KCWC Day Four: Beach Shack

Did I say shack? I meant hack. Beach Hack.

Day four of Kids Week Clothing Challenge and I’m guessing some of us are starting to flag while others are just picking up momentum. Okay, I’ll just speak for myself here…I am starting to flag. Today I was just not feeling it. How could I tell? Before me lay a couple of precious kid free sewing hours and I considered going back to bed. Um, what?! Yes, dire. I needed a boost. Fast. I needed….a mid-kcwc-hack job!

We are like the anti-hoarders at our place. Or just very good at re-cycling. Mr Cirque Du Bebe keeps gifting my ‘re-fashion bin’ with insanely awesome man clothes. Maybe he’s been mistaking it for the washing basket. Better check up on that one. Later. Anyway, the supply is so plentiful that I haven’t stepped near a thrift store in weeks. I had this singlet + sunnies as part of my KCWC plans but I was really dragging my feet to start. But once I spotted these tropical boardies in the pile…a beach bum surfie outfit was born!
 Here’s the how…
Singlet-  used a size 4 shirt as a guide for the length and width. The original neckline was too low so I re-sewed the shoulder seams, taking about two inches out of the front piece just below the shoulders, which brought the neckline up and kept the original neck binding. I kept the arm binding too and just sewed new side seams using the size 4 shirt as a guide. And hemmed the bottom as normal. I cut the sunglasses off another shirt and used the iron-on paper again to attach it.
Boardies–  Used a pair of size 4 shorts as a guide for width and leg length. Because the whole waist band was elasticized I literally sewed new side seams, new inner leg seams and hemmed the pants at the new length.

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