Feeling a little Retro coming on

A word of advice….if you have a little boy to sew for and haven’t already got your hands on the Oliver and S ‘Sailboat top and pants’ pattern…do so now! It’s quaint, charming and can be as old-world or as modern as you like depending on the fabrics. This time I decided to take a new approach to Archie’s wardrobe and channel his inner ‘indie’ kid (its got to be in there somewhere). Leaving behind the fleuro brights and lurid knits (soooo last week) I took a risk and paired burnt orange corduroy with a mint green, suitably retro, telephone print. I think it paid off…maybe it hurts your eyes?

Hunting around op-shops for men’s ‘cords’ to cut up seems to be my day job at the moment and these trousers I am proud to say, are entirely re-fashioned, buttons and all, from an XL men’s shirt. What a beauty!

Have you ever come across some fabric that you love so much you buy it in bulk so it ‘never’ runs out?  This telephone print by Luli Sanchez for Timeless Treasures was my 6-yard-bulk-buy, and I’m pleased to say there are close to 5 left in the stash so that sad sad day is a long way off! These neat square buttons seemed just right for the job and were promptly yanked off another thrifted shirt to be given new life.


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