Be Friendly to the Carnival Folk Coat

Be Friendly to the Carnival Folk was inspired by dreamy carousels, cotton candy and rickety rides. The fabric is by Kokka and is actually called ‘Carnival’, you might recognize it from my birthday bulk buy. The red corduroy and the buttons were a lucky thrifty find. The pattern is by Dear My Kids and this is the ‘unisex warm hoodie’ in a size 5. Big enough for when its actually winter here.
I first saw the jacket made up here and jumped at the chance to try a new boy’s pattern, particularly one involving piping. Turns out the pattern doesn’t say anything about piping but its a nice detail on an otherwise plain jacket. And since too much is never enough, I piped the sleeves, the rim of the hood and along the hood before, thankfully, it ran out. Its a simple pattern to work with, though I missed the handy notches of an Oliver and S.

By the way, did anyone notice I was fashionably late to this week’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge? HAH, I wish. This is the sum total of my efforts for days 1 & 2 & 3 & 4.  Dang that real life stuff that gets in the way of sewing and blogging! This is turning into a one item KCWC for me. It was more fun to edit photos than sew the coat this week, so I think I’ll take that as a sign to re-group and rest. I’ll have to be okay (cries hysterically) with that this time round but I’ll still be checking out everyone else’s awesome sewing in the flickr pool and ‘pinning‘ you all like mad!

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