Midi Skirt + Mini Shorts

Ada Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsAda Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsAda Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsAda Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsAda Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + Shorts

Pattern: Named Apila Shorts + self-drafted overlay

Fabric: Stretch cotton from The Fabric Store + silk for overlay

Size: 38

I’m not sure what’s happening to time but as I get closer to thirty, it feels like I’m living in a vacuum. I made this skirt in September last year, SEPTEMBER!  I stole the idea directly from this skirt, which I had pinned to a summer sewing ideas board even before that. It was one of those ideas that probably wouldn’t have come to fruition if I didn’t accidentally find the perfect fabric. I would never have gone looking something sheer and panelled but as it happened I was searching for something else on Etsy, possibly trims, and came across it.

Ada Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsBuying fabric online is a game of roulette I like to play. It either goes one of two ways: the fabric turns up and it’s exactly what you were hoping, or it turns up and you realise the monitor lied, the texture is weird and it smells like old person. Happily, this fabric was the former! I’ve bought a few pieces from Lazy Ruler before and never been disappointed with the quality. They always seem to source some truly unique fabrics from who knows where. This one is absolutely d.i.v.i.n.e; a beautiful natural coloured slubby silk with sections of sheer organza-like something in between. It was sold in panels so I figured the length would be good for a midi skirt and two panels would be enough to go around front and back with some sort of pleatage. Plus an extra panel incase of f&$* ups.

Ada Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsAda Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsAs for a plan…nada! I thought a good place to start was to find a high waisted pattern for the undershorts, with a side zipper and a relatively slim leg so as not so have too much volume with my volume. The Named Apila shorts were perfect! I had the pattern in the stash from a bulk buy-up of their second pattern collection, which I am still yet to make up anything from …Ailakki jumpsuit, Vanamo two-piece. Heart eyes! Shame face.

Ada Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsConstruction wise, I made up the shorts all but attaching the waist band and inserting the zipper. Separately, I made up the overlay of the skirt, starting with some teensy french side seams, leaving them open from the zipper point. Then I measured out the pleats and basted them in place mostly even! The waistband I constructed out a section of one of the slubby parts of the silk from the spare panel piece. To attach everything together I sandwiched the overlay between the shorts and waistband.

Ada Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + ShortsTo put in the zipper took a little wizardry. Somehow, and I’m still not exactly sure how, I managed to insert the zipper through both the over-lay and the shorts and continue the french seam in the skirt down the side seams. It’s held together with pixie dust! Really. I’ve had to reinforce this section once already and the waist band is about to fray on the inside. Still, I broke the cardinal rule of sewing blogging and wore this many many times before it made it here, which is to say I love her so!

Ada Spragg | Not Your Nanna's Sewing | DIY Sheer Midi + Shorts

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  • Amywrote:

    Beautiful skirt and gorgeous photography showing it off! What a perfect sheer fabric to make the skirt inspired by your pinned photo. I hope you have a good supply of pixie dust since such a beautiful skirt deserves a long life filled with many, many wears. And, I’m right there with you wondering what is happening to time these days. Such a blur!

  • Nathaliewrote:

    This is amazing! Beautiful skirt and what a great idea to make shorts underneath. Long live the pixie dust! I have seen many versions with a shorter skirt underneath but shorts might even work better.

  • welovefurwrote:

    Beautiful photos for a stunning skirt. Adore
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want.

  • allie J.wrote:

    AHHHHHHHHH omg this is amaaazing. I absolutely love this.

  • Abigailwrote:

    This is so beautiful and chic and elegant! Great work!

  • Rachel A.wrote:

    I’m in LOVE with this. The fabric is so special. Looks great 🙂

  • katiewrote:

    So dreamy! Ingenious pattern hacking and drafting. I love when fabric tells you exactly what it’d like to be.

    Location of your photos looks amazing too!

  • Edinawrote:

    This looks amazing! The absolute perfect fabric for such a skirt! Love the nude colours too.

  • Angewrote:

    crikey hun – wait till you get closer to forty’!!! the world just spins around you….lol
    Gorgeous make – as always. SIGH. 😉

  • Jill Burtonwrote:

    So blooming gorgeous!! I think my eyes are made of actual hearts.

  • Meg Whitewrote:

    You are so glamorous!

  • Jessicawrote:

    That is absolutely perfect!!! I 100% love it!! We have a long anticipated family photo shot coming up in Jan. Id love to blatantly copy this if that’s ok? I’ve looked for the silk overlay, but can’t find it!! Do you know if it’s still in stock?

  • Sashawrote:


  • Deb Cameronwrote:

    So beautiful! All the fabric gods are sighing with pleasure over your perfect design for that lovely silk!! Love love love your photo shoot spot too.

  • Thewallinnawrote:

    A dream skirt! You look very elegant and sexy in it!

  • PsychicSewerKathleenwrote:

    I love this skirt/short combo. It just set my imagination alight with ideas! Beautiful, elegant, sexy, light. I’m so impressed that you managed to put the zip through the skirt AND shorts at the same time, I’m still wrapping my head around it 😉 Thank you for such a brilliant and inspiring post.

  • Ashleywrote:

    WORK IT! This is a killer outfit, and I’m obsessed with that fabric. I’m off to look for some stat!

  • poppykettlewrote:

    omg I heart that overlay fabric SO BAD. Such a gorgeously practical thing too – I can see why it’s already had so many outings! Just gorgeous 🙂

  • Marywrote:

    I love that skirt. I saw a similar skirt on an heirloom dress sewn in sheer organdy. The “stripes” on the bottom were made simply with deep tucks in the fabric (the places where the fabric was three layers deep became opaque). Your skirt made me remember seeing that project and I thought I’d share in case fabric like yours can’t be found.

    You look amazing in that skirt.

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  • Quinnwrote:

    I’m pretty much in love with these and want a pair (they are shorts)… or one (it is a skirt)… so badly!

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