La Maison Victor World Blog Tour

The title says it all really. La Maison Victor magazine has just released its virgin version in English! This is exciting news and I can imagine not a small task to create an entirely english version of an already established sewing magazine. But they did and we are luckier for it! Just last year, I found a beautiful dress pattern in the French version of La Maison Victor and a very very nice sewing buddy in Europe mailed me a copy of the pattern in exchange for fabric. Because sewing friends are the best friends. And no longer do we have to pester our sew pals or try and figure out why Google translates ‘pattern’ in French to ‘boss’! Of course I gladly signed up as a willing promoter of their first issue on the World Blog Tour. Inside there are a handful of patterns, not as many as the French version but this is okay because there seems to be good variety so far and it’s only a baby. It needs time to grow.

I chose the ‘Solange’ dress and I’ll just cut to the chase by saying that I didn’t expect to love it THIS much. Because it’s a basic and I struggle with this concept. Solange is a short sleeved, shift-dress with pockets and an exposed zipper at the back, meant for stable knits like french terry and friends. I didn’t have any French terry or stable knit fabrics but thought, since the bones were good, why not try and make it in something drapey. I didn’t want to go buy fabric and, to be fair, I just wanted slouchy, loungey goodness. As someone who has worn the same outfit of yoga pants and a black turtleneck all winter because a) I don’t believe in winter sewing b) mild life slump and health issues, I’ve been desperate for something fresh but not quite ready for full spring sewing. So I shopped my stash and found this featherweight grey marle jersey perfectly perfect to lift me out of black turtle stupor!

I was in no mood for fuss so I paired back (savaged) the pattern and eliminated the bust dart, left off the pockets to reduce bulk and did without the centre back closure. Call it laziness or design inspiration; I decided to leave the neckline and arms unhemmed and coverstitched the hem only. Partly, I really liked the unhemmed length of the sleeves when I tried it on and figured that, being delicate and silky, it worked to just go from fabric to skin without any bulk or fuss. It’s raw! Primal. Grrrr.

Already I love it. And I completely underestimated a t-shirt dress as an unexpected closet hero; ridiculously versatile. It goes with everything! You can wear it knotted at the waist with high waist jeans or leave it dress length with a blazer or over jeans with a kimono or by itself (with a slip underneath because its sheer and I’m a layyydddyyyy). Also, because its featherweight I can wear it tucked in and not have any bulky bunchiness.

P A T T E R N  Solange Dress from La Maison Victor

F A B R I C  Grey marle jersey from The Fabric Store

S I Z E 10

L OV E D  super quick sew (entirely on the overlocker / coverstitch) and the end result.

M O D S  Cut the back piece on the fold, eliminated pockets and back closure.

F I N I S H E S  Raw edges mostly.

N E X T  T I M E  I think I need a few of these.

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