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Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineIt’s that time of year again! Shorts on The Line time! I’m mucho exited to be taking part once again in this month-of-shorts-appreciation hosted annually by Imagine Gnats and Small and Friendly. Today I’m sharing some shortspiration, which um, as you can see has turned into two-piece setspiration too. Now I, for one, am never shy of an excuse to sew shorts, however if you’d like to get involved and make yourself a pair, all the incentive you need is right here in the massive list of prizes (read: fabric $$$) up for grabs in the Shorts on the Line competition. Alternatively, if you’re a lover not a fighter, just make yourself some damn shorts and share them on KollaboraAda Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineAda Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineAs 2014 is the year of finding and sewing the ‘perfect pair’, my list of ‘shorts to sew’ is a long and winding one. And a growing one. Just recently Tessuti Fabrics released their first shorts pattern, the Esther shorts, which they describe as a ‘classic, vintage-style’ pattern with a high waist,  invisible side zipper and narrow waistband. All I heard was something something, invisible side zipper, something something. Invisible side zippers are good stuff! With no extra bulk being added by a fly front, they make for a super streamlined and flattering fit and are my favourite way to enter and exit a pair of shorts or pants. I was sold, even before Tessuti offered up a copy of their Esther shorts pattern for review, along with a choice of some short worthy fabric from their eye-poppingly gorgeous selection…see confetti print, triangle print and beach scene bombshell fabric. Oh, and because the ladies at Tessuti are mucho generous and just generally awesome, they threw in an extra hard copy of the Esther shorts pattern for someone special! Which is all of you so I’m turning it over to Ronnie the random number generator. If you’d like to win, leave a comment and this time maybe tell me what you ate for breakfast (last time was lunch) and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineUnfortunately (or fortunately) the closest Tessuti is a whole state away so I chose a piece of this ‘Niwa’ Japanese printed cotton from their online store (they ship worldwide btw) for my Esthers. But back to the Niwa. It’s comes in four pretty colors, this pink is still available here. The fabric itself is a soft, textured cotton and a good weight for shorts but with an open weave that said ‘please don’t thrash me’. So I listened and tacked a silk cotton to all the pieces for less risk of splitage. The construction and instructions were quick and user friendly but it was about half way through when I realised the shorts wouldn’t be complete without a matching top. It is two-piece set month, don’t ya know?!

Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineThe top pattern is Simplicity 1366, aka, the boxy crop, and pattern I’m calling as go-to top half for two-piece sets. I just love the extra volume! Which I think helps to balance out the Esther shorts, being quite toit. For once I didn’t know which size to choose, because I did want it quite large and boxy. I chose the larger of two sizes (12) but even now I think I could even have sewn one size larger and still been happy with the volume. This pattern is dead simple and potentially addictive since all you’re dealing with is front, back, sleeves and neck binding. I skipped the neck binding and drafted a quickie facing for the neckline. And when I say drafted, I mean was feeling totally lazy and just hacked the facing straight out of the front and back pieces of the pattern itself. I’m sure it’ll stick back together just fine for next time. And there will be a next time…curious to see how it sews up in something silky like the pattern cover shows and also in fabric with more density…like scuba!

Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineI had a few thoughts on taking photos this week which maybe you’re interested in. And a massive breakthrough! This year I invested in a lightly pre-loved DSLR which I’ve been using for everything except my ACTUAL BLOG PHOTOS. Up until now it’s been royally convenient to have someone else take photos of hand-made outfits for the blerg. All the while, knowing the time was coming when I’d have to break out the tripod, which I’ve been simultaneously wanting to try out and successfully avoiding for about 6 months. But somewhere between Friday and Saturday I realised I had no-one to photograph these shorts for Tuesday. And out of pure necessity, on Sunday afternoon, I found myself in a paddock at dusk, sandwiched between a carpark and a main road, with a camera remote I didn’t know how to use, my brother’s schmancy lens, my dad’s tripod and a big fat cloud of doubt.

Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineIn the space of two hours I figured out how to use the remote, stick the camera on the tripod, manoeuvre the legs of the tripod ( like wrestling a newborn giraffe) and give it a 2 second delay. I couldn’t work out how to take multiple shots on one press of the remote so it was all click. position. click. position. Not exactly free flowing and relaxed but that’s the next assignment along with editing skills. And because I expected the photos to turn out sub-par, I took a LOT of photos. Surprise surprise in between ALL the bloopers and blurred pics (something ain’t set right), there were actually quite a few passable / blog worthy pics. So I am officially mind blown, and more than a little bit proud for putting my big girl panties on /getting into the situation of having to do it solo or it probably would have been another 6 months before I ventured out.

Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineOddly enough, the easiest part of the whole ‘shoot’ was the looking like a twat in public thing. Generally I try to go about it as if taking photos of myself in a field at dusk is the most appropriate thing in the world that I could possibly be doing right now. Not that I’m immune to feelings of self-consciousness. I don’t enjoy having other people watching me take photos, even when someone else is behind the camera. But I’ve kind of realised that people are just curious and they’re going to stare whether you like it or not. So give them something to stare at! Amp up that music that only you can hear, prance, dance, hair toss and generally enjoy your party for one while any onlookers back slowly, slowly away. Then run for their lives. I find going about it with an air of ‘WHAT?! You mean you DON”T take photos of yourself in a field at dusk?!’ helps.

Ada Spragg // DIY Shorts set for Shorts on the LineWell that turned into more than a few thoughts! I guess I found the whole debarkle interesting in a terrifying sort of way. But back to shorts. Between all the  indie companies and commercial pattern designers there are soooo many good looking shorts patterns out there. I’ve listed a whole lot here but even since then more have been released like Katy and Laney’s Tap shorts and Papercut Anima shorts. For shorts inspiration all month long, here’s the line up…

7/28 – Inder Loves Folk Art & Fake It While You Make It

7/29 – Made & Sew Chibi

7/30 – Delia Creates & Casa Crafty & A Happy Stitch

7/31 – Noodlehead & Things for Boys & Sew Delicious

8/01 – Clever Charlotte & Thread Theory & Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

8/04 – Girl Like The Sea & Buzzmills & Make It Perfect

8/05 – Ada Spragg & You and Mie & Siestas and Sewing

8/06 – Groovy Baby and Mama & Caila Made & Cali Faye Collection

8/07 – Skirt as Top & Katy and Laney & The Scientific Seamstress

8/08 – Petit a Petit and Family & Max California & Melly Sews

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  • Tabithawrote:

    Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. My last breakfast was coffee and a bowl of Alphabits cereal.

  • docksjowrote:

    This outfit is amazing, the print is beautiful and you putt it together wonderfully.

  • Heather Louwrote:

    So happy you figured out the tripod! These are lovely shots. I have a remote with a 2 second timer so it lets me hide it before the shutter clicks. I did a shoot on my own last week (The photog bf can’t be EVERYWHERE at once, sigh) and there were so many old man sitting around in the various pretty parks in my neighborhood cramping my style. I’m just too self conscious to have people see me, hence why I always hide in alleys.

    Love this set, AGAIN. You are a set making queen!

  • Rebeccawrote:

    I love this two piece set-the fabric is amazing! I’d definitely like to try out the shorts pattern-really cute. I really need to invest in a DSLR myself, your pics look great! Ohh and breakfast today was some homemade yogurt with granola and honey plus a cup of jasmine tea 🙂

  • Charlenewrote:

    The shorts are very cute.

    For entry in the drawing, I had oatmeal for breakfast.

  • Catdoesitwrote:

    Taking photos is the worst… Good thing you were looking all glam in your new ensemble 🙂

  • Alicewrote:

    What stunning fabric! Your photos look so good! I haven’t eaten breakfast yet today, but I think I am going to have tea, toasted walnut bread and jam, and yogurt.

  • Gjeometrywrote:

    Fantastic outfit! Shorts fit you well and I love the fabric. My camera does not have a remote control. Hmm, I wonder if I can purchase one for it? I use the ‘self-timer’ mode. I can set it so I get 10 pics with a second between them, enough time to quickly change positions and actually a bit nice because you often get a photo of ‘transitioning’ where, for me since I often look so stunned in photos, it’s good to have some ‘candid’ unposed shots.

  • Foonikswrote:

    I love your outfit and I’m blown away by the awesomeness of this fabric. I’m usually not a shorts kind of a gal, but this summer I have been obsessed with shorts. The summer is almost over and I’m seriously thinking of making shorts from a woolen blend fabric and wear it over tights during the winter and being that girl who does that.

    For breakfast….Umn…I think I forgot breakfast today, and lunch. Ooopsies.

  • Nillawrote:

    I love your outfit and that fabric! Congratulations on taking your own photos, I’m relying on my sister to take my blog pictures and dreading the day she’ll get fed-up 😀 Breakfast was coffee and porridge before getting my sewing on 🙂

  • rachael {imagine gnats}wrote:

    fabulous! i’ve recently attempted to embrace the “everyone does this attitude” of taking photos in public… it is pretty amusing really 😉 great outfit!!

  • Diane @ Vintage Zestwrote:

    I also adore the fabric you used! Breakfast today… no breakfast yet actually! Hopefully it will be something delicious and nutritious. 🙂

  • Chloewrote:

    Your photos turned out really nicely – I have a little point & shoot that I use with a 10 second delay on my deck. It doesn’t focus terribly well that way, but sometimes it’s the only way! And the fabric you chose is fantastic! I wouldn’t mind trying out the Esther shorts myself – it was OJ and home made granola for breakfast this morning!

  • Carlawrote:

    I love this set so much! And the shorts look like an awesome fit! I love a high waist (AKA no muffin top, not that that’s a problem for you)! And way to go on the pics, you look fab!

  • Amywrote:

    I am loving your outfit, its amazing! Breakfast was yogurt, granola and compote!

  • Scruffy badgerwrote:

    I’m loving your sets! And the fabric is wildly delicious!!
    Shorts are the best, I love living in shorts ( maybe it’s because it symbolises not being at work!). I also need to say yay for getting such free photos even with the occasional onlooker!! I shrink with an audience, and in public, would scuttle under a bush maybe if I thought I was being watched.
    Breakfast for me was yogurt and granola ( at work ! I overslept! First time ever! Why?!)

  • Lobkewrote:

    I had potatoes, broccoli and schnitzel for dinner and would really like to win 😀 😛

  • Loriwrote:

    Fabulous outfit, you have made the best 2-piece outfits.

  • Fabric Tragicwrote:

    A very striking set indeed. You’ve not said a heap about the fit of the shorts themselves – they look fab on you, did you find they ran true to size, and did you shorten them? A great shorts pattern is truly a fab find. Would love to be entered – muesli, yogurt, banana and a coffee the size of a child’s beach bucket!

  • lisa gwrote:

    i think your photos turned out great! my “tripod” is just my camera sitting on a step stool on top of the air conditioning unit in the back yard… really should invest in some proper equipment, but it seems weird to buy stuff so i can take pictures of myself… haha! this outfit is adorable, i love the fabric!

  • Joannewrote:

    Very funky shorts and great photos. My breakfast was porridge with soya milk – I’m trying to lower my cholesterol – would much rather have had a bacon butty.

  • Bellawrote:

    This outfit is so, so cool and I enjoyed your thoughts on posing. It is indeed so awkward to pose for blog photos, I try to get it over with FAST FAST FAST before anyone can see me, but I like your can-do attitude! It’s the same attitude I take to fancy high-end shops where I can’t afford anything and the staff are snobby and rude. ‘Can’t you see I’m the coolest person here?!’ Works a charm!

    As for breakfast, I ate my tasty home made muesli. Yum.

  • Gracewrote:

    Awesome outfit and photos. My dslr sits there gathering dust as its too heavy for holidays. Very sad 🙁 about to get some breaky of nutella toast and tea. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Emmawrote:

    Those shorts are cute!

    A big bowl of oats and a coffee for me this morning.

  • Briennewrote:

    Wow, wow. Very beautiful set and print. Um, I had a protein shake, I am not proud of that because it is boring but maybe tomorrow I’ll blend in some whiskey in. In the meantime, it is helping me to look less like the haggard old mom of two that I am…

  • Nicolewrote:

    Wow I have been eyeing this print off on the Tessuti site, I love the combo of watermelon pink and black together! I purchased the Esther pattern and have made several pairs I think it’s the best high waist shorts pattern I have tried, I wish I was as brave as you with taking photos, I always feel so awkward lol

  • Suwrote:

    Love it!
    Hmmm ok breakfast was a banana, greek yoghurt and honey. Delish!

  • Lizwrote:

    Awesome outfit! You have such a way with prints and always make them look amazing 🙂
    I had a poached egg for brekky, but please don’t enter me in the giveaway, I have loads of patterns!

    • Sophiewrote:

      Hahaha, Liz, you ‘crack’ me up. Oh geez we better stop while we’re ahead..

  • Sarawrote:

    Looooove this. That fabric is incredible. I’m so excited to sew my set-tacular up! It’s all cut out and just waiting on some satin bias binding from Italy, so fancy. I would also love to be entered to win that shorts pattern! You can never have enough shorts! As I’ve learned from wearing the same 2 pairs nonstop for the past 2 months…

  • Carolynwrote:

    Girl, you are killing it! You look fantastic and I love the bold color and print!

  • kristinwrote:

    nice remote skills, bro! toughest part for me is figuring out where exactly stand to remain in frame. rough stuff! anyway, i love your shorts and that print is amazing. i made buttermilk pancakes and a caramel latte for breakfast. BAM. so good.

  • Brookewrote:

    Would love this! Terribly grown up breakfast this morning of raspberry and apple baked oatmeal.

  • Nickiwrote:

    Oh my, sew gorgeous. My setacular is not floating my boat right now, in fact it may turn out to be spectacular in the not so good way! I will post on Instagram for the amusement of all :). Oh and, dats not how you make porridge!

  • Jowrote:

    I love the two piece outfit you made…just my style. For breakfast I ate a croissant and a milky coffee-would love to win the pattern.

  • Juliette Lanverswrote:

    i am still looking for the perfect short pattern so I guess I will have to share with you my breafast:
    vanilla cake with strawberries !

  • Lisawrote:

    ha! I too had a similar experience with my last photoshoot on timer (position.click.postion.click) but I had a five second delay so your output would’ve been faaaaar better. Kudos for giving ’em something to look at. You’re much braver than I am. That outfit is a knockout and I’m glad you chose the pink. It’s completely you. Oh and I’ll pass on the giveaway (obviously;-).

  • sarahwrote:

    my breakfast was very unoriginal. toast and a decent cup of tea. shorts look great and i love the vibrant fabric.

  • Madywrote:

    I love this! So breakfast was oatmeal with raspberries and of course coffee!

  • Meganwrote:

    Oh man this get up is too cute!!
    Banana chai smoothie was my breakfast of choice! x

  • Elizabethwrote:

    Love your shorts and would love to make some of my own! I had wheeties for breaky.

  • Jacquelinewrote:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win – I really love the range of Tessuti patterns, and their fabric is extraordinary – so it’s a very generous offer! Breakfast was a cup of tea (not glamorous, but my favourite part of the day…) and glorious homemade full grain loaf.

  • Louise - The Whole Health Connectionwrote:

    Loved this blog! And very impressed with both your sewing and photographic (and modelling!) skills. And just to be in it – this morning I had coconut/buckwheat/chia/raspberry pudding. It was pretty great 😉 xx

  • Tarawrote:

    Oh lady, as usual those legs of yours are smoking! Way to tackle the tripod photos. Man, I can’t get the mang of it….my kids are a huge distraction/danger since the baby likes to try knocking the thing over. Lol.

    So far for breakfast I’ve had a half cup of coffee, a baby carrot snatched from the lunch I packed for my husband, and some yummy Hawthorne.

  • Rosiewrote:

    Great post! Lots of thought and genuine enthusiasm, love your style. For breakfast this morning I had a cup of tea. I know, I know.

  • Jodiewrote:

    Grilled cheese & tomato on toast. Very stylish and slimming shorts pattern.

  • Elizabethwrote:

    I love this fabric, I’ve noticed it on the Tessuti site before in the blue colorway, its an adorable set! Thanks for the inspiration and the smile about the picture taking. I have to take most of my pictures in my home because of the risk of my 2 year old running a muck! Ha! For breakfast- grits and coffee!

  • Trinewrote:

    Okay! Perfection once again. I love this outfit Sophie. I might have a double girl crush here – both you and Esther are so freakin’ adorable!

    For breakfast I had cottage cheese with mascarpone, almonds and berries and a criminal amount of coffee

  • Susie Gomezwrote:

    I love the shorts! I had fruit salad with vanilla yogurt for breakfast. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • mokoshawrote:

    digging your outfit (no surprise there, i’ve made at least dozen of shorts in past year.. and looking at your new set, i wanna make few more)..
    glad to hear that you figured out how to took your own pics (and, of course, you nailed it on the very first go).. i actually love taking my own pics, gives me more control on composition and all the little things, plus i’m super relaxed when there is noone behind the camera.. and i don’t even have the remote, but instead use 10s delay, and walk back and fort from the camera

  • Bethwrote:

    Great outfit! I recently used that top pattern for a solid navy linen top. It’s a great pattern! I too feel very awkward taking photos outside with my remote. It’s so embarrassing!

  • Candy Makwrote:

    Love the outfit and the fabric is gorgeous!

  • Ericawrote:

    Very cute, i had dutch puff for breakfast.

  • Ramonawrote:

    Love your short set. It is awesome. I would love to try this pattern. I must admit, that I didn’t eat breakfast this morning. I only had coffee.

  • alyssa pwrote:

    Great shorts! For breakfast I had a banana and a cup of coffee (running late to get my son to camp).

  • Sheilawrote:

    I love the top you selected to go with the shorts. They look fabulous together! I really need to bite the bullet and learn how to take good photos. So far, I’ve stuck with my phone and a small auto focus camera. Your photos turned out wonderful. Glad you tried it! (For breakfast, something very unimaginative, Quaker Oat Squares and milk.)

  • Kathleenwrote:

    Great outfit, love the fabric and thanks for the giveaway! I had granola and yogurt for breakfast. Yum.

  • Naomiwrote:

    Beautiful photos! I guess I have to practice acting confidently in a situation where I really don’t feel comfortable – it’s actually a totally useful life skill.
    Aaaand I had cake for breakfast (very decadent, I know).

  • Tanawrote:

    Microwave scrambled eggs with roasted red peppers, spinach and feta. Quick but fancy….mmmm

  • jeaninewrote:

    i always have the same thing for breakfast! Homemade bread – toasted, with coconut oil and some raw honey

  • Isawrote:

    lovely outfit!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  • Sueann Walterwrote:

    I had turkey and cantaloupe.

  • Lizwrote:

    I had to be at work at 6am for a conference call (global team), so my breakfast was a banana and two cups of coffee 🙂 Great inspirational post! I love seeing the unique fabrics you choose.

  • Jessica Rwrote:

    That fabric is fab! I had homemade muesli for breakfast-m breakfast- much more satisfying than the shop bought stuff

  • Elizabeth T.wrote:

    I have to confess I skipped lunch….last thing I ate was breakfast which was three cups of coffee, eggs and toast. I know so bad 🙁 But great some great shots you got !!! Really cute outfit style and fabric…and the model did a great job 😉 lol Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway 🙂

  • Kirstenwrote:

    Love the fabric you have used for these! I had vegemite toast and coffee for breakfast today:)

  • Nitawrote:

    I had my very favourite breakfast ever…fresh fruit salad with greek yogurt and almonds yumm-O!

  • Kat @ House of Lanewrote:

    Firstly you are totes rocking the two piece challenge! I’ve loved all your makes. Second I’ve always wondered how you have such awesome pics. Corey takes my pics but unfortunately isn’t a super confident photog and I’m a bit awkward in front of the camera. I really need to invest in a tripod and remote if I come back to blogging. Lastly, I’d love to try out these shorts so I had porridge for breakfast. I’ve been loving porridge this pregnancy!

  • Kerri-Annwrote:

    These look like the shorts I’ve been waiting for! For breakfast this morning, I had a couple of boiled eggs, a fruit smoothie and a cup of tea.

  • Elizabethwrote:

    Whaaaat this is the best! I love the fabric and the patterns you chose. This set is incredible. I also didn’t eat breakfast this morning. Can I count the chik fil a I had in the afternoon as breakfast?

  • Natalie from Sewoutnumberedwrote:

    Keeee-uuuute!! Jam on toast 🙂

  • Harrietwrote:

    Such a gorgeous fabric! Looking forward to seeing your version of the Esther shorts! I had wee rabid and raisins for breakfast with my daughter.

  • Harrietwrote:

    That was supposed to say weetabix sorry!

  • Emmawrote:

    Very two-set inspired. I happened to have porridge with apple, blueberries and maple syrup.

  • staceywrote:

    Love the shorts! So great with the matching top, too.

    I had a homemade sausage, sauteed kale and homemade sauerkraut for breakfast!

  • Katjawrote:

    This outfit is so much Sophie, and therefore absolutely stunning. I wish I’d have your courage for using prints (and some fabric shops near to my home that sell such exciting and bold fabrics).
    Breakfast was something like yoghurt with granola and an apple, plus a cup of green tea.

  • Katie Emmawrote:

    Aaah, I looove this set. I made my first ever shorts this weekend and now really want to put together a tee and shorts matching set.
    I have started making homemade granola – super easy and tasty and I mix it with greek yogurt, plus a cup of coffee in the mornings.

  • Kat Hwrote:

    Oh, cute shorts! I’m also rather admiring of your bravery at getting out there with tripod and remote – I’ve had both in my possession for a few months, and still haven’t braved doing a photo shoot alone, eek!

    Breakfast today… well, I got to catch up with some sewing buddies over a pre-work breakfast (yay!), and at a waffle with warm berry compote. Yum!

  • Kieranwrote:

    Great shorts, and great matching set! I haven’t tried either yet…I’m not convinced I could pull the set look off, and I’m scared of fitting issues. A free shorts pattern wold sure tempt me though 😉 for breakfast I had leftover savoury scrolls and ginger loaf that my flatmate baked, and it was amazing.

  • Caihong Kohwrote:

    I ate Burger King pancakes with sausage platter for brunch. Hee.. Love your work! Good luck to me! (^-^)v

  • Gingerwrote:

    You are criminally gorgeous! I love this set and I love the pics!

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  • Cindywrote:

    You rocked that photo shoot! If anyone was staring, it was because you are so freakin’ amazing!;) Love the set!

  • jeaninewrote:

    That outfit is FANTASTIC!!! Great job figuring out your photo shoot details! I found that I was the same way with my serger—left it in the box for a year before I used it, then was like “DUH, that was so STUPID, it’s not that bad!!!” Great job. I had toast with peanut butter and coffee and green juice. Now time to jog…

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