Part bird, part boy

Nothing to see here folks! Just another men’s tee turned manligan, using this lovely pattern. But you know what they say…a manligan a day keeps the doctor away. Or should it be Mandigan? So confused. Diagnosis: Manligan Fever. The only known cure: make more manligans.
 I wish you could add things to your cv like, ‘Applicant can completely shred, devour and re-use an entire men’s t-shirt in minutes’ and people would bow, not laugh! Admittedly, I felt a little guilty cutting this one up. There may have been a conversation with Mr Cirque Du Bebe and a vague hint dropped, like ‘wow that’s a reeeeeallllly cool shirt, I would wear that one’.  Sorry baby it wasn’t me. It was the FEVER!


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