KCWC Day two: Tamer of beasts

 I can see now there’s a lot to be said for using a pattern over and over, particularly when you’re project laden and time poor. Situations like Kids Clothing Week Challenge. It’s my fourth re-visit of the Oliver and S Sailboat top and it’s getting to the stage where I need a quick refresh of the instructions at the beginning and then it’s autopilot.  I didn’t plan it like that, but hey not a bad strategy to remember!
You know, I would love to claim the full glory of this lion but he was already a happening dude when I pinched him from an old shirt. Complete with glasses and a printed bow tie, I was merely the cutter-upper and the sticker-onner. And a pretty good one too. Using fusible transfer paper, it was just a matter of ironing it onto the back of Mr Lion, peeling off the paper and ironing him onto the front of the top. However, I did fashion a little bow tie out of red felt. Yes, that was me.
I made another pair of Sarouel’s to go with lion top out of some interlock knit. The fact that I was able to erect these in the same day as the sailboat top is proof of how simple they are. A couple of you mentioned you might be interested in a tutorial, so assuming you weren’t just being polite (too late now) then yes, absolutely, you can have one…as soon as we’ve all recovered from KCWC ok?
Anyone else been freakin out about free photo editor Picnik closing down? I am not at all Photoshop savvy so have been milking Picnik for all it’s worth. Luckily, just in time for KCWC I Am Momma Hear Me Roar posted a great review of two new free photo editing programs. I like my photos clean and simple so usually pay attention to ‘adjust exposure’ tool and try to avoid the lure of ‘effects’. But the Daguerreotype effect (first pic), along with ‘intrepid’ filter (all other pics) on PicMonkey sucked me in real good.

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