Back with a Briar

Ada Spragg // DIY Briar Cropped Top I don’t really know how to begin this post. I feel like I’ve been well and truly back in the Blogosphere since early January. Happily lurking in the background, catching up on everyone elses posts, meanwhile working myself into a state over the perfect witty title / grand re-entrance scenario for my own. I figure it’s one of those things that’s just not going to happen if I wait around any longer, so here is me pushing myself out of the nest, getting back on the horse / any other awkward animal-related expression for starting over.
DIY Briar Crop Top by Ada Spragg
So. Happy New Year. Lets take a moment to chat about about the lovely Megan Neilsen. Fellow Aussie chick, mama, self-taught sewer, whom happens to just, you know, run a household, clothing label and design her own line of sewing patterns. Enough enough! The woman is a well oiled machine and could probably release a best seller on time-management. But for the meanwhile I’m content building up my hand-made wardrobe with pieces from her very-wearable pattern collection. You may already be familiar with her Darling Ranges dress (or skirt, when sizing charts elude), the Banksia blouse, the Kelly skirt (on the list) but her latest, the Briar, is my favourite yet…
 DIY Briar Cropped Top by ADA SPRAGG
Maybe you know what I’m talking about when sometimes an easy sew looks like an easy sew when its finished. Not the Briar. I’ve had more compliments lavished upon this top than any other hand-made item of mine which sees the light of day. And not once has it been followed up with ‘oh’… pause… ‘did you make that?’ + judging eyes. Certainly the best outcome for handmade stuffs but especially surprising because it’s such a simple top. It’s not overwhelmed by fussy details, just a wee pocket, a neatly bound neckline and a scooped hem. The Briar has nothing to prove. It’s comfortable in it’s own skin and it makes me feel just so wearing it.
Ada Spragg // DIY Moss Green Briar Top
If that’s not enough reasons to fall for Briar, it also makes for the perfect layering companion. I made it up in this metalic cotton knit (whatever thread in there that makes it metalic, also gives it a crushy effect which is kind of cool) originally to layer over my Tribal maxi dress but I’ve since had so much fun styling it with other things, it hasn’t even reached the maxi yet. I love that, in being so simple, the pattern leaves room for play. As well as a cropped version like this, you can make a t-shirt length variation or a straight across hem if the high-low trend isn’t your thang. And that’s before you even start to look at fabrics. I knocked my own socks off here, voluntarily choosing a SOLID. Not just being the print fiend that I am, but because I had Megan’s short sleeved tribal Briar on my mind. And if that’s not enough versatility for ya, the Briar also makes up in a woven…results in soon!
Ada Spragg // DIY Briar Cropped Top
Okay okay, the glasses…just a prop. You guys know I like playing dress-ups!

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