Urban Hoodie

After a recent sewing disaster involving a red dress and tears at sewing lessons (emBARRASSING!), this rookie sewer was in dire need of a confidence boost. It came in the form of this super fun project! Urban Hoodie pattern by Heidi and Finn.
I’m sure we’ll all agree that the fabric hunt is half the fun?  Since being overcome with ‘navy-nautical-sailor-stripey-frenchie’ fever of late, I was lucky and surprised to pounce on this interlock knit at Spotlight…my least favourite destination for fabric…blah! Lined with scraps from four different  men’s tees; if we were to dissect this beautiful specimen we would find an ‘unco’ aray of beige, red, cream and brown inside. So nice to include some up-cycling!
 The only adjustments made were with the sizing; I originally cut a size 3 for Archie and it sucktioned onto him like a squid underneath the arms (apparently others have had similar issues). I was using a thicker fleecy knit (marle?), and the pattern calls for ‘lightweight knit’. Still, after jumping up to a size 5 and using a lightweight knit, plus reducing seams to 3/8 instead of 5/8 under arms, the fit is more ‘glove’ and less ‘straight-jacket’!

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