Blithering blazers

You can always rely on kids to bring you back to reality. I made a mini blazer for my littlest boy, who is 17 months. And when I say made, we know that’s really code for slaving away, pouring love and sweat into it. I just loved it! And it looked ridiculously cute on him in the one minute he wore it before writhing about on the floor like a dolphin in a net. Funny, he had the same reaction the other day when I put him in overalls, which I thought were pretty loose and unrestrictive as clothes go. He just clawed at the shoulder straps and bleated. I think it must be the feeling of anything weighty or restrictive on him. Fusspot! So it seems stretchy/ light clothes are the way to go. I’ll just take my blazer lovin elsewhere, thank you very much.
Fabric: The circus fabric I bought from Etsy from this seller and it was listed as ‘3-ring-circus’ in blue and I think its a linen/ cotton blend and possibly Kokka. The lining is thrifted denim which was also used for the self-cover buttons. A great thing about this pattern is how much fun you can have with customizing and this time I went for a contrast colour for the collar instead of piping. Equally dapper and a different look altogether.
PatternMelly Sews toddler blazer in size 1.
This was seriously the best we got prior to dolphin impersonation.

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