Don’t Ya Wish Yer Leggings Were….

Ada Spragg // DIY Tribal Leggings
…hot like these? Don’t ya BABY don’t ya?!
A terrible attempt at pop culture reference aside, I’m smitten with my new hand-made printed leggings. It’s taken a world of self control not to just go and buy a pair since I’ve wanted in on this trend for a while. Or more accurately, since I grew out of a great psychedelic pair I rocked as a seven year old. I’ve been searching for some suitable legging fabric, tribal, preferably and with a four-way stretch. I did have this swimsuit lycra (from here) set aside for the day when the stars would align, the sewing gods would smile down and I would transform it into a magnificent bustier, high waisted bikini with boning. With my magic sewing wand. That I don’t have. So no hard feelings it didn’t happen this summer and is probably a few more seasons and a tad more garment experience off. Leggings on the other hand, for an hour and a half and no perspiration later, they’re slinking out the door in all their tribal glory.
DIY Tribal Leggings by Ada Spragg_MG_4443 I’m holding Pinterest responsible for my slightly less hazy idea of what’s going on out in the fashion world these days. And I can’t get enough of what seems to be a perfect balance of fun / feminine: Peplums, geometric prints, tribal, leggings, high waists, blazers, peterpan collars, neon, maxi skirts. I’ll be sad when any of these go out of fashion again. If ‘you’re dabbling in DIY fashion, it’s a pretty exciting time too. Thanks to an ever-growing choice in sewing patterns and designers, making clothing that are ‘as good as the shops’ is not just a fantasy. Coveting some printed leggings of your own? Here’s a start….
ADA SPRAGG // DIY Tribal Leggings
Since I feel kind of bad flaunting this fabric from a store with no online shopping on the other side of the world to a good chunk of you, I’ve decided to be nice and share my current hotspot for some seriously random and wonderful printed stretch fabrics. This shop, happened upon by accident on Etsy, will probably be fished out now. But it’s okay because I stocked up a few days ago…mwhahahaha! When selecting fabric for leggings you want something super elastic, which is why 4-way stretch is good. Baggy knees are no-ones friend. If you don’t mind lycra next to your skin, swimsuit fabric makes for a great pair but there are others that will do the job too.
Ada Spragg // Easy DIY Tribal LeggingsI chose McCalls 6173 and whilst I love the final result I won’t be recommending it for the sizing alone. I cut out what I though was my size according to the measurements and before I’d taken the scissors to the fabric, looked down at the pattern pieces and realized they were gargantuan. So, I thought, I’ll just sew the next size down and hope for the best since I am fundamentally opposed to muslins. Only, after trying them on, I proceeded to take, no kidding, a further 2″ off each leg seam from crotch to ankle. It became a fun game. Try them on, take them in, try them on, take them in until eventually they clung like a legging damn well should! Too harsh perhaps? Okay, I did like that the pattern has side seams only on the insides of the leg, good news if you’re trying to match up a print. A bonus point for you 6173.
Ada Spragg // DIY Tribal Leggings
Nope, nothing else to add…I think we’ve covered every angle.

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  • tidytipsywrote:

    OMG, they’re gorgeous!! And they look so great on you!

  • Inna Swrote:

    Love your leggins and the fabric! A real festival of color 🙂 Not so long ago ETSY featured a post on How to design and make your own leggins. Might give it a try because the spring is just around the corner here!

  • Iliska Dreamswrote:

    Love them! Also love your shoes!
    (ps so good to she you back in the blogging world and showing off your amazing sewing)


  • Venus-Suburbia Soupwrote:

    Gorgeous, Baby… GORGEOUS!

  • poppykettlewrote:

    I do wish my leggings were hot like these. I too rocked a pair of tribal printed leggings somewhere between the ages of 7-10. It was a thing back then… along with a long baggy top and those high top boots with the ballerina socks that you pushed down. God damn we were so cool then. Much you like are now!

  • kristinwrote:

    Yep, I wish too. You look amazing in these. Fun photos, too – CARTWHEEL!

  • zosews.comwrote:

    Love them!!

  • Nancywrote:

    I don’t know if I could pull something like this off, but you certainly rock this look and I can’t believe you can do a cartwheel too (so jealous)! 😉

  • thetwowindmillswrote:

    Cool leggings, they look great. I might try my hand at some, oddly enough it’s never occurred to me that I could make them!

  • Truly Myrtlewrote:

    Fantastic! I am totally loving them. Better on you than me though – you have so got the legs for it!!!

  • Kelli Wardwrote:

    so fun. i just love them and love confidently you wear them.

  • Neuswrote:

    Hehehe! I love everything!! The photos, the fabric and the leggins of course!

  • small + friendlywrote:

    Adorable! And I love those shoes! I can’t believe how flattering those are (probably just your amazing figure). I’m not sure I could pull off leggings without covering my bum. It might be time to do some squats….or maybe cart wheels will do the trick 🙂

  • fearsome5wrote:

    These are so fun! Awesome work!

  • SaraJwrote:

    I want some! Love the fabric, I am always on the look out for some lovely cotton lycra!

  • Sarahwrote:

    Love them! Photos are great also! Good work!

  • Mariewrote:

    These are totally HAWT – love the photo shoot! Thanks for sharing all those resources too!

  • Katwrote:

    Those leggings are amazing! The fabric is killer. Now I want to make leggings 🙂

  • Justine of SewCountryChickwrote:

    Very nice and the photos are great!

  • CARUwrote:

    LOve your fabric and the LLAMA.
    Check this leggings, http://papercutpatterns.com/collections/all/products/ooh-la-leggings

    I want it!!!

  • Crab and Beewrote:

    Agh I love these! The print is just like a pair of leggings I inherited from my cool older cousin when I was a kid. I still dream of them.

  • fine and sunnywrote:

    You are just way too cute!!!

  • Sarah Twrote:

    Oh they look lovely especially upside down in a cartwheel! I saw recently on One Little Minute how to draft your own leggings…. http://www.onelittleminuteblog.com/2013/01/drafting-and-sewing-leggings-stretch-yourself

  • rachelwrote:

    these are perfection! i love the way you matched the print at the seam. and your photos are fantastic! i’m impressed all around! you rocked it!

  • Hambergoosawrote:

    Love these, already put in a fabric order on Etsy!

  • Max of Max California ★wrote:

    These are so good Sophie!!!!

  • Annawrote:

    splendifirous! I want a pair of leggings super bad, yours are amazing. Now I’m off to scour for some knits!

  • awfully-nice.comwrote:

    I LOVE these and am so glad you are sewing and blogging again. I can’t believe how awesome these are now I REALLY want to make some leggings too!

  • Merche Martinezwrote:

    Oh yeah! I so wish they were mine!

  • Laurawrote:

    Yes I do, but I don’t think they’d look this good on me. Amazing fabric and I love the photos! It was good of you to make some for your twin 😉

  • Amber Nelsenwrote:

    CUTE! I’m more the black legging kind but I like living vicariously through you 🙂 They look great, as usual.

  • MissAmywrote:

    I suspect it would be impossible to be unhappy if one was wearing pants like these 🙂

  • Vanessa@Designs By Sessawrote:

    You look so great, Sophie! 🙂

  • gingermakeswrote:

    Ahhhhhhh! I love these! So freakin’ cute!

  • hairspraymafiawrote:

    Commercial sewing patterns have a standard ease drawn into them, but it doesn’t always make sense for the style. I once had one of my sewing students come in with a strapless gown that had 2″ of ease in the bust. It would have fallen off completely! There’s also the stretch to account for, if you look at the side of the pattern envelope, they’ll sometimes show a chart for how much your fabric needs to stretch for that style. If your fabric stretches more, make a size down.

    TLDR: Patterns aren’t always right


  • blancapate.comwrote:

    Those leggings are adorable!! And I must ask – where did you find those shoes?? I noticed them in your last post, and I love love love them!! They look so comfy!!

    Such a cute blog – I found you through Megan Nielsen’s site. 🙂 Can’t wait to come back and visit, to see what you make in 2013!!

    xo ~ Amanda

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    Ahhh! I know I’m really late to this one, but I LOVE THESE!! I need these in my life, especially since everyday I come home from work and immediately change into leggings (I tell myself it’s more likely that I’ll get up the mojo to go work out if I’m wearing them, but really its just for the comfort factor!) How much more fun would it be if my leggings looked like THESE?? So much more fun….

  • Bethwrote:

    I love those leggings! The fabric is amazing!! I recently made some pants and had to take them in so much.

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