Not another blooming pair of…

Yup, it’s anothery. This time a in teal corduroy (thrifted) with mock antique brass anchor buttons (not thrifted). Sitting alongside a vintage transfer singlet¬†and a new fedora made with this dress’s leftovers and this pattern.
I went back for the Oliver and S Sailboat pants pattern to use as a bloomer base again here and I’m pretty smitten with this pair. It’s nice when you like stuff you make. The difference between these and the hot air balloon version is bloomer cuff here fits a lot closer to the leg so there’s a decent amount of puff, which I like.
So you’ve seen the lounging squid singlet here but it’s back again as the perfect partner in crime for these bloomers. They were quite literally made for each other. Why, all of a sudden I’ve been struck by the urge to make little ‘ensembles’, who knows. Anyone else afflicted? Best not to question and just get on with giving this style a fitting title…how about Vintage-Pirate-Modern? Sure, you can use it. And if you want to bloomify some pants for your lil’ man, the tutorial can be found here.

Maybe you’ve started to notice the number of hand-made stuffs photographed ‘on the wall’ out-numbering ‘on the kids’. Clothes on the wall don’t wiggle, since these days ‘photo sessions’ always turn into dance-offs between my one and four year old. On the stairs. On the table. No music necessary. These boys rock to their own beat. But me…I cannot verk in dees conditions!

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