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Two piece sets, or ‘Co-ords’ is another 90’s revival trend and a whole stinkin lot of fun. Twice as much to be exact. And what is fashion, if not fun and a chance to try new things, experiment and play dress up?! While this print on print resurgence is all looking a little ‘Clueless’, thankfully co-ords have evolved from tartan midriff skirt-suits into something hotter & more wearable. If you’re a fellow print lover, this takes print appreciation to a whole new level! And I’m kind of hoping by the end of this post, I might have inspired some two-piece-set company…

If it’s not fun, it’s not fashion. Stick that on a t-shirt.

Sophie + monday night + glass of red.

Apart from looking pretty, two-piece sets are actually kinda genius. In any closet. But especially a hand-made one. You know all those agonising decisions over whether to use that fabric you love almost as much as the humans around you, to make a top or bottom? Aha, make both! With some thoughtful planning, you end up with two wearable pieces in your closet which means, wait, let me do the maths…TWICE as many options. And yes, wearing them together is wild and dangerous but if you decide it’s not for you, (after test-driving of course) you’ve still got two banging new separates!


 1// Kimono Jacket + Jimmy shorts 2// Veste Bernadette + Tap Shorts 3// Nettie Bodysuit + Mabel Skirt 4// Belcarra blouse +Tania Culottes

The other reason to get excited about co-ords is unlike most trends, it’s not body shape specific. You can literally stick any top and bottom pattern you know and love together and voila, you gots yourself a set! I also like that you can make this trend your own according to your personal style. If hard edge, high fashion mid-riff bearing sets aren’t your thing, co-ords also look perfectly set-acular in softer silhouettes and floaty fabric.

Ada Spragg // SEE IT SEW IT // Two-piece Sets

5//Hannah Top + Lumme Skirt 6// Rigel Bomber + Hudson Pant 7// Simplicity 1366 + Maritime Shorts 8// Simplicity 1366 + Charlotte Skirt.

Okay, you’re almost convinced, I can tell. So, if anything goes and there are a million and one combinations, where does one start? I’ve conducted some heavy research (trawling Pinterest) and put together these examples of silhouettes that just work together as sets. Along with some corresponding sewing patterns! But of course there are many more options. The only rule, more of a suggestion really, is to not throw your own personal set of style ‘rules’ out the window in pursuit of two-piece fabulousness. Things you’d normally consider when sewing like what you love / loathe to wear, what suits and what you feel good in. That said, this could be the perfect opportunity to experiment with new shapes and styles.

 Hard edge, mid-riff bearing sets not your thing? Co-ords also work set-acularly in softer fabrics and floaty shapes.

Here’s the thing, bloggy friends. I made one set. Then I made another. And another. And seeing as I’d be lying if I said that was going to be the last, all signs are pointing to a…TWO-PIECE SET-ACULAR! I’m hoping that some of you are, no wait, I KNOW that some of you are crazy enough to join me. If you still need a little more evidence / inspiration, I’ve been filling up a Pinterest board here. And, if you want to play along and post your finished sets / inspiration / progress shots on Instagram, the hashtag is #twopiecesetacular. Since nothing says fiesta like a grab button, here’s one I prepared earlier…


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  • Charlie Wensleywrote:

    sooooooo inspiring (as always). I’m gagging to make me some “co-ords” and now I just want to make every single one of your pattern suggestions. Where to start ….? Great post.

  • jessiewrote:

    ooh i am drooling all over that pinterest board of yours! what a fun fun fun idea.

  • Katiewrote:

    I’m oddly drawn to all the two-piece sets I’ve been seeing lately too. Maybe I’m nostalgic for my mid-90s middle school and high school days. Or not.

    Anyway I’m tentatively planning on the Vanamo 2-piece cocktail dress for my brother’s wedding this fall so I’ll join your Two-Piece Setacular!

  • ebonyhwrote:

    Soooo excited about this! I’ve admired, from a skeptical distance, this look, but the other day I discovered your Pinboard and was like, Hmmm…Yeah… Maybe I’ll get on this bandwagon. And now here you are making it all official. Awesome.

  • Candicewrote:

    Oh wow, this is amazing! I may have to get in on this…

  • Rebeccawrote:

    I love this idea! I’ve been enjoying all the matchy- matchy outfits you’ve been pinning and am definitely on board. I really like this look but didn’t want to make anything I wouldn’t normally wear, but your combo’s have given me some great ideas!

  • Bec Stitcheswrote:

    Ahhh the pinterest board…. God.

  • Katie - Conquering Fear Spirituallywrote:

    Man, I absolutely love your blog! Where have I been all this time?! Thank you! xx

  • Rosiewrote:

    Oh I am SO in. Print-mashup+me, to the CORE my dear, to the core. See you on Instagram!

  • Kat @ House of Lanewrote:

    I love the idea of a two piece set. I never got a chance to make one before I got pregnant. I currently have vanamo on my post baby sewing list. I will probably miss the deadline for the setacular but rest assured there will be a two piece in my future!

  • Sewionistawrote:

    Count me in! I’ve been falling for the co-ords lately as I’m not much of a dress wearer. A matching top and skirt are just so much more versatile for me.

    My plan is to sew a striped crop top with high waisted skirt. But I might have to add some more sets after seeing your inspirational Pinterest board.

  • MaciNicwrote:

    I do love coordinates and a dress that’s really a top & skirt 😉 this could be my way of embracing the jumpsuit, hmmmm 😉 I’m in!

  • Kirstywrote:

    I’m in… I’ve had a set in mind for a while now, so it’s time to get moving on this. Is there a due date?

  • Thewallinnawrote:

    I remember the trend when I was a teenager. Half of my wardrobe consisted of co-ords 🙂 Since, I never revisited it but you truly innovative take on co-ordinates inspired me 🙂 Thank you!

  • Chloewrote:

    I love it! I have made a matching shorts/top combo (very sadly, the shorts are too small now, but still in the closet), and it was a case of what can I make with this fabric I love so much! The end result looked great, and I still wear the top all the time. I may have to join you in this adventure…

  • Heather Louwrote:

    Love this feature and your illustrations are rad. Now, to make a million matching sets….

  • Catdoesitwrote:

    Already on it! Such pretty pieces… *drool*

  • Carolinewrote:

    I am such a fan of this. I’ve been dreaming about making a matchy-matchy set. Count me in!

  • Chie - Vivat Veritaswrote:

    I love the idea! I made one this summer, but not from scratch. I used an existing dress, and separated them in two pieces (inspiration from a pair and spare).
    By the way, is that your drawing? AMAZING!

  • puuwrote:

    great inspiration sketches! i’ve been bitten by the two-piece bug big time, for all of the reasons you describe – in fact just finished up my first of two two-piece dresses using a too-cute-to-be-believed cotton print. can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  • maddiewrote:

    I love co’ords! Love, love, love! Orla Madison was a coordinating set and it is my favorite me – made to date!

  • Johannawrote:

    Ok, I think you’ve convinced me to try this! I’m thinking pleated zinnia and a boxy crop top. (Zippy top?) And I don’t do crop tops… Yet… Now to pick crazy fabric, cause well I think I also need crazy print after all!

  • Bethwrote:

    I love this idea. And your drawings!! Very inspiring.

  • Measure Twice Cut Oncewrote:

    oh I’m so in!

  • #allfloweredup |wrote:

    […] I kinda feel like cheating posting this as part of Sophie’s stunning TWO x PIECE x SET x ACULAR […]

  • Helenwrote:

    You’ve totally inspired me and I’m just finishing up my first two piece set-acular . Will get round to blogging soon (when Melbourne decides to stop being 5 degrees and hailing!)

    The best part? each piece goes with a heap of other things in my wardrobe, and they go together. Sewing win!

    • Helenwrote:

      Typed my blog incorrectly in the excitement 🙂

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  • Janawrote:

    Initially, I didn’t think I would have the time to join in with this challenge, even though I love a lot of your inspiration photos and sketches. But then I ended up refashioning a pair of trousers into a two-piece set. I was only going to turn it into a skirt, but the original legs were huge and there was enough fabric left over for a matching crop top. So I ended up joining in after all, almost by accident, and I’m delighted with the result! You can see my refashion here: http://plok.plokta.org/refashion-clown-trousers-to-two-piece-set/

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