Up Up and Away

I can’t believe it’s been this long. Turns out a three month stint in a country town, three job changes and a broken camera has left YOU all post-less! Anyway, I’m back with my regular, semi-regular up-dates…and today I have a gentlemanly Pea Coat for you. (Or ‘Pee’ coat if your little someone is being a little turd during the night)
Pattern: Unisex Pea Coat by Dear My Kids (etsy)
Outer: Japanese Cotton / Linen blend (etsy)
Lining: Austen Powers baby-poo velour.

The velour was the one piece out of a great lot of thrifted fabrics that I brought home and thought, ‘it’s hideous…what was I thinking?!’ And then I remembered this beautiful version of the Pea Coat. I used some dark denim from the same thrifty pillage for a contrast under the collar, sleeve tabs and the self cover buttons. I was planning to take some width out of the coat so it’s a tad more up and down for a boy and forgot…does it look like a dress?

 Anyway, I’m quite taken, as many of us are, with the idea of vintage, yesteryear, old-world, tailored little kiddie clothes. I especially liked the idea of a gentlemanly pea coat despite it being totally impractical in our sub-tropical climate. Oh well, I’m pretty sure practicality went out the window when it seemed like a dandy idea to make clothes for a whole year. Along the way I’m discovering that sewing is definitely not quicker and, once you develop a taste for designer fabrics, not cheaper. Who’s complaining?

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