Pirate Revival

Aaaarrrr ye know what they say, betterrrrr late than neverrrr aye! This was the 3rd and final installment for Celebrate the Summer Boy. Another re-fashion and another pilfer from daddy’s ever-shrinking wardrobe.

Did you see Dana’s rad board short tutorial? I will agree that unless you make boardies in regular cotton, like these beauties from Made by Rae, cool swimear fabric is few and far between. So can you imagine my excitement when these actual men’s boardies retired last summer?! As for their construction; it was a first attempt at a pants re-fashion and it did come together in the end but the insides are butchered!

 I’ve been eyeing off this men’s surfie tee and awaiting its hand-me-down, knowing it would make the perfect little boy’s summer singlet. I’ve never made a singlet before and it was much the same as constructing a shirt pattern from an already existing one. The contrasting ribbing is a stripey knit fabric and I think I will coin this creation a nautical ensemble with a hint of pirate.

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