Day One: Kids Week Clothing Challenge

It seem miracles do happen! And on Monday morning they came in the form of superhero mum (mine) dropping in especially to grant me two uninterrupted hours of sewing bliss. Thanks mummy, you saved the day!  Otherwise, I’m not sure sure I would have made it past the pile of kid debris in the lounge room to even get to my sewing machine. Let alone, get to try out this ‘Comfy Yoga Hoodie Pattern’ by Heidi and Finn. Which, by the way, is just as awesome (and easier) as her Urban Hoodie pattern, for those of you familiar with that lil’ beauty.
When I was in preparation mode on Sunday night I wasn’t so sure about this colour combo. I am not usually drawn to orange, and definately not green and orange. But I didn’t have anything else! So, a bit squeamishly,  I stepped out of my colour comfort zone. And I am totally refreshed! Good-bye Blue.
Allright Day Two…its just youuuuuu and me.

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