Show-stopper blazer

Hey there! My biggest boy just turned four, which seems to me like a good age for a boy to start sporting a cool blazer. Or at least own one. I’ve been swooning over cute little boys blazers popping up on Pinterest and looking around for a pattern to match. When I’m looking for new boy sewing inspiration I like to hunt around Etsy. I’ve haven’t been disappointed yet and it’s turned up some real goodies, like the Manligans, monkey pants, urban hoodie, kimino hoodie, newsboy cap, pea coat, hooded coat…come to think of it, about the only boys patterns that haven’t come from etsy are the Oliver and S patterns. On one such search I came across this Toddler blazer by Melly Sews, and it’s cute as punch…

Okay, can you just give me a moment to bask in the glory of my very first, never to be repeated, SINGLE WELT POCKETS!! In case you’re skimming over this and missed it…I am a little proud of my SINGLE WELT POCKETS! The pattern doesn’t include pockets, and it’s certainly not lacking without them, but I really wanted to add something special to the front, since I’d gone to the effort of making piping from the lining fabric. I used this single welt pocket tutorial ( which is great), labored over the instructions and plunged in with no practice run. It was late. I was tired. And the reckless sewer came out. Right now, I’m still not sure what to feel more thrilled about…deciphering the tutorial or the fact that it worked spectacularly! It’s definitely given me confidence to try some more ‘technical’ sewing in the future. Just for fun, of course.

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