Hot Chips and Seagulls

 I’m so excited that Dana and Rae have announced a summer edition of Celebrate The Boy. I’d been mourning the loss of Celebrate the Boy month since it finished up, and pining for the next one. I’d be quite happy if we celebrated monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, whenever. So even though we are approaching winter I couldn’t resist jumping on board and pretending its already summer… maybe the clothes will fit come the real thing.
A thrifted men’s mustard shirt re-fashioned to Oliver and S Sailboat pants, also seen here.
 This top was experimental sewing in action! I was dreaming of something slouchy with a hint of nautical. I traced one of Archie’s shirts to get the basic pattern, and kept the original front piece of this women’s size 14 shirt. Its super stretchy so I thought to try cotton stay tape on the bottom seam and also the shoulders so it didn’t pucker. It worked like a dream! I wanted to add a little detail on the sleeves and added a tab / flap (plucked from a dress, complete with button holes) and some thrifted buttons.
The window of opportunity for capturing this human pinball is ever shrinking. When our backdrop becomes a cocoon and I can see myself turning all ‘stage mom’, we call it a day.

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