KCWC Day Three: Old-Manligan

If I was going to try and wean myself off Manligans, the pep talk would go something like  ‘Hey girl, don’t you think it’s time for a new gig, does anyone really need to see another Manligan?’.  I doubt it would work, I’m too attached to the Darling Cardigan pattern. The possibilities for fun re-fashions are endless and once you’ve made a couple, you can start ignoring the instructions and take shortcuts.
 The challenge was in getting all pattern pieces out of this ladies argyle sweater, including the ribbing. You need quite a bit here for cuffs, waist band and the front placket which goes all the way around the neck. Sometimes re-fashions have a magical way of working out especially when you make use of the already hemmed parts. I used the existing sleeve and cuffs from the sweater to save some work. The bottom band of the sweater then became the front placket and waist band for the cardigan.

Let’s just hope no-one was in earshot to hear ‘that’s it darling, climb into the suitcase for mummy’. He’s not silly. And made sure I knew it..

…with his best cantankerous old man face.

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