Stuff n’ Stay // Villain Edition

Pattern: Oliver and S sailboat top. Last time I made a 3 and the arms were a bit short, so now he’s a size 4 I made a 5 and we’re good. I don’t think its the pattern sizing, we’re probably a long armed species.

Fabric: Stripey Jersey pinched from a loved-no-longer dress that wasn’t really my style. I didn’t take before photos so you’ll have to take my word for it, but I squeezed out every piece of this pattern bar the hem facing.

Mods: Chunky black cuffs, I like how they look on the cardigans. Instead of two buttons on each shoulder, I used one big button, mostly out of necessity!

Botchy bits: Something is up with my button hole foot. It’s catching the fabric half way through each hole so then I have to tug at it which makes for a really average button hole. I wish I could say its just happening with knits, but wovens too. It’s making me a little nervous, seeing as the next few projects I ‘d like to sew for me have so many buttons in really obvious places. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be attaching giant buttons to hide the mess beneath, though I quite like it here!

Make again: This is one of my favourite boy patterns. I like the details like top stitching and facings, which make for a neat finish and look more complicated than they are. Now that I know it works in a knit…

Make your own Stuff n’ Stay with this tutorial. To make the Villain version, we can bypass a few steps.  Since we are using felt we can sew our two layers of felt wrong to wrong side, just make sure the velcro side is facing out. Sew around the edges with an 1/8″ seam (include eye holes), still leaving a little gap to stuff. Once you’ve stuffed it to your liking, stitch the gap closed with your machine still on the right side with 1/8″ seam.
  Completely forgot the back molar berry check.

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