Me and My Monkey (pants)

I love love LOVE this monkey spat pattern! They are a breeze to sew and use a small amount of fabric, so you can re-fashion anything as small as a onesie for the bum patch. From what I’ve gathered, I’m not the only one having trouble finding interesting knit prints, but when you only need a bit as here, it opens up a world of options. This gem of a pattern is by Danslalune on etsy and I’ve noticed a skinny leg version is now available if you and your lil man swing that way.
One particularly thrifty sort of day I went hunting specifically for interesting knit prints and came back with the Cloud. The Lion is one of Archie’s old onesies. The Pandas are from Hudson’s shorts. The legs from left to right are made from a t-shirt, my sweaty old track pants and my brother’s non-sweaty sweater…feeling pretty virtuous!
Can a bum get any cuter?
No, thats right, it cannot (Correct Answer)

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