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Crazy Christmas mode has hit and we haven’t even got the tree up! There is aย whole bunch of sewing going on behind the scenes but everything is a WIP right now. So…I thought I’d share with you some baby boots from last year. The story is, around the same time, I came across the Japanese cotton/ linen blend fabrics on Etsy and this pattern. I think my Etsy ‘favourites’ crept up to eleven pages of fabric. I was planning to make the boots to sell on Etsy and modify the pattern to make them easier to get on. But I ran into some ethical issues, namely: using someone else’s pattern eeek! It’s a steep learning curve this sewing / blogging business but I know for sure that I definitely want to go about it with integrity and create Good Craft Karma (which I’m sure is responsible for telephone dress success). I realised how much thought and time must go into pattern making, and I certainly don’t want to rip off a fellow crafter’s hard work. ย A pattern making course might be called for in 2012…

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  • Oonwrote:

    O yes, do! It’s very inspiring, a pattern making course.
    And the boots are so cute.

  • Nele84wrote:

    Beautiful! And so are the pictures :-)!

  • Hollywrote:

    these are fricking Awesome!!! Love the brown and green boxed ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done! Oh and have a lovely xmas. x

  • skirtastopwrote:

    the boots are soooo cute! i think you did the right thing, though. what did you end up doing with all those boots??

  • Carolynwrote:

    Those boots are so stinking adorable!

  • happyfindwrote:

    These boots are stinkin’ cute! especially the one that matches the coat from your last post, and YES, please do a pattern making post. I am so there! Oh my goodness, how cute would this be to have matching mommy and baby house booties?! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Kimberlywrote:

    Oh these are all so darling. I especially love the sushi print (how unique!) and the denim. Navigating the blogging/indy craft business ethical waters can definitely be a bit challenging. I have been thinking so hard about taking a pattern drafting class as well. I’m excited to see where your sewing takes you! It’s been a fun journey thus far.

  • Effiewrote:

    The boots are cute. Maybe the pattern maker sells a licence to sell!

  • Crystalwrote:

    Wow. They are adorable. I agree,what did you do with them all? Your fabric choices are fantastic!

  • Rosalindwrote:

    Good on you for not going ahead, many would have!

  • miamihoneywrote:

    Oh, these are super cute!

  • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

    Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚ In the end, babies of friends and family ended up with the shoes. I kept a couple of favourites for my youngest boy and he kicked them off within a minute every time!

  • pharlleywrote:

    If you go through her policies, you can sell them, just have to post a note about where the pattern came from!

  • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

    Thanks for that info @Pharlley, that is helpful…

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