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ADA SPRAGG | Not Your Nanna's Sewing|DIY Embellished Summer TopI know, I know! A second posted project in as many weeks. Cannot quite believe it myself but there you have it. Momentum is a beautiful thing. For you today, I’m so excited to share my version of the Alice Top (and dress), a recent pattern release from Tessuti, which you may have already seen gracing your Instagram feed recently, maybe yes? Firstly, I love love LOVE it. Second, it wasn’t part of any official sewing queue. It was a pure impulse saw-pattern-had-glorious-vision type project, which are the most fun and often turn out the best, don’t they? Something about freeing yourself from your own sewing shackles. Fly my pretty, fly! alice top favs re-edited-26I’ve been trying to remember what came first: the pattern or the inspiration. And I think it was one of those situations where you keep seeing a particular style around and then suddenly there’s a pattern released for it. In this case, a whole influx of tops with beautiful woven embellishments like this one and this one. To be honest, it’s not a style that I normally go for and I don’t want to put little Alice in a box but she definitely has the potential for some folksy, peasant-y, free-lovey vibes. Which, I am not opposed to, no no…just haven’t dipped my toe in the boho-pool yet.ADA SPRAGG | Not Your Nanna's Sewing|DIY Embellished Summer TopIt all comes down to fabric selection anyway. And playing with fabrics is SO much fun here! The Alice top is divided into yoke, sleeve and bodice sections and could not be more perfect for using up small remnants of extra special fabrics. You know, the ones you only purchased a little of (because they wouldn’t take a trade for your first born) or you loved so much that there’s hardly any left but you’ve kept every last scrap anyway. Those fabrics that are crazy-embellished or heavily woven or embroidered and would make more of a statement in small doses. Hey, even those two cushions that you only recently purchased for your lounge…those would make a killer Alice top! ADA SPRAGG | Not Your Nanna's Sewing|DIY Embellished Summer TopYes, it’s true, I’m wearing cushion covers. Give it time, it’s going to be big. The rest of the top came from elsewhere too; I literally cut the gathered skirt straight off a silk/ cotton RTW dress. Which makes the whole thing re-fashioned, which makes me very happy. And not just because it appeals deeply to my smug environmentalist within. But also you would never guess to look at it! This is probably a good point to talk about fabric selection for the gathered part of your Alice top. I had originally bought some lightweight linen for the gathered bodice and washed it several times to try and soften it, but even so, the gathers would have been quite stiff. Because of the style of the top, you have the gathers sitting right on the fullest point of your bust. I’m open to extra bust volume, really, I am. But here, you’ve already got a loose boxy shape so you may want to consider a fabric that will gather softly and ‘flow’ ‘cascade’ and ‘shimmy’ down your front, instead of puff out. Silk / cotton voile good. Stiff starchy linen bad.ADA SPRAGG | Not Your Nanna's Sewing|DIY Embellished Summer TopA word on sizing. After a bit of pre-sewing investigation, it seemed the general feeling was you could size down and still end up with a good fit. So, I measured the small, but made the extra small and the fit is perfect, still plenty of room under the arms, across the back etc. As per usual, with my previous makes from Tessuti patterns here and here, the instructions were great to follow and it sewed up beautifully. Actually, I was surprised by how quick it was overall. Okay, so maybe the lower half that I borrowed was already gathered and side-seamed and had this nice scooped high-low hem sewn for me. But still! The yoke and sleeve area are both lined and under-stitched and they seemed to sew up quickly too. EEEOh my! I almost forgot to touch on the Green-Sleeve vs White Sleeve debate. Not quite on par with the Gold & White or Blue & Black debate, but still. During the making I got stuck not knowing whether to continue the green fabric across onto the sleeves or sub in some white sleeves for contrast. I posted a picture on Instagram with one of each and asked my most trusted advisers, you lot, for advice. Your responses kept me entertained for hours. Some solid points were made too. Team white said it was more ‘classic’ and ‘balanced’. Team green said it was more ‘fashion’ and less ‘folksy’ and that white was more ‘little girly’. Team green was infinitely meaner. In the end, I went with green and love the contrast between this structured shoulder section and soft and flowy down below. So, thanks, you’re the best.ADA SPRAGG | Not Your Nanna's Sewing|DIY Embellished Summer TopThe lovely ladies at Tessuti have offered up a hard-copy of the Alice pattern to give-away to one of you! Maybe you have some home furnishings that you’d like to hack up too? To enter, leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner by random number on Friday. Open world-wide.

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  • Sarahwrote:

    This is so great! I have a piece of Otomi fabric that would be perfect for this!

  • Redhedhelswrote:

    I think Team Green are right: it makes it more fashion than folksy. Of course, that just means you need to make another one for Team white. Think of it as dipping your toes in the boho water 😉

  • Charlotte Wensleywrote:

    Stunning as always. The green fabric is delicious and totally worth the cushion sacrifice. Now that Spring finally seems to be on its way over here I’d love a copy of the pattern for my summer sewing fun. So happy to see you blogging again.

  • Melissawrote:

    I love this top! I’d like to find some nice embroidered fabric for the top. Your Instagram sneak peak almost made me buy it but I have too many patterns I need to sew up before I buy another one…

  • Tabithawrote:

    Cute top! Would love to win this pattern. Thanks!

  • sarahwrote:

    I too am yet to find a fabric store that will give me beautiful fabrics in exchange for my firstborn. So this pattern would be awesome. I love green!

  • Xanthe Grundywrote:

    Whoops, sorry, just had to wipe some drool off my Mac screen there… I LOVE IT! I have been coveting the Alice tops I’ve been seeing on IG and have pinned the pattern even! I have a feeling this will make a great maternity top too, no? And a quick and easy sew – yes please! Now, to find some cushion covers….

  • Laura Bwrote:

    Yet again you produce somethinhg fabulous! Hope I can try it as well 🙂

  • barbarawrote:

    Very pretty and good advice about picking something flowing for the gathers. Would love to win this pattern.

  • angelawrote:

    Would love this pattern. I have so many scraps happening in the sewing room, and not to mention a versatile top to dress up in 🙂

  • kristinwrote:

    ooooo very nice fabric choices, very nice. i love that the bottom part is just a tiny bit sheer, it looks so great on you! i’d love to give tessuti a try, thanks for the giveaway girl! 🙂

  • Amanda Jankewrote:

    Wahoo. Looks awesome.

  • Sue Tschoppwrote:

    Yes,yes!!!i’m in.
    great cheer up sewing project after looong winter.
    your breezy bright alice top is super cute.

  • Becwrote:

    Love! I need to find me some chic pillow cases… Would love to win!!

  • Kate Carvalhowrote:

    I love it!!! This pattern has been on my to do list since I saw it pop up in various blogs. I love your fresh version!

  • Jessicawrote:

    WOW!! I saw that pattern but I must admit it didnt do much for me.
    But seeing yours…I have all sorts of visions opening up in my head….especially in regards to the tiny, but oh so precious, liberty fabric I have in my stash!!
    Your version is lovely!! And would be pefect to hide the little bit of wobble i still have left on my belly after giving birth to my daughter 2 weeks ago!!

  • Deb Cameronwrote:

    I LOVE how your top turned out, would never have guessed you used a cushion…love it!!! I would love to try this with some sashiko embroidery and shibori dyed voile on the bottom, indigo and white is one of my all time favourites!

  • sarahwrote:

    yes please. i love tessuti patterns and although i have only made a few I am definitely up for trying this one. looks amazing.

  • Skaapiewrote:

    Love the green fabric – so cheerful!

  • Friederikewrote:

    Wow, looks really nice, I like the kind of neon color. And bonus yeah for refashion old stuff, really cool!

  • michèlewrote:

    absolutely stunning, love this look!

  • Melissa Cwrote:

    Gorgeous! Love the green sleeves. I’ve been eyeing up this pattern and am pretty convinced now that it needs to be mine.

  • Margaretwrote:

    Love the Alice top, especially your upcycled version. Tessuti patterns are my favourite and live seeing everyone’s makes!

  • Begum Senwrote:

    Your Alice is so pretty! The color combination invites the summer 🙂

  • Rachelwrote:

    Lovely. And I dig the green sleeves! I’ve got the perfect fabric lying around here for this top. Bring it on!

  • Marywrote:

    I love this pattern. And I have to say I think this is my favourite version I’ve seen 🙂

  • Hildewrote:

    Ugh, that’s beautiful! I like the freshness of it; might be tempted to make one too. I do have a couple of flowy dresses lying about doing nothing…

  • Clairewrote:

    Wow haven’t seen this pattern before, what a striking top! Great choice of fabric as always. Would love to make one myself 🙂

  • Celiawrote:

    Perfect for my first make. I have spent so much time looking at patterns and dreaming, now need to take action
    Thanx so much for replying to my email last year great to read your blog again

  • erinwrote:

    Such a pretty top, love your green contrast fabric! It would be a good make to use up smaller pieces of pretty fabric.

  • Nickiwrote:

    Love a good unicycle!

  • Pimsywrote:

    Love your version.
    I participate with pleasure and I cross my fingers ^_^

  • Jennywrote:

    I was in camp white sleeves, but I am totally eating my words because this is FABULOUS and the green sleeves are a winner!

  • Rachelle - Warming Craftswrote:

    That is a gorgeous top, love the green!

  • mariawrote:


  • Jowrote:

    LOVE the green! Well the whole thing actually! And have tons of special fabric scraps that’d work beautifully too – pick me pick me!!

  • Katiewrote:

    It’s gorgeous, and green sleeves was definitely the right call! Love the chance for a bit of yoke colour blocking.

  • Sonyawrote:

    I actually saw this top when I visited tessuti and was a bit ‘meh’, but you can do no wrong and now I’ve changed my mind. I have a beautiful red and gold brocade (that’s actually an old piano cover) which would work beautifully as a feature panel. Hmmm must add this pattern to my already unachievable sewing list!

  • annikawrote:

    I love your top. I have seen several versions of the Alice Top so far, but it never seemed to interesting to me, but your version total has me. So please, let me win! I now want to sew one for myself!

  • Diane @ Vintage Zestwrote:

    What a pretty top! I love the green patterned fabric. 🙂

  • Sophiewrote:

    Love this beautiful top, great teaming of fabrics! I think it would be divine in a little Nani Iro fabric too!

  • Jennawrote:

    What a lovely lovely flowy top! I am glad you went for the green, it gives such a lovely pop of colour, and the geometric print is the best!

  • Janet Leewrote:

    What a lovely top! so inspiring. I would love to sew up one too! 🙂

  • Alexiswrote:

    It’s gorgeous!! You’ve inspired me to finally make something for myself!! And I love you jeans too!!

  • Chloewrote:

    Oh, sewing shackles, just meant to be broken! This turned out so well, love the high/low hem and the contrasting fabrics. I’d love to give this pattern a try, thanks!

  • Megwrote:

    So pretty! Love the modern fabric with the boho design…

  • Julianawrote:

    So beautiful!

  • Daniellewrote:

    Love this top and would definitely like to make one for myself! I have an old bedsheet with an embroidered edge that would make a great yoke!

  • Susan Mortonwrote:

    Love your fabric combination! I have been eying this pattern for a while. I have the perfect fabric in my stash!

  • Janellewrote:

    Gah! this is gorgeous! Love how the bold geometric balances out the feminine silhouette. I already had my eye on this pattern but now you have me thinking outside the box in regards to fabric choices!

  • Elizabethwrote:

    I love this! The gauze is beautiful! Thanks for featuring this pattern as I’ve been eying it for some time!

  • Hélènewrote:

    The idea of using remnants is so smart! Your top is awsome.

  • kristiwrote:

    Ohhh, I’ve had my eye on this pattern. Yours is lovely and different than most I’ve seen. Love it!

  • Aliciawrote:

    Gorgeous! Love the play of texture and color!

  • Christawrote:

    That is perfect for spring. I would wear mine all the time. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Evesewcoolwrote:

    Love th fabric combo. Who knew pillowcase would look so good on a body rather then a lounge!!?!?!!

  • Jenwrote:

    I’ve been thinking about this pattern for a while. Yours is just lovely!

  • Bethanywrote:

    I’ve been eyeing this pattern and am looking for the perfect fabric to use!!

  • Clairewrote:

    Great top- it’s hard to believe it is from a cushion cover, but the fabrics you chose mesh perfectly.

  • Summerflieswrote:

    I haven’t used a Tessuti pattern yet, but this one looks the most me. I love the green and I think the green sleeves are the best. Floaty fabric – gorgeous, perfect for how hot it has been here.

  • Barbara Jwrote:

    Love your color and fabric combination. It looks like spring to me….and isn’t that a relief to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!

  • Amberwrote:

    This top is so gorgeous. It makes me think of the warm weather and beautiful days that are coming 🙂

  • sherriwrote:

    Great top. I would love to win the pattern.

  • Meritxellwrote:

    I love the look on this blouse! It looks comfy and aproved for a mum of three little monkeys. Thanks

  • Emilywrote:

    So pretty! I could see it lengthened to tuck into cute pencil skirts too. I have to wear jackets at work, so I’m always on the hunt for cute blouses to wear underneath.

  • Rebeccawrote:

    What a pretty top! Love your fabric combo!

  • Sarahwrote:

    The green sleeves make this top. I’m really looking forward to making summer clothes rather than fleece backed raglans and hudsons

  • Amywrote:

    Looks fab – no one would guess it is a cushion cover.

  • Lynnwrote:

    Your shirt is gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while now but your version might be the one that tips the scales!

  • Helen // Grosgrain Greenwrote:

    What a great idea, using a cushion cover! Must remember to look a that for future sources of fabric. Because I need more, obviously. I think he green sleeves were the right choice. It does look more “fashion” this way.

  • Sundari Carmodywrote:

    Looks great. I think garments like these could be good to experiment with hand-dyed or hand-embellished fabric without committing to doing a whole three metres to get a result.

  • Cara Byarswrote:

    Love it!

  • Miewrote:

    That Alice Top is haunting me. Every version I see is better than the next. Love love love! And PS. you are hilarious! 🙂

  • Emilywrote:

    This top is so cute. I’m thinking of cutting up some vintage linens (gasp) for a cute embroidered top part!

  • Sandeshwrote:

    Love it, I had been on the side of white sleeves in the debate, , but can now see that the patterned sleeves are of course the natural choice. I have been eyeing this pattern for a while and have a lovely soft yellow cotton that would make a fab Alice!!!!

  • Jillwrote:

    So, so beautiful! You are on a roll!

  • Sara Speightwrote:

    Love the emerald green! I would love to have a go at making this top. Looks very comfy and stylish!

  • Gabiwrote:

    I lurrrrve the green fabric! Who would’ve known it came from cushions? 😉

  • Melissawrote:

    Love it. Green sleeves for the win!

  • Eleanorwrote:

    This is really lovely! I think I might go a bit boho on it, but I really like your version too, especially the flowy fabric for the main section.

  • Alisonwrote:

    What a cute top! Makes me want to try one.

  • Kittywrote:

    Love all the Alice tops I’ve seen so far. I want to try!!

  • crab&beewrote:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Teach me how to use prints, Sophie!

  • Audrielle Welshwrote:

    what in the world! this top is so amazing! i just absolutely am in love with it

  • Jen Richardswrote:

    It’s so nice! I just recently tried sewing with outgrown clothing – it’s so nice to have the finished hems to work with! Cute top!

  • Jaclyn Reynoldswrote:

    So pretty for springtime! Would love to wear this!

  • French Toast Tashawrote:

    Sometimes there’s just something in the air I think. I’ve been thinking and sketching around some sheer-ish, soft printed silk I have in my stash, and my latest, probably best-so-far idea for it is one I drew last summer—which is remarkably similar to this top! I’d love to win a copy, it would save me some drafting! I also love the idea of using up small pieces of special fabric as the yoke. Yours looks great!

  • Alliwrote:

    I like the green sleeves! 🙂

  • Utewrote:

    So very in love with that look. Take me to Greece! Now!
    And I would love to win 😉

  • Lindsaywrote:

    I wouldn’t normally go for this silhouette, but I love your version! And I do have some home dec fabric scraps just lying around 😉

  • Megwrote:

    Love this! Definitely will be making a few!!

  • Michellewrote:

    This is my favorite silhouette for tops! And I’ve got lots of Liberty scraps that I could put to good use for it!

  • Erinwrote:

    This is GORGEOUS! Send it my way ASAP, please! 🙂

  • Kellenewrote:

    I love your top! This pattern looks great, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amywrote:

    I’ve had my eye on this pattern since it was released and now I just need to find the perfect fabric! I have a feeling it’s going to be a real TNT pattern

  • Kierawrote:

    I love what you did with this pattern, its definitely inspired me to make something similar. I don’t know how white sleeves would have looked but I’m definitely loving the green!

  • Anoukwrote:

    Magic! Green and white together are one of my favourite combos.

  • Rosalindwrote:

    Oh would love it! I can’t even remember what I voted for – turned out great 🙂

  • Theawrote:

    thanks for the inspiration!

  • Lilianawrote:

    Before I started buying larger quantities of fabric for making actual garments (more than 1 meter or so), I always bought just samll strips and collected scraps of pretty fabrics… Time to put those small pieces into use and it looks like the Alice top would be perfect for it!

  • luluwrote:

    I follow you on IG and this was the option I was quietly voting for. This is really a great pattern to show off some great fabric ala Ace&Jig.

  • michalwrote:

    Love. I put this pattern in my to do list for summer as I first sew it. Your version is great. Well done 🙂

  • littlesewingdreamswrote:

    What a Nice top. Your Version Looks Really cute.

  • Christawrote:

    I love how flowy and sweet it is!

  • Tanyawrote:

    Love your version of this pattern! Have a few remnants in mind to make my own so would love to win a copy. Thanks Sophie.

  • Emmawrote:

    Fabulous. The whole thing works. I’d love to give it a try myself!

  • KBwrote:

    So beautiful and stylish …… Yet again!

  • Jenwrote:

    your top is just perfect. I’ve been eyeing this pattern since I first saw it… Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Amy Bricewrote:

    This is terrific! The fabric choices are spot on. I wasn’t as interested in this pattern until I saw this make.

  • Elizabethwrote:

    It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to make one for myself.

  • Mary D.wrote:

    I’m pretty into the breeziness of this top and would love to give it a shot!

  • Natalie from Sewoutnumberedwrote:

    I have to admit this is the first version of the Alice top I’ve seen that’s made me want to sew it. I think that maybe previous versions have looked a bit hobo for me but the use of that delicious looking silk/cotton delicious flowy fun definitely makes all the difference. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming please!!! 🙂

  • Tatianawrote:

    Love, love, love this top! It would be fun to use some special fabric for it!

  • Robinwrote:

    Great top! Amazing how fabric choice can transform a pattern. A skill I’m still trying to master.

  • SusanMwrote:

    Very cute top. Still too cold where I live to wear anything sleeveless but the green yoke reminds me of spring. I expect I’ve got more than a few pieces in my stash I could use to make this.

  • Marie F.wrote:

    Really lovely, now I want one! … in lovely silk…

  • Jenwrote:

    Love the green. Very inspiring make. Thanks for the chance to win the alice pattern!

  • Melissa Dwrote:

    Gorgeous! It has inspired me to give this pattern a go 🙂

  • Ellenwrote:

    So beautiful! Love a bit of refashioning…

  • Rach tarcawrote:

    You are my fave blogger! Never seem to disappoint and always walk the line between edgy and pretty in that understated way…great inspo as always…will now have to raid my stash to make my own version! Thanks

  • Jessiewrote:

    Ooh, pick me! I’m going through a wardrobe refresh via Colette’s Wardrobe Architect and this would be a perfect sew-up to help fill in the gaps of my loose top section (which is now too sparse!).

  • Shariwrote:

    You’ve definitely got me inspired to give one of the Tessuti patters a try!

  • Rachelwrote:

    Love this top! Looks pregnancy friendly too.

  • Ann T.wrote:

    I checked out the Instagram photo, and believe the green sleeves were definitely the best choice. I LOVE your blouse, and would like very much to win the pattern.

  • Colleenwrote:

    I have had my eye on this pattern since I saw it. I already have a blue chevron silk fabric that would be perfect!

  • Nennywrote:

    Love love love the style… Hope I could sew it..!

  • EmSewCrazywrote:

    OH man! I’ve been seeing versions of this pop up and keep resisting. I’d Love to win a copy.
    Your version is amazing. You’d never guess it came from cushion covers and an up cycled dress. Fabulous job!

  • Meganwrote:

    Love this, especially the mean, green sleeves!

  • Nessiewrote:

    You’ve done a beautiful job.
    I think I’ll have to check my stash – I may have some nice Japanese cottons.
    Thanks for a chance.

  • Trina Bwrote:

    So beautiful! The colour, the fabrics, the high low hem ….just gorgeous 🙂

  • Teriwrote:

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen you in jeans! I love your whole outfit and I agree green sleeves were the way to go.

  • Ronicawrote:

    I love this top and it looks so fabulous on you! yay bohemia- I have some muslin from the babies I could repurpose! Thanks for all your beautiful inspiration 🙂 I so love Tessuti!

  • Oliviawrote:

    I love your top, it’s so beautiful.
    Now I want to make one, pick me !

  • Cheriewrote:

    Love your version and it’s so smart to upcycle the fabric – so smart and you would never guess. I’ve had my eye on this pattern! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Mettewrote:

    oohh – count me in! Love this top – esp. your version!

  • Hannahwrote:

    Never gone boho?? I don’t believe it! In fact, I distinctly remember a gorgeous, floaty, floral Gabriola skirt back in the archives. With a top this gorgeous it might be your new look! I’m awaiting an instalment of neoprene meets cheesecloth…

  • Jashawrote:

    I have been eyeing up this pattern, too! Love your bright and bold version. I do have some lovely scraps of embroidered fabric I could see making up a nice alice yoke. Yummy!

  • linda waltonwrote:

    I would love to win this pattern I have several Tessuti dress patterns but no tops yet, maybe if I am lucky this one will me mine!
    love your fabric and colour choices for this one, now where are my Laura Ashley cushions?
    linda in Melbourne.

  • Katrinawrote:

    Oh man…. This post, this pattern, THAT green fabric has just reignited my desire to sew for ME!

  • Teresawrote:

    Love this top! And your photography, as always, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Emmawrote:

    Great make – I haven’t seen the white sleeves but I love the blocking of the green contrasting with the floaty silk/cotton and I think this works really well!! Love a good refashion too ;)!

  • Amandawrote:

    This top is gorgeous! I love the boho vibes. I’ve been dreaming about wearing light flowy fabric again. Bring on the sunshine!

  • Nataliewrote:

    I love this top and it would be great for Spring/Summer. Thanks!

  • Maggie SBwrote:

    I have some Indian tapestries I’ve been hoarding for almost 6 years now…. This would be perfect to use them for!!!

  • Jannawrote:

    I love this top & your color choice is so light and fun. Think I will make mine in coral.

  • Erynwrote:

    Wow that’s beautiful! I LOVE it. It would be an incredibly fun first block printing type project, no?

  • Katrynawrote:

    This is the top pattern I have been searching for! Love your creative use of older fabrics from other things

  • Kirstinwrote:

    I would love to win this pattern!

  • Gingerwrote:

    I loooooove this on you, Soph! What a great refashion! I’ve got my eye on this pattern… might be just the ticket for summer!

  • Sarahwrote:

    Craft Session just mentioned this pattern on her blog. I would love to win and get started on a basic sewing wardrobe!

  • Lia Zakwrote:

    oh, i love this top! and i do have some cushions that would be so amazing 🙂

  • Pamwrote:

    Beautiful top, great choice of fabric.

  • Joannewrote:

    i love this pattern! It’s been on my wish list for a couple of weeks, and I’ve just been waiting for the weather to warm up before I jump in!

  • ashleywrote:

    Such a beautiful top!!! I love it!

  • Alanawrote:

    I love your final top, and the mix of fabrics are a perfect compliment. So looking forward to warmer days!!

  • Nataliewrote:

    This is gorgeous!!! I love it.

  • Estherwrote:

    What a great top! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Alexiswrote:


  • Samwrote:

    Wow, who knew cushion covers could make such a gorgeous top! I’d love to win this pattern, it would be the perfect top for me if and when summer arrives.

  • Ingewrote:

    If anyone could rock cushion covers it’s you! Awesome job as always…my abysmal sewing skills look on in envy…

  • Denisewrote:

    Found your blog through my Tessuti email. Love the top but especially enjoyed your subtle humor in writing about it! I look forward to more sewing inspiration and smiles!

  • Nancy Cwrote:

    Sophie, this turned out fantastic and looks so good on you!! I didn’t comment at the time but I would have chosen white when you posted on instagram but that’s why you are so good at this b/c the green looks great! I have a pile of vintage (from the 80’s) fabrics that I received from my husband’s Nanna and I’m often so tempted to send you a photo of them to give me your opinion on how you would see them used – b/c you’ve got the eye for sewing/fashion. Would love to win the Alice pattern, thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Katiewrote:

    I LOVE this top!!! The green is so striking. Green sleeves for the win 🙂

    • Nancy MacGregorwrote:

      Love your version of the “Alice” top. Who knew there could be soooooooooo many decisions involved in making a simple summer top? It all worked out great in the end.

      BTW – I would love to win the contest for this pattern – especially due to the fact March 13th is my birthday and this pattern would make a great birthday present.

      All the best, Nancy

  • sewfarsogoodwrote:

    Love your blog – great top

  • Diyawrote:

    Nice top..Love your blog.. Especially the photography , you look gorgeous and the details the garments have are clearly seen. Please count me in the giveaway.

  • salliewrote:

    Wow! This is fantastic! I absolutely adore this look (even when it does veer into folksy territory – eep!) and as always, your fabric choices and styling are just so on point! I have had the Alice pattern for a little while now (so you can count me out of the giveaway, otherwise I would be ALL over that) and am just waiting for the weather to warm up and the perfect fabric to cross my path… maybe I should take a peek at my home furnishings?

  • Sophie Lachancewrote:

    Very cute top! I love that you used fabrics from other items. Great inspiration!

  • Marywrote:

    Love your top,,,especially the green sleeves. Should we be singing Greensleeves in homage? Thanks to you & Tessuti for the chance to win.

  • Lizwrote:

    I am envisioning an elaborate, embrodered top matched to a solid complementary silk bottom….Fabulous top and thanks for the giveaway!

  • Nancy Cwrote:

    This looks so good on you! I hadn’t commented on Instagram but I was going to say white sleeves but this is so much better and I agree w what some of your readers said more sophisticated. You definitely have the eye for fashion. I would love to win the Alice pattern, thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Liza Janewrote:

    Yes, please! I’ve been trying to hack a pajama pattern in to something similar.

  • Lesleywrote:

    I bought a vintage dress last weekend, green with white embroidery, circa 1970s Mexican – except the label says ‘Made in Thailand’! This top looks a similar style -ish. Perhaps I could add an Alice to my wardrobe collection of cushion cover Mexican boho inspired folk wear?

  • Joannewrote:

    i know I’m too late for the giveaway but I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous this top looks on you!

  • Sunday Sew Love & Sunday Sevens! | Life by Kywrote:

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  • Rita @ ConversasdeHermanaswrote:

    I love the top! Really cute! Definitely is going into my wish list!

  • Bec Stitcheswrote:

    Love it:) I made one back in December which still hasn’t been blogged (bad blogger, bad blogger)
    and had the same issues with the gathering but didn’t even cared because I love the silk crepe so much haha
    Nice work mate

  • Gailwrote:

    Team green sleeves is a definite winner. Isn’t Greensleeves the theme tune from Dr Zhivago?

  • Auréliewrote:

    I absolutely love what you’re doing and this top is stunning !

  • Cat Gerstenschlagerwrote:

    This is adorable and I am not sure how I will be able to match it but would love to try!!

  • More Alice Beauties | Domenica´s Crazy Videoswrote:

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  • Els Maeswrote:

    What a great top, i have to look into my cushion covers straight away!

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