Rust Pencil Skirt + Tribal Crop

Just in the last week there’s been a cool change in the air and it’s got me in the mood for autumn sewing. Which is great timing, seeing as I just finished this rust jersey skirt which I was supposed to be wearing last winter! So you’ve already had a sneaky peak at this tribal Briar on Kelli’s blog and it was made especially to go with this skirt, due to killer color / pattern combo. The skirt is high-waisted, which looks cute with cropped tops but I wanted a little more coverage for winter and gave it a peplum. Yes, still very peplum happy over here.
A quick recap on the top half…
Pattern// Briar
Fabric// A lightweight cream and navy cotton jersey from here.
Mods// I took inspiration from this top by Free People, I like the slouchier shape overall and the loose peplum but with fitted sleeves and thought it could make a cute Briar variation. Changes made were:
-Adjusted the curved front and scooped back to be a shallower, less dramatic high-low hem.
-Drafted two verrrry rough semi circles for the peplum. By quite literally standing my measuring tape on its side, molding it into a semi circle and measuring out approx 4 inches for the width all the way around. So lazy and so efficient.
Verdict// In love. Deeply.
Okay, this humble pencil skirt has just become one of my absolute fav hand-made pieces, like everrrrrr. First of all, the fit was spot on straight from the pattern. No adjustments. And like a good lover it hugs, not clings. It finishes exactly where a pencil skirt should, just below the knee. And it’s got GEOMETRIC shapes in front and an EXPOSED zip in the back!! There’s nothing else to say except Burdastyle, you did good, real good.
Fabric// Rust merino jersey from here
Notes// This jersey is on the lighter side so to make the whole thing sturdier and more like a double knit weight, I cut each piece twice and tacked them all together to treat as one piece before sewing. And that was after I printed the pattern, lovingly taped all it’s pieces together and added seam allowances. It was an effort but there was a lot at stake here since this amazing rust color goes with nearly every blouse fabric in the stash and most tops in my wardrobe. It kind of HAD to work out!
Construction// Those of you who’ve worked with a Burdastyle pattern before would know what I mean by their less is more approach to illustrations and diagrams. Being a visual learner it usually drives me insane but strangely this skirt was one of the most straightforward sews yet.
Beware the zipper// The amount I spent on zips and zip postage here is too embarrassing to disclose. Not helped at all by the fact that apparently it’s un-Australian to stock 27″ brown, two-way, reversible, brass coiled separating jacket zippers. I had to order mine from here. Which would have been fine except that it was all Goldilocks and The Three Zippers. The first, a 28″ (suggested size) was too long, the second a 26″ too small, and the third a 27″ just right. Sewing = the biggest test of commitment ever.
Annddd…that be me waving to an Ibis. I tried to coax him back but he didn’t want a bar of it…maybe it was my ‘special’ face?

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  • Jillwrote:

    Amazing! Love all of this!

  • becstitcheswrote:

    Haha the last picture is super cute:) Love the skirt pattern, looks wild!

  • Andrea Bwrote:

    Another win. LOVE both pieces. I’ve got to try a cropped top with a high waisted pencil skirt. That Briar fabric is stellar, and great job inserting a metal zip in jersey fabric without getting a wavy seam. Did you stabilize those edges of the jersey beyond the double-layered fabric, or are you just a magician?

  • Nancywrote:

    The look is fabulous!!

  • little bettywrote:

    Lovely skirt – the zipper is very cool!

  • Masustak eguzkitanwrote:

    I love the whole outfit!!!! It looks great on you.

  • Merche Martinezwrote:

    Very interesting skirt, from every angle. The zipper at the back looks great! The peplum top is the perfect match!

  • schmidtenwrote:

    Great combination!…Maybe I should do a top like this too. The skirt is already in my closet (The grey one you pinned on Pinterest some time ago 🙂 )

  • megannielsenwrote:

    SO MUCH AWESOME!! i love this briar variation – and the zipper on the bag of the skirt – i die. for serious.
    also, you are the cutest person ever, love that last picture honey 🙂
    hugs! xoxo

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    Love all of it! Great pattern/print/color combo all around. That skirt is killer on you!! Love the shoes, too! And love the ibis!

  • Heather Louwrote:

    SO much autumnal goodness! Rust & peplums & tribal & crop tops & pencil skirts = outfit made of magic. And thrilled to see that skirt made up… I’ve been eye banging it ever since I bought that issue. Now, regarding the zipper: couldn’t you just trim it size? Is that a dumb question? Just wondering since I will likely be making this baby up at some point.

  • Carolynwrote:

    You are killing me with your amazing ness (yes, that’s a word…). That tiny peplum top is ridiculously cute….I love the adwd the flair of the little peplum. And the skirt is such a fantastic for on you! It better be after all that hard work finding just the right zipper!

  • Crab and Beewrote:

    Fantastic outfit, these two pieces are made for each other! I find myself getting obsessed with minutiae like zipper length, you’re not alone.

  • Kelli Wardwrote:

    im obsessing over the color and zipper on this skirt. so chic.

  • Helenwrote:

    Hi – new to your blog via Kelli’s feature!

    This skirt is absolutely amazing! I love the colour – not a colour I’d ever think of, but I can totally see it would go with a lot. And that geometric detailing makes it really interesting! Will need to take a peak at that pattern, although I’m nervous of Burda patterns since everyone seems to say the instructions are so limited!

    The top is lovely too! Great outfit!

  • Reana Louisewrote:

    Oh my goodness stop it. Just stop it you fabulous creature.

  • crystalpleatswrote:

    Wow, just an amazing outfit. The only way I would go for a crop top is with a high waist. The skirt is just so awesome.

  • Kessemwrote:

    Wow this is perfect! I usually hate burned orange but you totally pull it off! the skirt fits you perfectly which I find so amazing when it comes to pencil skirts (not to mention that you have body for it). The color combo is amazing and the top is SO YOU!

  • Suzannewrote:

    The seaming on that skirt is awesome. It looks great!

  • Max of Max California ★wrote:

    Absolutely love this! You rock it!

  • kristinwrote:

    Oh so lovely on you!! I love it all.

  • Neuswrote:

    You look great girl!! Pencil skirts don’t suits me, but I really love yours!
    It’s so funny the last photo with the ibis!

  • gingermakeswrote:

    Oh, WOW! This is a KILLER outfit! Great job, girl! I love both pieces to death!

  • Paunnetwrote:

    You look so beautiful and stylish… What else can I say? I’m speechless!

  • Paunnetwrote:

    You look so beautiful and stylish… What else can I say? I’m speechless!

  • Leah Franquiwrote:

    Too gorgeous. HOW DO YOU DO IT? I love this.


  • Olga (Kid Approved)wrote:

    Love the outfit! The skirt is awesome, I so need to make one for myself. Did you have to interface the fabric where the zipper went in? the construction is flawless.

  • Justine/ Sew Country Chickwrote:

    LOVE the seamimg on this skirt!

  • Stephaniewrote:

    I absolutely love both pieces.

  • Hayleewrote:

    Ok so I am so excited to have come across your blog. Everything you make is gorgeous!! Goodness, I seriously am so excited right now. ha you are amazing my dear!

  • domestic deconstructorwrote:

    oh, I’ve been eyeballing that Burda skirt pattern as well. I dig seeing it in action. nice call on the underlining for thickening the knit…will add that to my arsenal. I’m very into the rust color. I may just have to doppelganger you on this one!

    And that ibis was being a jerk. That wasn’t you…that was totally all him.

  • Karen Glanfieldwrote:

    Really love your blog. I am just getting back into sewing clothes via making 2 quilts for my 2 sons. Feel like I have my sewing mojo back. . You have inspired me.

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