerard is on my list, too!

    Love your list – can’t wait to read your blog this year!

  • Madalynnewrote:

    Lightroom is amazing and I highly suggest you learn it. Shoot manual, all RAW, use Lightroom, and your images will be amazing!

  • Wendywrote:

    Very exciting list – I have welted pockets on my list too. More sewing with knits – I made some things for people for Christmas based on what I learned in your class, and they look really good, and people have worn them because they like them not just to be nice (yesss! fist pump!) I also have learning to crochet on my list, in the hope it might be slightly quicker than knitting (probably dreaming tho.) I wish I could draw like you, but I will stick to my knitting – literally 🙂

  • Rosiwrote:

    I’m with you on the perfect shorts and welt pockets. Oh, and I’m local!

  • yosamiwrote:

    Great list of goals, I wish you lots of luck with them. I’m interested to see which patterns you go for this year because simple and practical and fiercely attractive sounds like my dream wardrobe! BTW double check the Republique du Chiffon website coz I’ve just downloaded the Viviane dress and I got English instructions. And a hair mentor -what a genius idea!

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  • susanwrote:

    I love your blog-it is soo inspiring. I’m thinking of starting a sewing blog and have struggled with the same issues. For instance, I often feel guilty when I spend time sewing because it makes a mess, takes a long time and doesn’t immediately contribute to the family. I don’t think they get the point! At the end of the day though, I love sewing and it always thrills me. Your blog encouraged me to go for it and not look back. Thank you.

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