Kids Clothing Week Day One: Lil’ lost boy

Phew! Day one went like a well oiled machine. I’m so glad I finally got around to this pattern, the ‘warm hoodie vest‘ by Dmk. It came together so quickly because there’s just not much to it. Four pieces, fully lined, no sleeves, no hems, no seam finishing. It would have been even quicker, except that when I saw the hood was arranged exactly like the  ‘cosy winter hood’ from Oliver and S ‘Little things to sew‘ book there was no choice but to add ears.

The pattern gives the option of either a button or ties for the closure. First I just added a chunky black plastic button but it just didn’t go with the whole woodland critter vibe. I took a punt, replaced it with self-cover buttons, added an extra one and arranged the ties into button loops and the effect is a lot more ‘organic’. Self-cover buttons are perfect for those times when you don’t want a big chunk of plastic on the front of something.
Re-fashioning is a thrilling sport. As is thrifting. And I have to say I feel pretty virtuous when I get to make an entire outfit from old tees and pre-loved fabric. The vest is one such beast, made from thrift store knit fabric and pants that started out a men’s tee-shirt. You’ll have to take my word for it, I was too eager to start cutting so there’s no ‘before’ pics.
Okay, technically these pants are not part of Kids Clothing Week Challenge but hey now seems as good a time as any to whip em out. They’re Sarouel pants, or dropped crotch (I’ll take Sarouel) and are my very first attempt at drafting a pattern. And woot they worked. Skinny in the leg and baggy in the crotch with pockets, a drawstring and elastic in the back. Maybe not a look I’d rock myself but on a wee tot they’re cute cute cute.

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