Sewers High

129Pattern // Vogue 1247
Fabric // Silk crepe de chine from here.
I know! I know! I said less of the fancy this year. But this is the first of a small backlog of un-photographed garments from last year. I’m enjoying the illusion of being a month ahead so we’ll just pretend that I’m super organized and on top of my game okay?! Come the end of January, it’ll be back to a top here, a skirt there in between, you know, raising human beings and stuff. This is Vogue 1247 and we are in love. If you’re into this sewing thing, then you’d know that’s its not every day nor every garment where you’re blown away by your own sewing efforts. So when it does happen, its all the more special. The stars align, the sewing gods smile down and it makes perfect sense why you do this thing that you do. Sure, there are bits I wish I’d taken more care with. Its not a perfect garment. But staring doe eyed at the finished top and seeing not too much distinguishing it from ready-to-wear is a pretty unbeatable feeling. Like runners high but without the mess.
134212Ohhhh wait, back up. That was from three feet away. If we zoom in closer, you’d notice the front pieces don’t quite intersect at the same point and the shoulder pleats are different widths. I am coming-to-terms-with-being-okay-with-tolerating a few dodgy bits in the face of mostly overall magnificence. Progress Not Perfection. The pleaty problem may have something to do with using broken off chunks of tailors chalk as a marking tool. Since marking vital things like darts and pleats with a thick blurry line, does not make for precise sewing. I’ve since acquired some chalk pencils. As for the front section where all the triangular pieces intersect, well, I got excited about finishing and ignored the creeping feeling that there may have been some important markings I really should go back and check. So no, the front pieces didn’t line up and consequently ate 1/2 inch from each side. Anyway, everything was and is okay. But good foresight in choosing a print that hides all manner of sins.
171I feel like I’ve had this pattern in the stash forever. Actually it may have been the virgin ‘adult’ pattern purchase. I fell a bit in love with Sallieoh’s version and then discovered some of its beautiful cousins, see Closet Case Files, Crab and Bee, Cloth Habit. Now if, like me, you’re a girl that likes your tops a bit slouchy, with interesting details (a geometric pieced front section), a mid length sleeve and some cuff action then this one’s for you. Best of all, are the finishes. The pattern has french seams, a bias finished neckline and faced sleeves. Things I never used to give a thought to, but am coming to appreciate, deeply.
So, the reason I’ve been balking for so long is sizing issues everyone seems to be having. The main complaint being it runs extremely large. But now I feel I’ve surely caught up on every version ever sewn and blogged plus made my own, hopefully I can shed some light. In Vogue patterns, I usually make a 12. However, for Vogue 1247, if you go to the secret, but not so secret section called ‘finished garment measurements’ on the pattern itself (thanking Sallieoh for this genius), you will find that you can easily size down at least one or two sizes and still end up with a loose fitting top instead of a sloppy ill fitting top. But if its a poncho your heart desires then who am I to judge. Now, if you’d sat me down and said Sophie, you probably should muslin this one, including that front section, I would have told you where to go. I figured the best chance for a decent sizing guestimate was measuring and re-measuring and trying on roughly pinned pattern pieces until I felt fairly confident. I sized down two whole sizes to an 8. To keep some length I added approx 3/8″ in length and cut the sleeves to the size 10 length. The sleeves could be longer but overall the fit is ace.
186The other potential pitfall here is depth of the v-neck . I like cleavage as much as the next person but on a top like this its more like gape-age. On the size 8 the V is fine, but only just. If I’d made even the 10, or the 12, I may legally have had to place warning signs: Beware the chasm! And slightly beware, the bias sleeve facings, which threatened to pull every which and curl up while attaching to the sleeves. This part was actually the most challenging and I’m hoping it will be less so in a cotton voile, for no.2. So really there are only a couple of things but nothing significant enough to be put off making a second one and hopefully no-one off a first one!

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  • Kimwrote:

    Beautiful top! I fell in love with this fabric the moment I first spotted it on your Instagram 🙂

  • Mariewrote:

    Oh Sophie, this is bootiful!!! I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a while and I REALLY want to make it soon, especially after seeing your stunning version!

  • Toni-Maree @ Sew Jereliwrote:

    Gorgeous Sophie. That fabric is so lovely. I tend not to care about gaping tops/deep v-necks and shop for a matching singlet 🙂

  • marywrote:

    beautiful fabric! The end result is fab! I don’t know what it is but it seems I have that issue with every single v neck line top I make. I am very slim perhaps that is it,straight shot down the chest should we say. Anyways, its annoying as heck!

  • Kirstywrote:

    Just gorgeous Sophie. This fabric is perfect with it.

  • mokoshawrote:

    beautiful top, so chic! also – i’m always amazed with prints you chose to sew with!

  • Amy.wrote:

    As everyone above has said: beautiful! I’ve made the skirt half of this pattern but never the top. It’s on my list for this year though! Now I have yet another amazing version to be inspired by!

  • Debbie Ileswrote:

    That fabric is AMAZING! And so perfect for that top. Thanks for all the great tips!

  • Julie Morinwrote:

    Looks beautiful…love the fabric too!

  • lisa g.wrote:

    this pattern is perfect for you! i’ve loved so many versions, and this one may take the cake… that fabric is gorgeous!

  • vivatveritaswrote:

    absolutely love this top! the fabric flows beautifully and you look so lovely! i want one!

  • 2peacheswrote:

    That fabric is perfection. Love the top.

  • Monica Swiftwrote:

    I can feel your confidence from this project radiating from your photos. Gorgeous! Building up more and more inspiration to dive headlong into this sewing for myself thing! Love everything about this, Sophie!!

  • Jessicawrote:

    This is a lovely top! The fabric really makes it special. I might need a version of this one too! 🙂

  • Neenowrote:

    Very pretty!! Looks great with the shorts!

  • Kelli Wardwrote:

    man, ive had this on my to sew list forever and yours is amazing. what great fabric.

  • Michellewrote:

    I have this pattern too, but was only planning to make the skirtI I think this is the favorite version I’ve seen, and now I want to make one 🙂 Also, the fabric is absolutely beautiful!

  • sallie oleta barbeewrote:

    Every time I see a version of this top my heart literally skips a beat! It’s such a winner! And your version is absolutely stunning! Love how the the fragmented glass print of your fabric mimics the triangular details at the front of the blouse. And just you describing those roll-y bias sleeve facings is giving me PTSD! Yeah, those things were little bitches.

  • Teresawrote:

    This is my style! Loose fitting, interesting lines, and beautiful fabric! I think it’s safe to say I love, love, love this top and now need to go find it at my fabric store!

  • nx44wrote:

    The fabric is awesome and works really well with the pattern!

  • awfully-nice.comwrote:

    This looks so great, I just love this fabric. I have never seen this vogue pattern before and I wouldn’t have looked twice at it if I had, but now that I’ve seen yours I want to make one too. And I want to get my hands on that fabric!

  • sewbusylizzy.comwrote:

    Beautiful! I love this pattern – Vogue should gold plate it.

  • opportunityknitswrote:

    It’s so pretty! The fabric reminds me of stained glass. And, YAY for progress! You know, I often think that if we don’t mention it, most people will not notice the little dodgy bits 🙂

  • Laura Versteegwrote:

    Man, you always have the most fantastic taste in fabric! Just the magic touch!

  • Crab and Beewrote:

    Gah, that fabric!! I love your version and I think it totally counts as sensible sewing. You could wear this anywhere!

  • MaciNicwrote:

    This is fabulous – awesome details – and that fabric – totally TDFor – perfect!

  • Brennawrote:

    I was on the fence about this pattern, but literally just bought it because of this version. It’s absolutely stunning, like you’re wearing an abalone shell in the best way.

  • Maggie Stewart Bestwrote:

    If you could find me some yardage of that fabric… I’ll pay you for your time and to ship it to the US. Seriously.

  • Michelle Burtonwrote:

    Oh another version of V1247 to tempt me!! That fabric is awesome.

  • gjeometry.comwrote:

    Wow, this is beautiful, I can see why you are in love! The pitfalls you speak of are not noticeable at all. And I’m a tad obsesed with finishing everything neatly so the bias neck, faced cuffs and french seams sound completely delightful.

  • Janowrote:

    Your version looks great- love the fabric. I have made this up and could have written your post- I too graded down two sizes and mine is a little short lengthwise and very low cut! I also found sewing the sleeve facings more complicated than necessary. I might just have to remake this with adjustments as I always get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it.

  • thequirkypeachwrote:

    Amazing – love love love that print! Was just eyeing this pattern for the awesome skirt a week ago and now I’m sold! 🙂

  • Kathrynwrote:

    Oh I can see why you’re in love, this is gorgeous! I love the V1247 skirt but haven’t made the top yet. Thanks for all the sizing tips, I’m sure they’ll be useful when I get to making this up.

  • sewamysew.comwrote:

    Success! The fabric is so perfect. Can’t wait to see version version 2. Just beautiful!

  • Nat at Made in Homewrote:

    I love this top, the structure! And the fabric is beautiful! Basically I am getting my pattern for this Spring!

  • Scruffybadgerwrote:

    Wonderful fabric choice!! It’s genius that you’ve made it smaller….er, I made it for myself in my standard size, and treat it as an over shirt, but hey, it could be a standalone top if I made it smaller! Simple things. I’ve actually made this four times now, three times for friends and that front intersection bit gets easier, but then I got complacent…..
    It’s a very satisfying top though and you’ve shown it off to its best!

  • Colettewrote:

    Stunning as usual Sophie! I got this pattern after seeing Sallie’s version, and now am inspired again to finally pull it out of the stash, but will definitely toile first!
    Thanks for the tips.

  • Annikawrote:

    so, so beautiful! love the fabric and you look stunning as always…

  • Suzanna Forsythewrote:

    Simply beautiful. I really love the fabric you used and I wouldn’t ever have noticed the front intersection not lining up if you hadn’t have mentioned it!

  • ★Max Californiawrote:


  • Lemlinawrote:

    OH MY GOD THIS FABRIC IS AMAZING. Epically beautiful on you.

    I am feeling so uninspired by my fabric stash at the moment, I think I need a sort through……

  • What Miss Amy Didwrote:

    LOVE IT! Just wow.

  • catherine_sayswrote:

    That fabric is lovely! Great tip about the finished garment measurements – I do think that sometimes info like this on the instructions is hidden in plain site, I seem to be blind to it as I’m so keen to get on with the sewing! x

  • Nancywrote:

    You and that top are absolutely beautiful!

  • gingermakeswrote:

    This is so fantastic! I love it on you! Absolutely stunning, and the fabric choice is perfect!

  • Kelly D.wrote:

    I absolutely love it!! The fabric is incredible. You did such a great job with this one!

  • Craft Sanctuarywrote:

    This is so pretty! The fabric is amazing and the colors look great on you. It looks comfy and easy-to-wear, too 🙂

  • eleynagomezwrote:

    Wow! This fabric is perfect for this pattern! Love!

  • Brienne Moodywrote:

    Oh wow! That fabric is awesome. And yes, “progress not perfection.” I like that very much.

  • anu*mikiwrote:

    Omg!! This is awesome! I want one too!!! Exactly the same.

  • Merche Martinezwrote:

    I love this pattern, and watching you in your gorgeous version makes me want to go for another one!! Lovely print!

  • thisismoonlightwrote:

    That print and the geometric piecing =perfection.

  • prairieslwrote:

    C’est magnifique!! Bravo!

  • busylizzieinbrizzy.comwrote:

    Your version of this is lovely! Mine was an epic fail and looked terrible on me – after seeing yours I am almost tempted to make it again to see if it was just poor fabric choice….almost 🙂

  • Meganwrote:

    I am totally in love with the fabric you used. The print is super cool!

  • Rebecca Wagnerwrote:

    Gorgeous fabric, very Talulah:)

  • ellewrote:

    This is absolutely stunning.

  • tidytipsywrote:

    This is gorgeous!!! LOVE that fabric and it looks perfect on you!!

  • yosamiwrote:

    Beautiful, beautiful top! Perfect marriage of fabric and pattern! You look amazing in this! And thanks for your explicit review, this is so helpful.

  • Katy Stillwellwrote:

    This may just about be my favourite make ever, the fabric is stunning – a perfect marriage

  • Samanthawrote:

    I love this! That fabric is amazing!!

  • OUTBOX MAKAZICE Natashawrote:

    I`m really, really in love. This is fantastic top

  • Lisawrote:

    I am SO making this now. Completely gorgeous.

  • Stephaniewrote:

    It is soooo gorgeous!

  • sanae (sanaeishida.com)wrote:

    I have this pattern and have been dragging my feet on making it, but your version is so STUNNING, it makes me want to try to find it (that alone would take forever). Beauteous, Sophie!

  • Bethwrote:

    I love the fabric you used! I made up this top in a silk rose print. It’s a really great design but does run large.

  • *Tadaam !wrote:

    It is the perfect example of fabric that I wouldn’t choose in a shop but which looks great once you’ve sewn it ! A great lesson of taste, risk and intuition !

  • pootleandmakewrote:

    I want your top. I wasn’t sure about this pattern but your top has sold it to me. That fabric is awesome.

  • Samanthawrote:

    I love this so much I just bought some of the fabric to make the same top! I hope you don’t mind… Also, I love your necklace, where is it from??

  • barbarajanewrote:

    gorgeous, love the fabric.

  • Clairewrote:

    This fabric is amazing!

  • Marie Millecampswrote:

    Hello ! I just discovered your blog and this top is stunning. Great choice of fabric !! I went on the website your link sent me to for the fabric but I don’t find it … Does it have a specific name ? Do you have another link ? It would be really helpful 🙂 🙂 Thanks in advance and again, I love your realisations 🙂 🙂

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