Pea Pod Baby Carrier

To be honest I’m a bit of a mad Ergo baby carrier devotee. I’ve recommended it to so many unwitting mothers that any day now Ergo will call and announce that, as their unofficial sales rep, 5c from every carrier  will be donated to me. So before this becomes an Ergo rant, I must press that no baby carrier (and we’ve tested a few) has compared to its comfort and convenience, especially for a mum who goes handbag / pram-free when she can get away with it.

Thus, it was for cosmetic reasons alone that I fell in love with the Pea Pod carrier designed by Sascha of Piccoli Piselli (a must-see blog for boy sewing inspiration) and went out and bought the same Heather Ross fabric and contrast. I’m highly imaginative, you know. There were no pre-expectations for the Pea-pod to compare to beloved ergo and no hard feelings if it just turned into pure hip-candy.

 and the verdict

We love our Pea Pod! I followed Sascha’s recommendation of making the shoulder strap wider over the shoulder area, than the original measurement for added comfort. So even with the weight distributed off-centre it supports this 10kg bruiser with surprising comfort. A great pattern with easy construction. Not to mention it’s mighty purty too!

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