French Fry

There’s a bit of seasonal sewing confusion around here.  I’m celebrating spring sewing along with the Northern hemisphere while also starting to think about winter sewing. Its baking outside, the boys need shirts and shorts and mummy is churning out…Manligans, again from this pattern. So I’ve come to the happy conclusion that I will just sew what I like when I like and count myself lucky our seasons are mild and I’m not sewing out of necessity. Just so no-one is under any illusions, these boys don’t swan around in mummy’s little hipster outfits all day. Mostly they prefer no clothes. Yup, I’m raising a brood of streakers.
Last week Mexico, this week we’re feeling frenchy with stripes and little wooden buttons. I love this fabric, the label on the sweater says cotton but it feels like really soft wool. I’m not sure how to explain it lusciousness. Since it began as an adult sized sweater, I really should have re-fashioned it into a cardigan for me! The under shirt is also a men’s tee re-fashion. I didn’t use a pattern for the shirt, but chopped up one of Archie’s size 4 shirts into all the parts: sleeves, front, back and neck ribbing. From there it was as simple as tracing the parts onto the men’s shirt and hijacking the ribbing too, which saves effort. Go the hack job!

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