Miz Mozelle’s Hummingbirds

purtyOne night, while working on this dress, I was overcome by a major sewing appreciation moment. You know the obvious stuff that comes to mind: a creative outlet, playing with fabric, colour, fashion. The secondary stuff…Sanity. Distraction. But I was suddenly all appreciative of some other things learning to sew has taught, namely patience and trust. On my first grade report the teacher wrote ‘Sophie does not like to try things unless she knows she will be good at them’. Aaah, still so true. Surely I’m not alone in getting so easily overwhelmed by the sum total of something that I can’t bare to start just in case I get stuck along the way. But sewing has taught me to go slowly and take care with big things like following instructions, smaller important things like transferring markings but also to get help when I hit a bump. Generally, to trust in the process. For someone with giver-uper tendencies it’s a pretty major revelation that if I take each step one at a time and don’t look down (get freaked out by section coming up), I end up with a finished dress in my hands. It’s the craziest thing.
puty2IMG_3805 (Large)Oh man, I la la la LOVE this dress. And not just the dress but the pattern behind it, the Miz Mozelle by Jamie Christina. Admittedly, it wasn’t even in the project queue (just floating around my sewing inspiration pinterest board). But I’d been wondering what to make out of this extra drapey pink jersey with finches (an etsy find from here) and after seeing the white version of the Miz Mozelle I was sold…and made an impulse pattern purchase. Oooo sewing thrills!
IMG_3813Let’s talk about the pattern. In my shortish sewing experience, there’s only been a handful of clothes I’ve made, where I’ve thought ‘yup I am going to make another one’. But for good reasons both the Mission Maxi Dress and the Miz Mozelle make the list with their flattering fit, neat finish, not to mention a beautiful end result. This dress is basically a slipper for your whole body, it’s soooo comfy. There’s lovingly thought out details like binding on the capped sleeves, a sweet little collar and a key hole with button closure. I added piping to my collar to make it stand out from the background fabric and found a pale pink heart button. Saccharine enough for ya?IMG_3801 (Large)
IMG_3856 (Large)Sometimes you just have to hear things a few times, from a few different angles before it clicks. I’ve been this way about sewing knits, knowing there’s some magical combination of this foot and that stitch and yadadyaa. And I kind of got it, but it wasn’t until the last few knit projects that it’s really come together. This dress sewed like a dream and is ten times neater than my last stretch adult stretch project, the Tigerlily Maxi. No puckers, no pulling and I can put it down to this: Stretch needle, walking foot and stretch stitch in the parts that need to stretch and regular stitch for the rest. Finally, I think I’ve tamed the stretch. But maybe not the thistle…
IMG_3837 (Large)
…note to self: blow away from wind.
IMG_3825 (Large)

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  • Andrea Bwrote:

    Love it! So pretty. The drape of the jersey is lovely. I’ve been curious about this pattern but hesitated to get it because I read from others who said the keyhole was too low and gapey. Do you find this to be the case?

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thanks Andrea. The keyhole is low, but this works for me because I was worried that the neckline would be too high since I am quite broad and often can look boxy, so the keyhole breaks the space up nicely. I’m not shy of a little cleavage but the keyhole finishes just at the top of “cleavage zone”. You definitely need a very drapey jersey for it to sit nicely, and not puff out in the bodice.

  • Erinwrote:

    This is stunning… Gorgeous dress, lovely lady! That fabric is to die for. You will get some good wear out of this one for sure 🙂

  • poppykettlewrote:

    Totally gorg-waa-see. Love it! The black piping contrast was definitely a stroke of genius and really plays up the fabrics qualities. We all need borders, don’t we?

  • agoodwardrobe.comwrote:

    Gorgeous! You have such a great eye for fabric.

  • gingermakeswrote:

    Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! I LOOOOOOOVE this dress– great job! I feel like you were describing me in this post! I’ve definitely struggled with doing hard things… I usually give up anytime I hit a bump in the road. But I feel like sewing has helped me to work through difficulty and to do things that don’t come naturally to me. I’m so glad you’ve been able to hang in there and do tough things– I love to see everything you make!

  • little bettywrote:

    Great dress. I purchased this pattern a week ago and am now in the process of finding the right fabric. The piping works a treat. Do you think it could be made in a woven or is it def a stretch pattern?

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Hmm, whatever it is, it has to have a LOT of drape otherwise I imagine the bodice will end up all puffy above the elasticized waistband. So, I think weighty jersey is the best choice but maybe there’s a woven that could work too?

    • Sassy Twrote:

      If you go to the Jamie Christina site I think that is the dress you can use wovens, think you have to do a size bigger for a few of the pieces. She shows a few different versions I love the white with the piped collar – gorgeous.com.

    • Francescawrote:

      I’ve made this dress twice in silk – a not too thin sort of crepe de chine – and I didn’t even bother going up a size. It worked wonderfully. The important thing is to use fabric that’s really drapey and quite fine – no cottons here, I don’t think i’d even try a voile, silky rayons would work though.

  • anu*mikiwrote:

    OMG!! This dress is gorgeous!!

  • Sassy Twrote:

    This dress is amazing. I have this pattern, along with the Mission Maxi. I too will be wanting to pipe the collar, so I will learn how to do that, wasn’t sure whether they would be in the instructions.

  • Rosiwrote:

    Fabulous! Great pattern and absolutely love the fabric.

  • Carolinewrote:

    Absolutely gorgeous dress Sophie, beautiful fabric and a stunning style. Hmm, I don’t need even MORE things on my “to sew” list! I was about to elasticise the waist of a dress I have, but never considered bodice puff, I’ll have to keep mulling that one over me thinks. (BTW, that thistle in your face makes me want to sneeze)

  • mahailawrote:

    Lovely dress. I really like the fabric and it is great that you have mastered knits. They can be difficult to sew when you don’t have the right tools. and I love the last photo and your tip regarding blowing of thistles:)

  • smunchwrote:

    This is just AWESOME. What a great dress, it looks amazing. I have never seen this pattern before and when I clicked on the link, I don’t think I would have wanted to make this dress without seeing your version – I like yours so much better! That fabric is great and you make me hopeful that I can master knits too! (I started shopping around for a walking foot for my machine).

  • gailwrote:

    oh i’ve been hoping you’d make this dress! i’ve admired this pattern forever. such beautiful fabric, such a perfect fit, just gorgeous all around!

  • Carolynwrote:

    I have total “giver-upper” tendencies too! But I’m glad you over-came them in this case because the dress is gorgeous. And who doesn’t a slipper for your body that makes you look that good?

  • Cloverwrote:

    Great job on the dress and the entire process. Isn’t it amazing to have found such a profound “hobby”.

  • small + friendlywrote:

    Adorable! I especially love those last two pictures! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a blooper reel :). I love what you said about how sewing teaches you about patience and process. I am definitely of the “don’t want to do it unless she’ll be good at it” tribe and sewing has taught me to let go (a little).

  • Tarawrote:

    gah! I love this dress! The style and the fabric are both great. As a giver upper who is learning to be more persistent and patient through sewing, I can totally relate.

  • Petite Josettewrote:

    this dress is adorable ! I love the fabric and it’s a really great match with this pattern. Great Job!

  • Johannawrote:

    I’ve pondered getting this pattern tons of times, maybe I’ll have to try it (like next year, when I have a waist-line back!) Love the fabric too, ohhh you did an awesome job!

  • Sew little timewrote:

    i love this pattern and that print is just perfect for it! i am having a serious bird print moment just now! i think this has bumped the pattern up my sewing queue!

  • Crystalwrote:

    Fantastic dress. You really put great pattern and fabric combinations together. I can relate to your post, as well.

  • kristinwrote:

    Man you’re good at picking fabric – this looks like an Anthro dress! I’m the same way with wanting to succeed, and have given up many other creative pursuits because my vision doesn’t match my ability. Sewing is the first one that sort of works for me and it definitely works for you too! You got talent, lady. 🙂

  • Kayannawrote:

    Amazing! I’ve had this pattern on my wish list forever. Seeing yours I absolutely must get it! You’ve done such a beautiful job!!

  • Annawrote:

    totally amazing. the fabric is perfect and looks perfectly comfortable to wear. glad you stick with things!!! and your
    pictures, oh the pictures, so so dreamy.

  • Christina Lowrywrote:

    Again, your style and eye for detail combine to make an all together gorgeous dress! Great work. Enjoy your lovely new dress. 🙂

  • Pretty Dittywrote:

    Goodness, I do love this dress on you! The fabric choice is perfect. I love the piping too! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be pinning it =)

    ~ Jamie Christina

  • Inder-ificwrote:

    That faaaaaaaabric. So beautiful! What a gorgeous dress!

    I also feel like sewing has taught me so much in the way of patience, in forgiving myself, in learning (as opposed to either mastering or giving up) skills. I’ve been sewing since junior high (off and on, with lots of “off”) so I can really see the difference between the me that first learned to sew (impatient and unhappy because I could never get the results that I wanted) and the current me (generally more easy-going but also more willing to pull out the seam ripper and try to get it right). I really have matured – who knew?

  • Paunnetwrote:

    Oh my gosh, I’m speechless! GORGEOUS dress, that fabric is to die for! I had forgotten about this pattern after my half-assed attempt, but this is making me riconsider it!

  • Marilówrote:

    I love it! The fabric is so beatiful, and adding the piping also in the collar was a great move!

  • Max of Max California ★wrote:

    You’re amazing girl! That dress is so beautiful, I wish I could pull off your whimsical pretty style! I’d probably get that fabric and go LEGGINGS not Pretty Dress. I bet the jersey feels so nice, my favourite dresses stretch but they don’t look this pretty!

    You’re so ridiculously awesome!

  • jeanwrote:

    Pretty dress! That first shot looks like it could have come out of an Anthropologie catalogue. Love that fabric choice styled with the grey cardi. Well done!

  • sarahdudikwrote:

    This dress is gorgeous! I love the fabric and all the details. It looks straight out of a boutique.

    I often have to take a deep breath before I try something I deem as “hard” when I’m sewing, like shirring or working with a zipper or placing buttonholes. Most times it’s not nearly as hard as I’ve built it up to be in my mind, but there’s still the hesitation.

  • Symonwrote:

    Beautiful!! I have this pattern but am waiting for the perfect fabric to come along 🙂 Love yours; you struck a winner! Love the piping detail too! 🙂

  • rachelwrote:

    This is so amazing and inspiring! Your fabric choice was pure perfection. I’m nursing and so I don’t wear a lot of dresses right now. But I will definitely keep this pattern in mind for the future. Love, love, LOVE this dress!

  • Heather Louwrote:

    This is clearly adorable and O M EFFING G THAT PRINT! I wants it. Bad. (And totally agree with you 200% on your sewing meditations. It’s amazing how much more patient I am now then when I started this crazy journey).

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    This is so freaking perfect!! I love that fabric… would it be wrong of me to just make a straight copy? I mean… we are on separate continents…

  • Emmawrote:

    Love, love evrything you make, read all your post up til now, and I want more:) Im very happy to see a blog full of boys clothes, Im very inspired to start sew more for my boys! Thank you!

  • Jane@Buzzmillswrote:

    What a beautiful dress!!! Simply beautiful!

  • Neuswrote:

    This dress is so beautiful!! You’ve done a wonderful job, the shape and the details are perfect! You look great on it!!

  • Amber Nelsenwrote:

    Beautiful. This one is my favorite. But then I always say that about your creations…

  • Mie Brindlewrote:

    OMG this dress is crazy beautiful!! Very well done!!! And you look beautiful in it too!

  • Flora Fascinatawrote:

    So lucky I got to see your finches frock today and it led me to your wonderful sewing blog! Everyone’s right, the dress really is the loveliest, it has such a vintage vibe, that can be so hard to cinch! See you for more Flora Fascinata frippery materials!

  • thewallinnawrote:

    Gorgeous dress! Love the keyhole neckline detail! I might be wrong, but this dress is all (or almost all ) in the fabric. You always pick beautiful textiles for your work!

  • tashbalazwrote:

    super cute in person. You should be proud of not being a giver-upper in the sewing game. Well done! Love the photography too. If that is your husband, i am so jealous. My kids take a better pic than my hubby.

  • Nancywrote:

    Everything about this dress is perfect, you are an amazing seamstress!

  • Rachelwrote:

    That is just beautiful – you look so lovely in it!

  • Rosalindwrote:

    Looks amazing! what fun material – even your ‘at home’ skirt is very cool!

  • sertyanwrote:

    Wonderful dress! I love it!

  • splatasticwrote:

    You look like you just popped out of the pages of Vogue Magazine! What a beautiful dress and beautiful pictures!

  • Frau Tipmaticwrote:

    How lovely is that!!!! Really great. It looks fantastic on you!

  • Kirstywrote:

    Wow, I love this dress! Just popped over after seeing your blog on KCWC preview. I might now need to make this dress.

  • joliesbobineswrote:

    Waow, your dress is so so beautiful ! And the fabric you have chosen is amazing ! Love love everything 🙂

  • phamilton_gordonwrote:

    very excited to sew this dress now that i have seen your version. thanks for the inspiration!

  • larcins magiqueswrote:

    Juste parfaite !

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