Crazy Eyez 90 minute shirt

You might have started to notice a little Complusive Crafting Disorder going on here… surely I’m not alone in getting hooked on a project (hoodies, 90 min shirts) then doing it to death!? Lets call it being ‘thorough‘, after all, Archie’s winter wardrobe is now fully stocked in the top department (although more 90 min shirts are never out of the question). Pants should probably be next; and then we can stop cropping all the pics above the waist.

Archie felt his ‘hot-cross bun’ prop added something special to the scene. Who was I to argue?

The front and back is re-purposed from a brand new men’s shirt ( I know I know, but it IS from etsy, so is still technically supporting the hand-made!). The sleeves are from a really cosy, well-loved ladies sweater, thrifted.

This year’s hand-made / thrifted clothes regime was only ever intended as a bit of fun and a damn good excuse to go op-shopping. But I’m now I’m totally hooked and entertaining thoughts of making an entire years worth of clothes for the boys just for kicks. Over ambitious?

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