Aqua, white and all things nice

 And now may I present to you, unapologetically, another pair of Oliver and S sailboat pants. Maybe its time for a new gig…anyone tried the sketchbook pants? I wanted to make this version in dreamy aqua and white for the last few days of Celebrate the Summer Boy, and then its back to reality…winter.
 I did forewarn that there would likely be a mass ‘pipification’ of everything following this project.
 So when my local ran out of the real thing there was no choice but to DIY. I’d never have thought it was as simple as slotting some cord inside bias tape; so obvious now.
The best part: my gentle pestering finally paid off and this vintage photo tee was generously donated to our cause; that is to be hacked up and re-fashioned from daddy to Archie size. No part of the beast was wasted and even the ‘v’ neck made it across.

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