Lace Crop + Mint shorts


As promised… a woven Briar! Completed and awaiting it’s shoot now for close to a month while the weather got it’s act together and stopped pissing down every time I’d attempt photos. And since I don’t usually like wearing hand-made stuffs before they’re photographed, in case of hand-to-mouth co-ordination issues, it’s just been mooching about on my desk missing out on summer. So nice to finally get her out for a romp! I’m sooo happy with how it turned out, there’s something about wearing lace that feels so effortlessly feminine. I imagine it being something my mum might have worn in the 70’s. And oddly enough despite being full of holes, is actually pretty hard to see through. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

Pattern Briar by Megan Nielsen
 Fabric Guipure lace. Every time I say or hear it, it’s different. Lets sound it out…. Gooo-eeee-poooo-reee. Pretty sure that’s not it. Anyway, this is the lace and there was only 90cm to play with!
Sizing a woven version was no drama. The fit is slouchy and dart-free, so I just assumed I could up-size and hope the underarms would be forgiving.. and it turned out a really comfy fit all over. The lace has a bit of give anyway, which probably helped so it’d be interesting to see how it goes in a regular woven.
Mods A pocket-less version with above elbow sleeves.
Like sewing air sums up the experience here. I skipped the ‘how to sew Guipere lace’ bit, sometimes you just want to jump in, right? So like a true rookie I was going to bind the neckline and hemlines but you could see it through the holes and wasn’t pretty. I went for fold over hems instead but then every few inches, two holes would line up. And it was all ‘WELL I CAN’T STITCH AIR NOW CAN I?!
I showed it who’s bosslady and filled in the holes to an extent by serging the edges to beef them up a little before folding the hems over. I’m yet to come down  from the high of this idea and when I glance at those neat little seams I’m sure I look nauseatingly smug.
More genius ideas Using cotton stay tape to stabilize the shoulder and side seams was another one (what can I say, I was on fire). Now I can officially say I’m still no lace expert…but after this round it looks like Sophie = 1. Gooeepeery Lace = 0
_MG_7729 (2)_MG_7728 (2)You may have caught me right in the middle of a fully fledged love affair with shorts. It’s like we’ve just met or renewed our vows or something. I never realized how impossibly cute they could be. And sooo practical. Nor guessed that I’d want to be wearing them every day. And sewing / wearing fancy stuff is something I like as much as the next person but sometimes you just want to chuck something on in the morning,  knowing you’ve got your ass covered, so to speak, whatever the day brings. Shorts are it!
Pattern Pattern Runway Scalloped Hem Shorts, cute versions spotted here and here.
Fabric A beautiful soft Nani Iro Double Gauze.  I tacked a silk cotton voile to the main front and back pieces, but not the pockets, before construction to make the minty colour richer and the need for flesh coloured knickers less critical.
Sizing Upon advice from Poppykettle and Cloth Habit I sized down, cut a small and the fit is perfecto. The side zipper makes them super flattering and comfy too.
Mods Quite a few but nothing brain-straining. It looked like this: 1cm off back sides only and hem facing accordingly. A wedge out of the back piece at the sides, because like Poppy Kettle, I found too much fullness around the thigh but strangely only in the back pieces. And as per usual I put the invisible zip in twice. All these little tweaks paid off in the end, now they sit sit right where I want them, on the waist, and I can wear things like a cropped Briar without feeling exposed.
Welt Fockits I’m not being rude. They’re just fakies. It’s a long story. I made a booboo somewhere in the marking, abandoned the idea of a pocket bag and hand-stitched the hole shut instead. At first I was sad that my pockets were fockets and nearly f$#&its but then I thought, you know what, they’re neat from the outside and I never stick things in back pockets. Who wants more bulk in the boot anyway?
Don’t be fooled by the seemingly serene, at-one-with-nature expression. The whole time I was wondering when I was going to get gobbled by a python. Or dragged off into the bush by a giant tick. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I did know of a snake that ate a puppy not too far from where we were shooting. I didn’t know him personally, the snake, that is. But close enough. Can’t say I’m especially fond of all our biting, slithering, blood-sucking wildlife!

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  • Jenniferwrote:

    I love your shorts. I do the same thing, dont really like anything handmade being worn before I photograph them just in case there is a disaster.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thanks Jennifer! I know, it’s never a good idea, glad to hear I’m not the only one who does this.

  • paperstaperscaperswrote:

    Great tips on the lace. I’ve been meaning to try something like this, perhaps on a Laurel top. Just this morning I was loitering in DJs, studying some of Colette D’s lace tops to work out how the binding worked. And I love the shorts – I tried scallops on a pair recently and my husband said I looked like a gumnut baby. The hint of scallop here is perfect. They are both gorgeous!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Gee they are helpful creatures, husbands, aren’t they? Although ‘gum nut baby’ is actually quite a good analogy of those lots of scallop shorts! I agree with you , the subtle scallop just works here.

  • becstitcheswrote:

    Freaken adorable!

  • Iliska Dreamswrote:

    Love the shorts!!! I have stopped wearing shorts since most are buy are well way to short to even be called shorts (hello mumblers). Need to get my act together and make some. Your shorts are gorgeous.


    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thankyou! Sounds like you could definitely do to give these a go, the length is perfect.

  • tidytipsywrote:

    LOVE both the top and the shorts!! You did a wonderful job on both and they look perfect!

  • Emilywrote:

    I love the T and the shorts and thank you for the tips you figure out sewing with the lace. I shall file them away in the ol’ grey matter for future reference.

    Python? Eating a dog? Holy shit really? I wouldn’t be so relaxed anywhere Near there. Bloody hell. lol *shudder*

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Haha you make a good point, maybe I won’t go back there any time soon. I’m so glad you found the lace tips useful, so much of this sewing stuff feels like trial and error!

  • Reana Louisewrote:

    Sophie these are amazing!!! What is this incredible woodland you keep escaping to? Also are you sure you have had kids? Those thighs are telling me otherwise.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Ah so you like my secret woodland?! It’s down the back of Mt Cootha, there’s some farmland near an old freers chip factory. Near stuartholme. And thank you for the thigh love but you should know there are places battered by babies on this body that will never see daylight on this blog!!

    • Reana Louisewrote:

      Haha whatever! I really need to go exploring Brisbane and take some better outfit photos instead of my boring brick wall!

  • poppykettlewrote:

    Awww we’re polka-dotted-sweet-short twinsies!!! Love your minty version, and it’s a perfect pairing with that lovely lace crop. You are looking mighty loverly, my dear!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Hey twinsey! Your version was my original inspiration… I especially loved your piping and then totally forgot to add it to mine. So I saw yours and hoped maybe i miight look as svelt in mine!

  • Masustak eguzkitanwrote:

    Love your whole outfit! The fabric choice is gorgeous. Polka dots and lace, I have to remember it because the result is soooo sweet!

  • laurabehindthehedgerowwrote:

    God – you are just too cute! Love the whole ensemble. Glad you didn’t get gobbled up. Laura x

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Aaaw thanks Laura! Haha yeah not sure I’ll be venturing back in a hurry…

  • Marionwrote:

    What a feminine result – my auto correct typed in feline at first and that wouldn’t be out of place either with the overall sleek and slinky appearance. Oh and I guess that python cleaned out the resident goannas too….yes, brave gal

  • cateohwrote:

    this outfit is sooooo perfect! The colours, the textures, the shorts/top combo, I love it! I also made a woven briar but didn’t think ahead far enough to upsize it so it’s a little snug around the armholes. I’ve also made the sweet shorts but didn’t downsize so had to give them away and have been too miffed to retrace all those pattern pieces to make them again even though I’ve got the fabric waiting…. Thanks for your tips and the inspiration, I may just try again.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about your sewing mishaps, and I reckon you should definitely give the shorts another go, thank you for your lovely thoughts!

  • Steviewrote:

    Thats such a beautiful outfit! I love mint and white so fresh and clean! x

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thank you Stevie, I do feel a bit fresh and clean in it haha!

  • Amberwrote:

    Your top and shorts are both SUPER cute! Great job on your bold approach to tackling that goopy-whatever-it’s-called lace. Nice one. 🙂

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thank you Amber, glad u like! Yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pronounce it either. And about the photos… I am working with a very talented friend/ photographer who is making everything look rather magical.

  • Amberwrote:

    PS. Very lovely photos too! Do you have a clever hubby who takes them for you?

  • zosews.comwrote:

    My god, that poor puppy 🙁 On a brighter note however, this outfit is freaking spectacular, I love it.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Haha thanks Zo! Pretty gross hey, the owner cut the snake open to get the puppy out… Too much info now!

  • Suzannewrote:

    Love the top and shorts. And you’re so funny. “I can’t stitch air…” Hilarious!

  • liza janewrote:

    I love the mint shorts. The two pieces are just perfect for each other.

  • CC Cesarikwrote:

    Ohhhh so sad about the puppy. The photos are gorgeous and the outfit smashing. Must start running so I can wear some shorty short shorts this summer!!!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Oh running! I couldn’t think of any more torturous way to exercise. I reckon these shorts would flatter a whole range of shapes… Maybe something to think about before you go pounding the pavement hehe! Thanks for your kind words…

  • anu*mikiwrote:

    Amazing!! I love the t-shirt and shorts. And thanks for the tips on working with lace. I was looking at it the other day and wondered how to hem this nicely.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      ThankYOU! I’m so glad you found it useful too. …

  • Mariewrote:

    OMG, both pieces are divine! They are what I would sew/wear if I had the figure! I can’t stress enough how beautiful they are individually and how well they work together. You’re stunning in this outfit…but when are you not? ;p

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      MARIE!! Stop, already haha! I’m so flattered by your comment though I feel like these both would flatter a range of figures… Just a thought. X

  • Heather Louwrote:

    This is such a perfect combo of separates – mint AND lace AND polka dots? I want them all! That top is darling – super duper love the dipped hem. And those shorts need to be on my body. Adding to the spring queue.

    Glad you didn’t get eaten by a snake. Number one reason I probably will never visit Oz. Snakes and spiders, no thanks.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      What’s a little snake here and there… U should definitely come visit. I’ll take you fabric shopping! I think you would look amazing in these shorts… Can I look forward to your version then?

  • KellyLeaSewswrote:

    You gorgeous in these, as usual! Where were you when I was trying to hem a lace top? I ended up folding it over again and the result was pretty good but made the neckline a little larger than I wanted. I am usually anti-shorts but after seeing several scalloped versions I am tempted…

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Oh see I didn’t even think of folding over twice, makes total sense but yeah I can see how it made the neckline larger. Give shorts a go!

  • gingermakeswrote:

    What a perfect outfit! I absolutely love it! Can I have it? I promise I’ll be good to it!

    But dude. DUDE. Pythons?!?!?! I can’t deal with snakes at all. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been avoiding visiting in-laws in Florida after I read about the Burmese python invasion down there. Cause I totally HAVE been avoiding a visit. UGH!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Burmese pythons!! They sound terrifying. We just call ours boring things like brown snakes. Yeah you make a good point Ginge, those in laws should definitely come to you! Oh, and you can totally borrow this anytime…

  • Annawrote:

    Can I be you when I grow up? You’re so cool and the clothes are absolutely amazing. seriously.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Anna! Haha… You are funny. Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say!

  • Laurawrote:

    Gorgeous outfit, casual yet really sophisticated. The Nani Iro double gauze is stunning and works perfectly with the lace. Way to go bosslady!

  • Liliwrote:

    These are lovely ! I’ve been meaning to make a lace top but can never find the right lace… ( well i did find some and made a lovely top but there was a fault in the fabric and it’s started to ladder :'( ) have you got any suggestions on where to look to get some nice lace like yours ?

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thanks Lili, I got this one from The Fabric Store in Brisbane. It was a little while ago and I know they’re sold out now. I would give Etsy a go for Guipure lace, seems like just the sort of random place you’d find some. Also Tessuti fabrics have lace quite often… Good luck!!

  • Andrea Bwrote:

    Gah, everything about this outfit is beautiful and perfect. I’m sure Megan Nielsen is squealing her heart out after seeing the Briar pattern made up in such loveliness. I’m so glad you and your clothes made it out of that field intact! I never wear shorts but now I’m suuuuper tempted to make some anyway.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      YES!! You should totally make these, you’d look cute as a button in them and I always love to see what fabric you make your things in, I feel like you make very sensible choices and lots of your clothes must go together. Thank you so much! X

  • Crab and Beewrote:

    This outfit is the cutest! I love the colors and textures together.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thank you kindly! Funny how sometimes opposite textures / colours work together… It’s fun to play with that’s for sure!

  • small + friendlywrote:

    I can’t decide what I like better, the top or the shorts or the combo! Note to self must sew shorts and lace top before summer!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thanks Carla! Oh and if anyone has the pins for these shorts it is you my dear…

  • Jane@Buzzmillswrote:

    Love love love…the whole ensemble looks amazing on you!

  • Katwrote:

    Ooh I’ve been looking at this shorts pattern. They are so cute. Love your version. And a big thanks for the giveaway fabric I won. It arrived a few days ago and is gorgeous. I can’t wait to make something with it.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Oh yay, it arrived safe! Still think its funny that out of a world wide comp, someone from ‘just up the road’ won. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  • crystalpleatswrote:

    I love both pieces. A higher waist is the only way to go for the crop tops around this season (for me). They look great together. I must bookmark your tips on these shorts. I’ve been wanting to sew them up.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Sooo true, I’m not about to bear this baby battered belly button any time soon … And you are right, high waists are perfect for a cropped style. Thanks so much!

  • Carolinewrote:

    I do like your sewing very, very much, it’s fresh and minty, but it’s your hair that I’m a bit captivated with…I have a crush on your hairdo 🙂 And yes, be worried about those snakes – found a long snake skin in my lemon tree, smack bang in the middle of Brisbane suburbia.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      My hair?! That is the funniest yet. Here I’ll tell you the recipe: go to beach, don’t wash hair for three days oh and make sure you have at least 6 months worth of re-growth. There, now you’re set. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  • kristinwrote:

    Good lord, Soph, you’re so pretty. LOVE this outfit. You look amazing. Also, I feel like I can’t ever come to Straya because of the rampant snake situaish. I do not abide snakes.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Hahaha Kristin you are funny ‘I don’t abide snakes’ love it! You should still come visit, I’d take you fabric shopping!

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    You are such a knockout! This whole look has me swooning and begging for summer, and imagining myself frolicking through nature….although where I live that means swampy wetlands and mosquitos and alligators… hmm… But anyway! Lace Briar = Genius (but you already knew that) and Scallop Hem Shorts + Nani Iro double gauze = HEAVEN! I have a dress made out of that same double gauze and it is so. freaking. soft. I can only imagine how lovely those shorts are to pull on and not think about, but still look amazing.

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Big thanks Sal!! Yeah sound like you my best frolicking on some artificial grass somewhere though I always love your street style shots. Where is this magical nani iro dress you speak of? Did I miss it on your blog somehow…x

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      *might be best

  • Carolynwrote:

    Excuse me while I pick me jaw up off the ground…those are two beautiful garments! First of all – LACE!! That top is gorgeos! And it looks absolutely beautiful with thos shorts. I’m going to attempt making my first pair of shorts shortly (or atleast someday) and I’m a bit scared about the fitting issues. I’ll doing a happy dance if mine come out looking half as nice as yours!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thank you Carolyn! And for the great visual of the jaw dropping. I can relate to how you feel about pants and fitting issues, it seems easier just to buy some. But I was really surprised by how little I had to do here for a really great fit…so get cracking! Can’t wait to see yours…

  • mapwrote:

    Those are both utterly gorgeous pieces! And together, it’s like a slice of summery heaven!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Thankyou. And I like the idea of being a slice of summery heaven very much!

  • I will work for Fabricwrote:

    Ha ha I got on the shorts bandwagon a touch too late for Summer, then again it’s been hot and then raining all over the place. Would be nice if Brisvegas could ever make up it’s mind what it’s doing weather wise, I’m ready for Autumn now thanks!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      I couldn’t agree more. This is has been the strangest summer weather wise. So, good on you for abandoning altogether and embracing autumn sewing. I’ll be joining you soon…just after I milk what’s left of summer for everything it’s got!

  • Paunnetwrote:

    Sophie! This is the most beautiful outfit I’ve seen in a long time! So dreamy, and I love your photos!
    Great job, now I want to go back to that shorts pattern and make a pair like yours 😀

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Oh thankyou, that means so much coming from you Miss Anna! I’m always drooling over your photos of you in your cute clothes in dreamy woodland settings. I do remember seeing your version of these shorts, and I know you wrote that you weren’t that thrilled with them…so maybe time for another go then? x

  • Neuswrote:

    Wowwww!!! Wonderful job!
    The photos are prefect, I want to start to sew spring garments immediately!

    • Cirque Du Bebewrote:

      Haha, yes you should definitely get into the spring sewing straight away! Cannot wait to see what you make…I know it will be dreamy!

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