KCWC Day Five, Six, Seven: Blazer + Sarouels

 Hey I made it to the bonus outfit! The one I would attempt if body and soul were still in tact by day five? There’s even a whole day left of Kids Clothing Week Challenge, and of course I’m wondering….can I possibly squeeze something else out? It’s not helping  that the KCWC flickr pool is overflowing with amazing sewing, and updated constantly. But, I am d.o.n.e. No attempt at a witty title today. When all I feel like blogging is ‘Yo. I made a blazer and some silly pants. The end’, I’m all KCWC’d out!

It’s okay, you can laugh. These pants are a little more ridiculous than I imagined. I was going for a woven version of day two’s Sarouels and went to town on the baggy crotch. I just figured the wider and lower that archway the better. They looks so cool hanging up. But on, the crotch creeps up and out and suddenly it’s all Senor Poofy Pants. Archie loves them, I assume because he gets a nice breeze down there. He’s such a dude in this outfit (t-shirt blogged about here) but I’m still unsure if these ‘pantaloons’ are ready for the public…

However, I feel like the bones are pretty good. The length is good, the cuffs work, the lower leg is the skinny shape I was going for. So if and when I revisit these, I need to tweak the width and obviously the depth of the archway. Maybe this shape would have been worked in a knit fabric. I’m loving how the details turned out…pockets, box pleats at the front and self-cover buttons with the fake button holes embroidered on.

I made a blazer. It has telephones. The end. Alright, lets be serious. I couldn’t resist making another blazer out of this fabric, also used here and here. While I can see this fabric might not be to everyone’s taste, there’s something about the colour and line drawings of retro phones that does it for me. Once again I used the toddler blazer pattern by Melly Sews with a couple of adjustments. I added an inch of length to the arms, removed width from the back and piped the perimeter with self-made piping (cord +bias tape). I don’t understand why I can’t get ready made piping anywhere at the moment. This is urban Australia, not the jungle! Of course I had to give welt pockets another try, just to make sure this time wasn’t a fluke. I found a tutorial for ‘piped welt pockets’, which are pretty fun. I suspect the ‘lips’ are supposed to be sandwiched shut but I quite like a peek at the lining from the outside.


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