KCWC Day one / Black-bird-butt

Today marks day one of the Elsie Marley Kids Clothing Week Challenge! Not next Monday. As I thought this morning when I woke up, casually, sauntered downstairs, casually, had a semi-casual breakfast, then sidled over to blogger, where I noticed every second post had ‘KCWC’ in the title. Still casually, I thought: ‘wow everyone is really getting into the preparations this time’ and then I read ‘KCWC day one‘ and realized mid-mouthful, and less casually that KCWC begins today.  So first, the bad news: Preparation is nigh. But the good news: I didn’t choke on my poached egg. And it’s actually a good thing that I didn’t spend a week cutting things out and setting myself for an epic KCWC (which I can’t help). Between Hudson turning two this week and Archie having some dentistry done under general anaesthetic next week (quietly fretting), mama is full to the brim with life ‘stuffs’. So by default I’m happily taking the no-plans-see-what-gets-done approach.
  To eeeeassse into things I decided to attend to these half finished Sarouels which were abandoned for lack of blue thread and an inclination to get more. I used the same tutorial as these Sarouels which have both been worn to death (literally, they are filthy) all winter. I used ribbing for the cuffs and drawstring and got the rest of it out of this men’s tee. As far as plans go for the rest of the week, I’d really like to use up some more of these thrifty finds for re-fashions.

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