Hot air ball-oomers

Between Kids Clothing Week in April and a jam-packed month of May I feel I’m just coming up for air now. As much as I love the thrills of sewing for a purpose or a challenge it’s nice to return to some slower paced, soul sewing. And that means I’ve finally had the chance to make more vintage boy bloomers! This time I ‘bloomified’ the Basic Pocket Pant from Growing Up Sew Liberated instead of the Oliver and S Sailboats from the Vintage May tutorial. I could try and make it sound glamorous but since the tutorial really only involves gathering the leg openings and adding cuffs, you can use any kids pants pattern you like.
In between scouting for thrifted fabrics and old shirts, Etsy is still my go-to destination for amazing children’s fabrics. There’s still plenty of mileage to go with this one; a japanese linen cotton blend with a charming yesteryear print that lends itself to things like pea coats and boy bloomers.
When I think of vintage clothing, I think of attention to details and there’s no shortage of fun to be had with them here. I widened the waistband for a bit of Harry High Pants and added self-cover buttons (you could add suspenders). Then used a sort of thrifted chambray from the stash for contrasting pocket backing and cuffs. And lastly added piping along the pocket edge. Given my stance on piping, I exercised great restraint here (I ran out).
Paired with a vintage transfer tee they make for a perfectly gentlemanly outfit.

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