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Aloha! We’re starting to scrape the bottom of the un-blogged projects pile here. This top, the Salme Patterns Pleated T-shirt has become one of my favourite pieces in the hand-made closet. Bahhh? No prints here? Well, that’s what grabbed me with this pattern; it looks so great sewn up in solid colors, you don’t need any flamingos / triangles when you have a pretty pleated front. For once I was smart enough to take my print goggles off for a second and recognise this!ADA SPRAGG // DIY PLEATED T-SHIRT BY SALME PATTERNS

The fabric is one of my favourite pieces from the stash. It’s a silk crepe de chine and I have to say these photos don’t really do the delicious chartreuse color justice. It’s also the fabric I used way back in Project Sewn for the pieced sleeves on this blazer. And I’m extremely very happy that it’s now made up into this simple top and I now get to enjoy it twice as often. Is that weird? Do you ever find that you love a fabric so much, that you feel like why stop at one piece when you could sew two?! And that right there is the argument for this crazy two piece set trend which I’ve fallen prey to!


The pattern is a goodie. Friendly instructions. Great fit straight off. A facing finish for the neckline. And dem pleats! I didn’t really have a system for marking the pleats, can’t recall exactly how I did it but just know it was not above board. Apart from that it all went rather fabulously. And I’m glad I added sleeves in the end so thanks to all who cast your ‘to sleeve’ or ‘not to sleeve’ vote in Instagram. I would still have one sleeve on and one off without you.


Size? 8. Mods? None. Loved? The facings and the pleats. Loathed? My pleat making method. Sew again? Ab-sew-lutely. Some other must-see versions of this pattern: Kelli’s neon lovely…so good! I also happen to love this cream one by Quixotic thread. Does this mean I’m a changed woman…converted to solids forever? Ha! NO!ADA SPRAGG // DIY PLEATED T-SHIRT BY SALME PATTERNS

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  • Carolinewrote:

    Love this! I have been searching for a woven t-shirt pattern with just a little extra oomph. I think I’m going to give this one a go! The pleats are perfect.

    • Sophiewrote:

      Yay! Thanks Caroline, I’ll keep a look out for your version.

  • kristinwrote:

    oooo it’s so pretty. and yes yes yes with the solid! makes getting dressed a lot easier, even though it feels boring when you pick it out.

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thank you Kristin and yup I have to agree. I actually look forward to wearing this one because of lack of print!

  • Amywrote:

    What a gorgeous color! If you are going to throw some solids into your wardrobe, that’s a great one to have. Such a fun and vibrant color. I’ve been on a silk crepe de chine kick lately. Just can’t seem to stop making things with it. I’ll have to check out this pattern as well!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks so much Amy! Silk crepe de chine is so lovely. Impractical around kids. But oh so lovely. I totally recommend giving this pattern a go. It sews beautifully in silk.

  • Julia Bobbinwrote:

    I’ve been eyeing off this pattern for ages and now I’m inspired! Absolutely love it in the mustard. You’re a total babe!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thank you Miss Bobbin!

  • katiewrote:

    Gorgeous, the colour is to die for! I have this pattern assembled and ready to sew, was thinking a ditsy chiffon but might go solid now too. And YES to multiple garments from favourite fabric! I managed to whip up a tiny cami from the leftovers from my recent Anna – it’s only poly but the print’s my favourite ever. Luckily I can’t wear them together though…

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thank you Katie! I can definitely see you looking superb in this one. Aha! That’s so great you got a cami & an Anna dress. We are on the same page here me thinks.

  • Utewrote:

    I adore this top! And what a great color! I have seen a few scout tees modified like this and now I am inspired to try this!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Ute! It really is a great pattern, you should definitely give it a go.

  • Bellawrote:

    What a beaut of a top! I have an amazing burnt orange silk crepe de chine languishing in my stash that would be perfect for this pattern. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sophiewrote:

      YUMMO! Burnt orange would be amazing. I wish I had some burnt orange Silk CDC just hanging out in my stash right now.

  • Sewloopwrote:

    I wish the bottom of my barrel was this amazing. Love the colour. Can’t wait to see you model your Dotty top!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Haha! Thanks a lot. Dotty top is incoming soon.

  • abby @ thingsforboyswrote:

    Brilliant colour and I love the texture that the pleats give.

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thank you Abby! The pleats really make it special.

  • Carolinewrote:

    My gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve been a-blog commenting! I’m inspired by this lovely top, the fabric, the style…I’ve got some things to explore beyond cotton it seems. And yes I’m totally into multiple garments from favourite fabrics, that’s not weird at all.

    • Sophiewrote:

      So glad to inspire Caroline! Silk crepe de chine is a pretty friendly type of silk to start with if you’re just venturing into it from cottons. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  • Rebeccawrote:

    Wow-I love the color! This makes me want to actually sew some solids 🙂

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Rebecca! Yay for solid sewing inspiration. It makes me want to sew more too.

  • Sewingtidbitswrote:

    Very nice!! I’m always hesitating with Salme patterns about wether I want to try them or not. We don’t see enough finished versions around the blogs… BTW can I ask out loud what everyone (I think) has been whispering? WHERE IS THAT SKIRT FROM?? I NEED IT!!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thank so much! I’ve had great success with Salme patterns so far but you are right, maybe they’re still being discovered by sewers and bloggers? My skirt is by Australian brand Some Days Lovin. I’m sure you could probably still get it on-line somewhere…

  • debbie ileswrote:

    I love this! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve window shopped this pattern. I love the look of so many of the salme patterns but the lack of seam allowance and my lack of home printer puts me off a bit…silly reasons really!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Debbie! And hey, those are all very valid reasons to be put off! But it is a good pattern and you would look amaze in it…imagine it with those silky white not-track-pants you made?!

  • True Biaswrote:

    ok, you just sent this back to the top of my to sew list. i forgot how much i loved this top and now i want one in a silk. mine is rayon challis so its a bugger to iron every time its washed.

    • Sophiewrote:

      Haha! Thanks Kelli! Yours was the original inspiration.

  • ebonyhwrote:

    A comfy closet staple, but between the perfect color and pleat details it’s far from boring. I mean, it’s totally lovely! Now, where can I get me some of that silk…

    • Sophiewrote:

      Eeeee! It’s all gonesies now. But was from The Fabric Store. Which are now in LA, and I believe ship country wide. I’m sure, being in the States, you would have access to a much bigger variety of fabrics than here. Maybe Mood would have something similar?

  • Steviewrote:

    Totally gorgeous! I adore the color, I’ve looked at that salme top often but never got around to making it. Best thing about solid color? Goes with more prints!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thank you Stevie! And a good point you make haha! This top does actually go with a lot of the prints in my closet which is odd because its quite a weird color.

  • Chantalwrote:

    I love this! I’ve been wanting to make a pleated top for ages. It definitely adds interest to solid fabrics.

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Chantal! You should definitely give this one a go. And you are right, maybe that’s the secret to enjoying solids is if there are lots of interesting details!

  • Rosiwrote:

    Just gorgeous. It’s great having garments like this that you can wear everyday but still look stylish. Love the colour.

    • Sophiewrote:

      YES! Rosi that’s exactly it. It’s that casual-but-still- put-together look that I find so hard to master. I feel like I’m always too over dressed or under-dressed. Your last slouchy pants outfit totally nailed that ‘every day but stylish’ feel.

  • Chie - Vivat Veritaswrote:

    So pretty! I am still hesitant to use silk for daily wear clothes. How do you care for your silk clothes?
    I love your skirt and pendant as well. So chic<3

    • Sophiewrote:

      Ugh! Don’t remind me. Sewing silk always seems a great idea but then I’m not exactly going to wear this top doing dishes, or playing in the yard, or anything of the things I do on a daily basis. Hmm. so I guess the answer to how I care for my silk clothes is I keep them locked away in my cupboard like Cinderalla! Hehe, I’m just really careful about when and where I wear them…

  • Ashleywrote:

    That color, though. Fabulous!! The pleats on this are so perfect, and I totally get what you mean about the shirt having detail without needing a print. I could definitely use some solids in my wardrobe, too. This may just be a contender 🙂

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks a bunch Ashley! I have a feeling this top would look mighty purty with some tap shorts….

  • Aprilwrote:

    If I had solid fabric as gorgeous as this, I’d sew with it all the time. Absolutely gorgeous!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks April! That’s the thing isn’t it? Finding nice enough solid fabrics that it makes up for the lack of prints!

  • Kimwrote:

    Super cute once again! Love the colour too.. I bought some solid silk two weeks ago, so I might have to copy you 😉

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Kim! I’d love to see your version of this top.

  • Janicewrote:

    It looks great!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Janice xx

  • sew Amy sewwrote:

    The loveliness of the fabric totally comes through in these shots don’t worry. I’m totally in love with your colour palate. Well done for balancing out the wardrobe with this solid beauty 😉

    • Sophiewrote:

      Hehe thanks Amy!

  • prttynpnkwrote:

    I love this- I’m not really a knit gal- I’ll have to hunt this down!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks so much!

  • poppykettlewrote:

    Stunning. I think this chartreuse colour is my favourite colour for any kind of silk – it can be so many different colours just based on the light you see it in! The pleats and just silhouette in general are really gorgeous on you – I think I swoon on pretty much all your makes!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Melanie! I love the color too, but hard to come by. Have you found some before? For such an unusual color but weirdly goes with heaps of things. I love your makes too!

  • Marionwrote:

    I have several half finished silks in the reject pile cos it’s so tricky to sew. Slippery little suckers. Do you have some secret ingredient or are you just very patient with silk?

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks! I take my time, I avoid silk chiffon and I walk away when I get frustrated to avoid downhill spiral silk tragedies.

  • justinewrote:

    I really love this top on you! Seems like an interesting pattern designing project to try.

  • Gingerwrote:

    Soph, PLEASE don’t make me sew up all these pleats! But I think I have to now- this is just so great! I’m completely in favor of making more than one garment in the same fabric. If you love it, you love it!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Sonja! I know for a fact that YOU would knock these pleats over in half the time it took me! This would look super cute on you too…

  • Celiawrote:

    Lovely top, did you make the skirt also? Love the print

    • Sophiewrote:

      Thanks Celia. I didn’t make the skirt, it’s by an Aussie label Some days Lovin. Pretty much my favourite RTW piece…

  • Hannewrote:

    I love it! The outfit is great too!
    I haven’t made Salme Pattern yet, but I love how they look so contemporary and wearable.

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