Land down-under dress

So there we were, heading into the outback for a New Years Eve wedding, sans kids. And here I was, in the passenger seat franticly hand stitching the lining and bodice of a dress I started the week before. As is the way, I had a good few months to prepare aaaaand got distracted.

After all that, I’m not head over heals for this dress. I did a bit of a naughty in buying Vogue 1102, knowing it compromised the number one rule for my shape: high neckline. I’ve been dabbling in some ‘research’ to figure out the what styles suit and what patterns I should go for. By research I mean, watching Trinny and Susannah’s ‘What Not to Wear’ and trying on clothes that aren’t necessarily ‘me’, just for thrills! Apparently, I’m an upside-down triangle. Broad shoulders and chest and narrow hips, means pencil skirts yes, high necklines no. Turtlenecks: BIG NO! Anything with an expanses of fabric across the chest make me look and feel boxy.
Rules Schmules she said! I had a vision of this dress in aqua linen-blend and I thought maybe, just this once I could overlook the neckline. There was even enough of this thrifted fabric, 4 yards! The stars were aligned, it was meant to be. And I love this style, really I do, but sadly not on me. I changed out of it and into a backup dress between wedding and reception. I just felt uncomfortable. Perhaps Vogue 1102 is better suited to girls who are petite up top. If you are full busted or broad shouldered or both, save yourself the heartache and go for a Vogue 8280 type neckline. Or just make it up anyway to reconfirm what you knew you already knew!
Excuse my underwear but this was too good not to share.  Have I been living in a bubble? Did you know there is such thing as a ‘low back bra extender’? I was just about to buy some alarming stick-on cups when I saw… a piece of elastic with bra clips/ hooks on each which attaches to one side your bra, wraps around your tummy and hooks onto the other side, dragging it down below the line of your dress. The best part is it attaches to your own bra (and it was a third of the price). You can’t beat the security a proper bra in the event of shimmying/ leakage. As it turns out, 15 hours without breastfeeding led to some seriously engorged boobies. I just wanted to get home!
This lesson was a goodie: When the directions on the back of the fabric marker packet say ‘remove pen marks before ironing’, they’re not kidding!-

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