Tribal Trending

6972053817_c69a006bc4_bIt’s come to my attention lately that nearly the entire collection of brand Wiksten has made it across into my Pinterest ‘style’ board. The clean lines, understated elegance and effortlessly feminine clothes sums up exactly what I’m channeling in my very wearable hand-made wardrobe. So it’s very exciting to be able to get in on the action, at least in pattern form, with the Wiksten Tank pattern. And speaking of in on the action, I’m chucking this baby into the  Spring Top Sewalong pool where it can make friends with Kristen’s lovely plaid version.
On a recent thrifty outing I grabbed this lonely Target blouse for about two bucks with the Wiksten pattern in mind. It says polyester on the label and I can only describe the print as a sort of early 90’s geometric tribal confusion. I’m pretty sure it will get to see the light of day more in its new form.
IMG_2993 (Large)6972047995_b2c9599280_b
The pattern’s French seams come out beautifully but I think I’ll steer clear of this sort of fibre again…it’s so slippery and synthetic that no matter how ferocious I was with the iron, it didn’t press flat. Note wavy bottom hem. Whoever said a good workman never blames his tools, was not a sewer. Wavy hem or not, it’s very wearable and feels so effortless, so Wiksten, mmm. For a little extra detail I placed the pattern on top of the blouse just over the edge of original button placket. Marvel at the stealth of the placket stealer.

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