KCWC leftovers: Geographic Manligan

I swear there was every intent of starting and finishing this project during KCWC! But ya know it just didn’t happen, being show time at the circus and all. Archie’s teeth op went fine, naturally he thought the whole thing was pretty amusing while mummy rocked herself back and forth in the corner. With that out of the way, I’ve snatched a few moments at the sewing machine to transform the last few scraps of my geometric dress into a mod-manligan for Hudson, to go next to his old-manligan from last KCWC. The knit fabric is light enough for spring, so I’m hoping it will get some wear before he grows / it gets too hot / it gets completely trashed. Why I’m drawn to light / white fabrics when I sew for my dirt-loving boys I do not know. Maybe its because it makes them look clean.
Pattern: Darling Cardigan pattern by Owly Baby.
Fabric: Pre-loved knit dress + ribbing.
Mods: I went for a narrow band along the bottom instead of a wide one, purely for cosmetic reasons.
So there ya go! After this KCWC I’m having a bit of an inspiration overload so I’ll leave you with some of my personal fav’s from the flickr pool by some seriously creative mamas. Thanks Meg for another amaze-balls KCWC!

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